Sunday, September 14, 2014

Superhero Sunday - Pink

When I saw this post go up the other day, titled The Battle Begins: The Prequel, I couldn't wait to see which superheroes had a new movie out. You see, my friend who is Not Just Another Mother Blogger knows way more about the Avengers, Justice League and those who hang out and battle them than I do. However, I was quickly and sadly mistaken to read that this battle is her own. This was her post telling us that she has been diagnosed with breast cancer.

I know she will gather all of the force of a superhero and fight this thing. She is not a force to be reckoned with. She could use some support, kind words, and probably a cape...definitely a cape! Time to get cracking...
Fleece may not be fancy, but could do in a pinch!

Friday, September 12, 2014

Week 15 - Dropping the Anchor

In honor of my husband's birthday today, here is my letter to the Anchor Bar, for the contest this week...

Dear Anchor Bar,

I grew up in Syracuse, New York and ate my fair share of chicken wings, or so I thought. There was not necessarily a lot of consistency in the products, but more like varying levels of good enough. Then, I married a man from Buffalo.

In addition to the silent vow to root for the Bills and Sabres, I also may have unknowingly agreed to be more critical of all chicken wings served outside of the Buffalo zip codes. I was delighted years ago to find your product here on our Central New York grocery store shelves. Not only could I provide the right flavor chicken at home (except for that time I allegedly did not put enough sauce on), but we could bring a bit of Buffalo in a bottle whenever we traveled downstate to see other relatives. The newer plastic bottles have made me comfortable shipping your fabulous sauce off to other states to make sure they know what wing sauce is supposed to taste like as well. (They have also made this klutz more comfortable in her own kitchen.)

I have never tried to use a substitute for Anchor Bar sauce at our house. If we do run out, someone is heading to the store. The kids and I prefer to use your sauce on boneless flour dredged and browned chicken, that we then bake in the oven with your sauce on it. This alleviates the pressure of making sure we have cleaned the bones well enough. You know what I am talking about I bet!

Pass the celery,

Did they take me under their wings? Nope, but you can be sure that the bottle of Anchor Bar wing sauce is still coming out for the husband's birthday dinner tonight! 

No points for me, but I will drown my sorrows in some bleu cheese!
Current total = 35 points


Tuesday, September 9, 2014

Creepy random

Yes, you saw the title, you know what's coming! I considered getting us all up to speed on post-back-to-school life thus far. But really? How can I even concentrate with these soulful E.T. eyes gazing up at me from my desk? Whose soulful eyes you want to know? Why it's Eloise and Argyle...
Clearly the people at Ashton-Drake Galleries remembered when my birthday is this year, because they popped this gem out with just barely enough time for shipping. Last year I was left sans Simian! I do believe that Eloise has outcreeped her predecessors though. Perhaps it is her soft wisps of lifelike hair that are arranged in an artful bedhead style? So many creases and wrinkles? Her attraction to her own stuffed animal? I just...I can't...(strange urge for Reese's Pieces)

Friday, September 5, 2014

Week 14 - Old El Paso

Next up in the contest, I have one of my family's Taco Tuesday essentials...Old El Paso hard shells, ¡olĂ©!

Dear Fiesta Friends,

The cafeteria at my elementary school could have tarnished my vision of what crunchy tacos were meant to be for life. However, after over three decades (yikes) I have seen the light of what a hard shell taco can and should be. After some trial and error I also found that there is no reason for the shells to be shiny with grease, thereby making Old El Paso our favorite. Even when I inadvertently nearly burn them every week, they still taste delicious. I just realized that this could be due, in part, to the fact that I have never read the fine print right here on the box telling me not to use my toaster oven. Well, I have learned something new today.

I am sure it has been hard to perfect the taco shell packaging issue. I am typically impressed by how well your shells hold up with minimal extra packaging or plastic. However, please see the enclosed picture of our last box of Old El Paso yellow corn shells. Luckily we only use half of a box per meal, so we did have enough for one round.

Falling to pieces,
 Andrea Casarsa
Mother, blogger, lover of tacos
Did they think I was loco? Well, they certainly seemed to focus on one part of my letter more than the other...
...I thought I had sprinkled enough sugar with my mention of shell shards, but alas, I was categorized as a disappointed customer. Free taco shells though, yahoo! That's five points for me, bringing my current tally to THIRTY-FIVE POINTS!

Don't forget to check out the competition!

Wednesday, September 3, 2014

Not Tuesday?

Whoops! I guess the holiday put me one day behind schedule. Kind of like the rubbish removal company...hmmm, any similarities between that and bringing out some random? Perhaps. 

Just a couple of items as I have a fetal position to get into as I contemplate my son and daughter starting their senior and freshman years of high school tomorrow. Oh, and I start a new job on Friday (rocking back and forth now). Along those lines, this does seem like good news...

Canning season has begun. This was round one...
...rounds two and four were shuttershy. (Round three was the salsa.)

Can't forget a few NY State Fair pics...
The sand sculpture this year was a Dr. Seuss tribute. Here are a couple of my favorite parts...
 I am glad pigs can't read... this was posted on his pen...

Let's see, I also tried that crafty new way to cut a watermelon without removing the rind.
Oops, I will stick to my usual, but it was kind of neat to see the other cubes fall out.

We had a heavy rain that left a dragonfly casualty in our driveway. I didn't realize he was dead until I ran out to take a picture. The asphalt made a terrible backdrop, so I brought him to a more natural final resting spot. (One teenager might have suggested that this was a bit much, the other one just didn't see it.)

Gotta run...Time for chocolate lunch chocolate!


Sunday, August 31, 2014

Superhero Sunday - Coulda been?

I admit it, sometimes I just forget to put my cape on. I know it seems impossible, right? But it's true. Take yesterday for example - Had I donned the flowing fabric, perhaps I could've been a hot mess making my forty-three jars of salsa...muy caliente! Instead, I was just a mess... es bueno.