Tuesday, February 19, 2019

Bag of random

I was busy trying to decipher the ingredient list on these red bean cakes (gross sounding, no better looking...and totally addicting) when we were distracted by the packet. DO NOT EAT THE PACKET! FEAR THE PACKET! (totally wanted to explode the packet)
Alas, that wasn't the only dessert we had the other day. We also had this bag of...
 ...yeah, I'll just leave that there. We can look ahead to spring - it might come - perhaps March will come in like a lamb?
Or just a complete abomination of such? A sheep in a floral hoodie? Shower cap? Why can't I get past this? I am not typically one to stay stuck on something or let things linger...
 ...Oh, that? The wind has completely disrespected our barn swallow foil deterrent! I have no explanation for why I haven't taken that down. I could say that it's because we don't use the front door much this time of year, but I suppose the fact that I hung out in the cold to take the photo does nothing for my argument. Stay classy friends, and be shiny!

Tuesday, February 12, 2019

Question for the random

If you blog it, will they read? That is the real question these days, Kevin Costner!

Now that you are here, I have to wonder if earlier today you were asking yourself...
 And now that good fortune has manifested itself in my return? I am not going to bore you with flowery explanations of what I've been so busy doing, or flimsy excuses. 
(everything was awesome)
Instead, I will bore you with a few tidbits I've been saving just for you. To start things off, I think you should know that if you don't live in an area where you can grocery shop at Wegmans, some would say you are at a disadvantage. However, if you are in a geographically favorable location, but your Wegmans doesn't have a Godiva shop near the pharmacy, you are still doing it wrong.
These are the kind of delicacies I find myself taunted with when I stop elsewhere for provisions...
...meatloaf does not need help to look less appetizing. (I am not hating on meatloaf, as I am a fan, but come on.) The scary tomato eyes are just making the whole thing look like a muppet massacre. Now here is an absolutely necessary serving suggestion that makes perfect sense.
Do not just drink the food coloring, nor squirt it on just any old food. You're welcome for the advice!

With any luck I will  be back soon...provided I can remember even one of those several post ideas I had when I was too busy assessing whether things sparked joy to sit down and write.

Tuesday, December 18, 2018

Not playing around

Hey there! Just a quick check in as we enter the holiday home stretch. I have made an effort this year to make time for things I want to do, instead of the often employed strategy of just saying  there isn't enough time. Does this mean there are some things that should be done that are falling through the cracks every now and then? Maybe we should direct that question to my nearly empty refrigerator or the growing laundry piles.

Of course I have been out shopping, which has proved somewhat alarming on various occasions. I know there are people out there wandering this earth who like to pop pimples, but do we need to start the fascination so young?
Do five year olds need to be whispering that the cashier looks like that guy in their Pimple Pete game? No, no they do not. 

Next up, evidence that I am nowhere near familiar enough with the internet...
...as I know nothing about this "sensation". I did not pay attention to the price tag on this item, but seeing what the contents of the box are, anything over five dollars is ridiculous. I suppose I am going to have to ask the google to explain this one to me, despite knowing I will be sorry. Perhaps not as sorry as I was to visit that toy department another day when this was in the middle of the main aisle...
...WHY?!?! I might not even have any words for this one. That shit is terrifying!

Is there some sort of metaphor here regarding a desperate need to use bright colors and fancy packaging to make crappy stuff seem like fun? Is this the epitome of "you can't polish a turd, but you can roll it in glitter"? 

Friday, December 14, 2018

Top O' the Mornin' to Ya!

The other day somebody asked me what my grandmother's ancestry results said. The notion that one person out there reading was curious, of course led me to believe that the other ten of you are probably on pins and needles as well! Spoiler alert: I did promptly put this ornament of hers on our tree...
During the several weeks of processing time, I did occasionally wonder what the results would say. My biggest fear was that the report was going to come back "inconclusive due to mishandled and/or less than adequate saliva." Instead, we found out at least one thing we suspected was true...
...she is, indeed, 100% Blanche. The only thing alarming about this number is that I quickly deduced that I am 25% Blanche, and that just seems high. Let's get down to some more specifics...

Pour me a blonde Guinness and get that corned beef cooking! In the meantime, how about a crepe? While France was not mentioned in those recent video clips, it was always in the reports she gave me when we were both much younger.

I admit that this is one of the first things I did... 
 ...so that confirmed Iberia was a thing, but did not offer me much of a sense of where to find it.
Ah! (Admit it, you weren't sure either. You're welcome!)

Tuesday, December 11, 2018

Random goes random

Well, since my husband got to the elliptical first, I guess it is chocolate and typing on the couch for me! 

