Tuesday, November 25, 2014

Random thought

Amidst the stress joy of having a high school senior and the college application the holiday season upon us, I do find myself thankful for so many things. One such thing is being a relatively able-bodied woman, capable of trying to do everything...who just might want to fling mashed potatoes at those with their feet up watching her try. (Not those of you who are cheering though, you get pie...with a fork and plate.)

Sunday, November 23, 2014

Superhero Sunday - Idle

Here we are, on the cusp of the nonstop food frenzy. You would think I'd be able to motivate this woman to walk, but alas, here she is using the cape as a mere shawl for warmth or some such nonsense. 
If she would just succumb to my superpowers, we'd be crocheting more than dishcloths! AND WE'D BE DOING IT WHILE WALKING!!!! Sheesh!

I can only imagine the plans she has to placate me with pumpkin pie!

Friday, November 21, 2014

Week 25 - Still Alive…with Sharpie

Here we are, just one week shy of the mid year point for this contest. I am not sure if that is to say that it will last a year, but if it did, we'd be nearly halfway through. Here is a recent entry that needs no explanation*.

October 4, 2014

Dear Sharpies,

Let me get right to the chisel point…I underestimated you, and I am sorry. You see, a project fell into my lap at the last minute yesterday. My son needed eight t-shirts, each boldly displaying a letter, so he and seven of his friends could spell something out for the senior class photo of over six-hundred kids. I needed big letters. I wandered around the craft store with my armful of white t-shirts trying to focus on what the sales associate was showing me for lettering options. I finally just went with my gut and left her for the Sharpie aisle.

There they were! All of the awesome colors and styles that dazzle my teenage daughter as well, but that is a tale for a different time. There is just something about a Sharpie though – so unique and trustworthy in its staying power. I grabbed three of the largest black Sharpies, as I certainly couldn’t expect one Sharpie to handle the task I had at hand.
Not only did I get through all eight shirts with ONE marker (is it okay to call them markers?), but my son wanted last names and “2015” on the back of each. Mission accomplished, and there is still life left!

Thank you for helping this frazzled mom keep her sanity by making the t-shirt task so simple. I may have also underestimated the powerful aroma of a giant Sharpie, but that was nothing a little fresh air between letters couldn’t cure.

Permanently yours,

Mother, blogger, doodler, labeler

*OK, maybe you'd like some explanation as to how the group decided on what their shirts would spell. I cannot help you there, as I watched part of the process and am still uncertain.

Did Sharpie accept my apology for underestimating their felt-tipped color magic? Well it took me awhile to figure out exactly who had responded based on the company name and then having to scan the letterhead to figure out who I had written to. 
The good news, apparently, is that if I have any questions I can respond directly to their email…meaning this piece of paper that came in a stamped envelope with no email address included. THERESA, HOW CAN I FIND YOU?! Oops, sorry, got carried away.

A point is a point, so I will take it!

Thursday, November 20, 2014


While I have apparently mastered the notion of seeking out some sort of career and going back to work, many facets of that process elude me. The resume was updated, and I even managed to choke out a cover letter. Today I had an interview scheduled for 11:00. In other words, plenty of time to realize I had no idea what to wear. I know, I know, we've danced this dance around here before. I began the process just before 10:00.

Black pants seemed acceptable, as I told myself it was far too frigid out for anyone to expect me to wear a skirt. (Never mind that I do not have a cold weather suitable option, nor nylons for that matter.) I pulled layers together to give myself some sort of style, while making sure that if the office was roasting, I would still have on a somewhat sensible ensemble at the core (as long as I kept my snazzy scarf on). I pondered my hairstyle in relation to the wind I had been listening to all morning. Note to self: remember to shiver slightly and fluff hair upon walking in commenting on the blustery weather. Hmmm...pretty sure the sunkissed glow of summer skin left months ago. It was certainly cold enough out to give me some pink cheeks, but would the interview last longer than my color? I just sort of started rummaging around in the bin I have assigned to makeup. I stared down that foundation, but feared the risks outweighed any possible rewards. Mascara and a scribble of eyeliner it was! There was a short-lived swipe of lipstick from the nineties that fell victim to a piece of tissue.

