Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Random recap

We have been back from vacation for just under twenty-four hours, and I am happy to report that I have found my kitchen counter. (It had been missing for days before we left.) Granted, I am about to get into a jam (Blueberry Mojito specifically) so the clutter is starting to gather again very quickly...jars, lids, rings!

Here is just a little recap from our time away...

Breakfast on the beach with a rather heavy box of donuts...
...and no crowds to share with.

A lot of this...
...and this...
...despite this...
Ooooh, chilly...nearly frozen. That's right, FROZEN! Tattoos all around, compliments of Princess Elsa Ella.


Do you want to build a snow sandman?

So many seals! I finally got a picture that sort of captures just how close they came to shore...and my son!

What did my husband the beachcomber find this year?

And to wrap up a couple of the days...


Sunday, August 17, 2014

Superhero Sunday - Salty

Vacation time, and with my "good" capes left at home, it was once again time to improvise.
I know the folks on shore felt safer seeing me patrolling the tide, until...
...nothing a quick wring couldn't fix!

Friday, August 15, 2014

Week 11 - Sweets for the sweet

I sure hope the winner of this CONTEST gets candy...lots and lots of candy! Speaking of candy...mmm...candy... 

Dear Jelly Belly Folks,

Sometimes it’s hard to decide what to have for snack. Luckily, with your ever-expanding array of Jelly Belly flavors, I do not have to commit to one thing. In just one handful I can cover several munching bases, as well as some beverages.

We had a little impromptu family bonding activity recently brought on by your beans. My husband passed around some single serving packs, that thankfully had the color-coded key on them. There was much conversation, taunting and trading going on. We initiated new members into the “I tried the buttered popcorn” club. Suffice to say, those now all get passed to me, as I have been assigned to take them for the team. They are much easier to swallow than the lawn clippings one I ate out of a Bean Boozled box years ago. I swear I can still taste that one. I didn’t even have any tutti-fruttis, red apples or cream sodas to wash it down with, and was too afraid of grabbing a vomit one instead. Of course, on Jelly Belly feasting night, my teenage son was wishing we still had that box.

Thank you for providing year round jelly bean joy with your jellies for our bellies.

 Andrea Casarsa

The result? This here letter...

...proof that somebody actually read the one I sent! That's another point for me! My current total is 28.

Stop by the competition...she'll get her post up eventually!

Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Randomly refreshing

Ah, vacation! The ocean is so calming...especially at 58 degrees. 


Monday, August 11, 2014

Superhero Sunday - A day late...

...and a photo short! Traded MY cape for THE Cape.

Friday, August 8, 2014

Week Ten - Here we are again!

Prepare for another installment of 

Some of you have done your happy dances cried your eyes out and sent the kids back to school already. If you are like us, with another few weeks of summer to soak up, perhaps you are looking for some fun. Might I present...

Dear Gamewright Folks,

When our youngest child approached game playing age, we were filled with a mix of feelings. It was exciting to have her join us at the table, but we also felt like we had done our time reassembling the ice cubes and getting stuck in Molasses Swamp. Luckily we found the world of Gamewright games.

Without a lot of pieces to set up, and later step on and lose, and such engaging stories and pictures, we were quickly hooked. Wig Out was our inaugural gateway game. We manned ourselves with the pamphlet that came inside the box and set out to find our next game.

The kitchen table was more of a flurry of activity after dinner was over. We adults had to stay alert, as there was always a decent chance the kids would beat us, eliminating any need to strategize how we were going to discreetly throw the game.

With such compact boxes, we could pack several games when we traveled, sharing that jester joy with everyone we knew. When it came time for gift giving, we shared our favorites, or based selections on someone’s love of penguins or frogs.

Now that our children are teenagers, we do still get our games out once in awhile. (Even if it seems as though we are using a six-year-old visitor as an excuse.) Thank you for your incredible offerings that have given us such fond family time memories. I present an ode to the Gamewright games in our closet…

Wig Out with its hairdos and hilarious faces

Scrambled States (1 and 2) with such colorful places

Toss Your Cookies with cards of sugary feasts

Knock, knock Rat-A-Tat-Cat, I hope I have the least

Ugly Doll – racing to match Wage and his friends

Dweebies – making sure the folks matched on the ends

Thing-a-ma-bots asked us to remember the name

Hocus Focus made us find nothing the same

We Pounced around the house as cats at play

Loot had us sailing off on arrrrgh way

In a Pickle left us trying to figger

Which things were smaller and which ones bigger

There’s a Moose in Your House unless you played a door

The Sleeping Queens never once made us snore

Story Cubes let us decide how the story would end

At Mount Olympus we stole Zeus from our friend

Now that our children are old enough to text

Tell us dear Jester…what’s up next?

Game On,

Andrea Casarsa

The result?!?! Zilch...or maybe they are just playing games with me? Either way, we appreciate all of the fun and kitchen table memories! 

So that's 27 points and holding. Let's see what the competition has in store this week!

Tuesday, August 5, 2014

Just a taste of random

We, and by "we" I mean just Fozzie and me apparently, are running a sleep deprivation study around here. I knew after just one night that my participation was not to have positive effects, and am not interested in finding out how many more days it will take to seal the deal. On the plus side, I suppose I have an excuse for this short bit of random.

I am pleased to show you this...
...which only makes sense if you remember this...
I may have finally convinced the husband that a box of cereal can be a regular weekly purchase, but I have noticed a slight twitch as he sees his options decrease. I am just dazzled by visions of what else I might be able to store on that shelf.

I am not opposed to a nice pizza bubble now and then, except when it happens only on my side of the pizza and sends my toppings cascading down onto the husband's half.