Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Randomly tardy (again)

I always tell my kids to get their homework done ahead of time, especially if I know we have a busy evening nestled into our normally relaxed routine. However, I cannot seem to get in the habit of getting my blog posts ready in advance when I know my chauffeur and other glamorous duties will keep my fanny from hitting the couch until dangerously close to my bedtime. I am going to aim for quality here, as opposed to quantity of, random thoughts. (That is in no way to suggest that my typical showdown of topics and photos is anything but fabulous.) This may be brief (because I am too preoccupied to think about anything else), but I think your lives will be more complete...

I received this sign the other day while I was clipping coupons (you know, coupons that I never intend to actually use, but a very good exercise to keep my scissor skills up to par)...a sign that everything is going to be okay...

Monkey production is back with TuTu Cute, indeed! Just when I thought all of the creepy monkey opportunities had passed me by, just when I thought such collectibles were well past my price range. She is fully poseable! I can have a 365-day guarantee. This gives me ample time to spend quality time, take numerous photos (perhaps our family Christmas shot, as suggested by my daughter) before deeming her too fancy for our home. If she gets to be too much of a handful, (or more likely, I am unable to be a functional member of society due to my obsession with the adorableness of it all) I can just send her back. 

Do you see that sneak peek in the bottom left corner? DO YOU SEE IT?! I cannot stand the suspense of not knowing just how many of these touched by awesome creatures are in the collection. Is TuTu just a gateway monkey, sold at a reasonable price, to get me hooked? I know it says each on is only $29.95, but what if there are 100 of them?! (Seriously, what if there are even ten?)

**Please note: Anybody who happens to be new to my blog, please see here for my past simian findings. Also, please note that I do not wish to own any of them, (but see what I do own here).

Stop by Stacy's and bring her some snow, if you have any to spare!


  1. I have been laughing hysterically OUT LOUD about "Gateway Monkey" for three minutes straight. My son (who is practicing his piano while his mommy gets her blog fix) keeps yelling, "WHAT ARE YOU LAUGHING ABOUT?"

    You give me tears-and-jiggling-belly-fat kinda laughs. Thank you for that. It's been a looooong winter!

    1. I shall consider you my sponsor for creepy monkeys anonymous!

  2. Definitely a gateway monkey. For sure. Put the order form the trash.....and back away slowly. Call a child to take out the trash.

    WHEW! That was *close* ;P

    Why do monkeys seem to stalk you??? :/


  3. Gateway monkey? Don't. Do. It. You do not want to go down that path! Next thing you know, you'll have to build a new house with a special room to house all of your simian treasures...

    It's all downhill after thst.

    1. There is no way the lego troops would stand for the risk of being displaced!

  4. You better watch it . . . one day, when you least expect it . . . someone's gonna buy one of those creepy things for you. It's gonna happen. Mark my words.

    Now, to go look for my coupons and the order sheet . . . I mean 2 for 1 coupons!! ;)

    1. The lower price of these treasures does pose that risk...the other pieces of creepy ridiculousness were over $100 so I did feel safe! Am hoping most folks have a $10 limit on gag gifts like I do!!! ;)