I gave some thought to the strengths and weaknesses question, as I figured it was inevitably going to make an appearance. Here is the one I was not expecting, and completely unprepared for...If you could do anything at all, what would it be? I admitted that I did not have a readily available answer. I rambled on a bit about how that question can be difficult for parents to answer because for so long we have so many other things to consider...blah, blah, blah. Was I supposed to say "this job right here"? Nobody was going to buy that. Here are a few possibilities I didn't think of until I got home...
  • "I wanna be a millionaire, so freakin baaaad" (obviously sung while standing on my chair)
  • "A pretty pretty princess"
  • "Background dancer for J Lo"
Maybe I will make it to the second round of interviews and they will ask again...I think I will say be a writer, unless you have another suggestion.

Tuesday, November 18, 2014

RaNdOmly running out of names for it

Sometimes when I sit down to write a blog post, I let myself get held up just trying to think of a title. Always admire alliteration...rhyme time's sublime...themes are helpful too. What to do when I just have a few disconnected and truly random things to share though? How can I distinguish one pooh flinging week in the jungle from the last? How many trains of thought leave for other stations in the time it takes me to decide on a title? Maybe in 2015, if I haven't run out of random, I will just number the weeks. Yes, that idea makes me feel less anxious already. Since I have randomly filled in the blank at the top of this post, I guess we are good to go...for now.

Are large black trash bags just not cutting it for you? Do you need a way to throw away smaller sized items without anybody knowing what they are? No, that's not overly specific or shady at all. Hefty has you covered, even if your secret garbage, that you need to keep in the dark, smells.

And now a couple of items courtesy of the Monkey in the Field...

Speaking of "in the dark", you will have to sleep with the light on (I guess the mask makes that easier) in order for your spouse to read the message...
...make sure to keep your face readily visible so there is no confusion.

It is always encouraging when word emerges that a cure has been found. I did not realize that cold feet AND ankles had reached epidemic levels. Wait, let me check again to see what these things are called...
 ...Mocsocks. Sounds familiar, yet so different. $25 seemed pricey at first, but this is a CURE, people! I can only hope that the same team is currently hard at work developing something for when my hands are freezing.

Until next week...
Stacy Uncorked

Sunday, November 16, 2014

Superhero Sunday - Supergeniuses

Perhaps you read that our computer was ill. The folks at the genius bar tried a dose of something or other that didn't work. Their next proposed treatment plan was to wipe out the entire hard drive to fix the software...thousands of photos, thousands of words. Yes, we are those people, the ones who did not have a backup hard drive. They told my husband there was no other way.

I collected myself and called the little nearby computer place. I explained all that I knew from what the geniuses had said and asked if there was any hope, and they told me to bring it in. My husband rescued our computer from being damaged produce and delivered it to The Computer Outlet.

I got a call a couple of days later letting me know that our computer had been worked on all day...with NO problems. "Um, you mean it started?" "Yes." "And everything is there?" "Yes."

So pretend this cape is on Jeff, the superhero, from The Computer Outlet on Route 11 in Cicero. Had he not been so patient and helpful on the phone, we'd have let some other alleged genius wipe out our computer's memory...along with many other very precious ones! (And yes, that would be our new external hard drive under the Lego taxi.)
(Also, please pretend that cape is not so wrinkled!)

Friday, November 14, 2014

Week 24 - Oh, I've still got more!

I decided to take a page out of Marianne's brevity handbook approach to letter writing for the CONTEST this week. One of her fine examples was the letter she penned to Hostess. When I take a page, I take a page...so here is MY brief letter to Hostess! (Sincerest form of flattery Mare!)

Dear Hostess with the Mostess:

To yodel is difficult. We prefer the simplicity and jolly feeling a ho ho provides.

Ring Dings are an easy call to ignore. Ding Dongs demand attention!

That is all, as I believe a tasty treat is beckoning to me.

Yours in snack cakes,
Mother, blogger, packer of lunches

Did they share their cream-filled moist snacky love?
HO HO, you betcha! Five points for me!
Total points = 53

Don't forget to check out what the HOOP-dee-doo is all about over at Marianne's place this week!