Did absence make the heart grow fonder? Or did you forget about me completely? Don't don't don't don't you..."cue the distractions" she said as she thrust her fist in the air like Judd Nelson. Let's go now, before even more photos accumulate on my phone. What have I been up to, you may ask...go ahead, ask. Well, I guess November happened with its glorious stuffing and pie that apparently fueled some sort of holiday Tazmanian devil in me. There was much high speed swirling around gathering fall decor up and leaving a trail of red and green in  my wake. I eventually had to seek other means of maintaining my energy levels (aside from the ongoing instagram half moon cookie quest). 

My research showed that if you ask enough questions about the candy on display, you might get some free samples (the husband knowing the owner probably didn't hurt).

It is also a good idea to stop by a friend's house when you know she's been baking. Those Russian tea balls leave a lot of evidence...
 ...apparently there is also a lot of evidence there that points to my car needing some serious vacuuming. I have also decided to rely on Dove for advice. 
This means I will need to eat more chocolate. 

Let's move on to other things I love...
...yes, THIS! I can't wait to try to make my own. (Yes, I will be sure to capture the attempt.)

I can't think of a decent segue for the rest of these, and so the random has officially become...THE RANDOM!!

The price still seemed a little high for me, but I later realized it might have been the best deal ever...
...and absolutely regretted not making the purchase! Fruit cocktail? Soup? Beans? Solid pack pumpkin? We'll never know...unless of course nobody has bought it by the next time I go back.

Another shopping find that I was able to pass up...

 "Magically poops slime"?!?!?! There is nothing magical about that. Over $60 for Poopsie? Madness.

It took a village to put up my village this year (which I believe was to be a post all on its own), and then my mother and I invaded my aunt's town! There is some back story for this particular vignette...
That poor guy lost his ladder, dropped his lantern and now wonders just how long he spent in the Brew House as he stumbled over what seems like a freakishly small evergreen.

It's always tricky for me to break back onto the scene here after an absence, and quality control typically goes right out the window in the interest of being able to just hit "post"...

Tuesday, October 30, 2018

Random cycle

So apparently days of the week are on some sort of cycle, like a routine of sorts. I thought I was getting use to it, but then I missed posting some random last Tuesday. Wait! That was my birthday, so perhaps aging has something to do with my forgetting to post. I will ponder this while I cling bare-knuckled style to my forties for the next 358 days. During this time I will also seek to find the "right cookie".

Pumpkin marble cheesecake is the perfect answer when you've had the misfortune of the "wrong cookie". This could have easily been my fortune...
...or maybe more like my motto. So true. Plus, the time of year has arrived when 7:00 p.m. pajama time seems perfectly acceptable, especially when paired with a good book. 
Exercising is probably also a great idea, Sure, yeah, most likely. Although his smile makes me think he isn't getting enough oxygen, as that elliptical is pure evil. Speaking of pure evil, look what they did to the book department of our bullseye store...
...and the worker's explanation of what is going in that space was not even close to exciting enough to hold my attention. For one thing, it didn't involve books. In other store browsing news...
...all I could think of when I saw this sweater was whether or not I was serving corn with dinner. That really isn't fair for a perfectly lovely discounted designer garment. 

Take care of yourselves, and hopefully, if life can't wait...
...you are able to easily find some sour drops and lip-rageous lip balm! Crises averted!

Tuesday, October 16, 2018

A spot for the random


Product placement is key! How many times have you been tugging at a wedgie while standing in the rain thinking "Ugh, if only I could find something to fix one of these problems without forgetting the other!!!"
This store has got you boo! Hipsters and the elite side by side, as undies and umbrellas have always been meant to be. Just like peanut butter and jelly, or ice cream and sprinkles...
 ...or ice cream and night crawlers and red worms!? And the bathroom I just noticed! This is not your typical kitchen work triangle. And yes, I might know whose ice cream she is scooping-don't judge me.

Meanwhile, I have chosen appropriate spots to plant tomatoes, even fed them the appropriate soil. I achieved minimal results...ok, maybe I let them get too thirsty. My mother is on her second or third year of mystery tomatoes.
All of those plants there under the tree are cherry tomatoes that have never been planted. She did stake them, but provided little additional tending, other than harvesting. 

Oh, one other thing about locations...if the glimpses into my life here just aren't enough, I am on instagram (ajcasarsa) where research into the finest half moon cookies is just one of the things being highlighted! Maybe I'll see you there!

Well that is about as fascinating as I can get for now! Peace out honeybees!