Friday, January 9, 2015

Week 29 - an update

Let's go back to where this started for me. You don't remember where? Well then let me show you wear…as in 'wears…as in underWEARS! My letter to Hanes was the first one I posted for this CONTEST.

Sadly, I received no response from the panty people. A super awesome friend swooped in and was able to provide actual names of people I could send my letters to. I resent the original letter to the vp of something or other, and then decided to whip up a little something extra for the VP of women's underwear...

Dear Hanes Brains,

A few months ago I sent a letter of appreciation to your company. While I was disappointed that I did not hear anything back, I realized maybe either I hadn’t included enough love for Hanes her Way, or my envelope had not found its way out of the mailroom yet. A friend of mine in Winston-Salem gave me this specific address to write to, so I thought I would try again. May I present…

Ode to Undies

Methinks it’s neat
How you cover my seat
No need to feel edgy
Retrieving a wedgie
Your lo-rise briefs rule
Cottony soft and cool
Softly hugging my fanny
The fit is uncanny
Not too loose or tight
Sized just right
Thanks to the low cost
The college fund is not lost.

Thanks for having us covered!

Wearing the ‘wears,

So did I fare better with my 'wears this time, or was I left dangling in the breeze like stretched out elastic? BOING! Um, yeah, that would be the sound of a waistband snapping. No points for me, butt at least my underwear fit!

Current point total = 62

The competition had a pretty bad case of the windchills and kids out of school this week, so her return to the contest is operating on a slight delay.


  1. Well, here's a message from Winston-Salem....almost everyone at Hanes has been fired, so.....

  2. Seriously? You wrote them that poem and nothing? Unbelievable!

  3. I like Hanes, too, but the lack of a response is a bit of a turn off!