Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Random Relief

Here in Central New York we were spared almost all of Sandy's wrath. The reports from my family and friends from the downstate area are a little soggy and without power in some cases, but all safe. I admit to burying my head in the sand a bit as far as news coverage is concerned. I hope that people are able to work together for the best rescue and relief effort possible in all areas affected.

Well, my birthday week if officially behind us, and while I did not get Babu, Leila or Lulu, don't cry monkey tears for me. You see, my dear friend made an incredible showing to prove to me that she actually does read my blog. This was in my gift bag...
It is so beautifully creepy and ugly that I almost wept. I am still stunned that she bought it like that (minus the diaper, obviously), but that thing was just sitting on a store shelf somewhere. In fact, there are probably more of them! Eek! He is truly priceless.

I am pretty well supplied with Halloween attire, except for shoes. You know, sometimes you want something festive, but dressy, that is vaguely reminiscent of the hiking boots some folks wore in the 80's?
 I had a moment of panic when I thought my foot was stuck, as then I would have had to buy them AND wear them home!

I also considered getting some festive colored side dishes, but couldn't decide between the raison and the raisin...

Time for just one more cookie pic before National Cookie Month is over...

I am a huge fan of fresh autumn produce, but this is REALLY fresh produce...(wakka wakka!)

Tonight we happened to notice the ditto that my son had for homework and wondered if the teacher was using something from her own youth...
What font is that? Old schooly typewriter? Nice lines, and the smudge is adding some pizazz. I wonder how many times a new copy of an old sheet was made to reach this level of craftsmanship.

I agonized over sharing the next item with you, but dammit, it's funny...

Hello, my name is Andrea, and I woke up this morning with this hickey. Let us not confuse this with the great kettle corn incident of 2010. I mean it's a totally tasteful hickey...wait, isn't that an oxymoron? I called my husband to tell him how classy he is, and to thank him for making me feel like a teenager again. He seemed taken aback. Maybe another perk of getting older is having more delicate skin, and the slightest smudge leaves a mark? I ran to the store where I bumped into a friend of mine. Lucky for her she is one of the few gals I would have immediately felt compelled to share my flair with. She was a real champ about hiding her envy and just sharing in my own moment of glory! I did several hair flips while we were chatting, just because. 

When I gazed glared across the dinner table at hubs this evening, I completely bursted out laughing. Luckily, there were enough shenanigans going on that the kids had their choice of what I might've found so amusing. When I did my hair flip walking past him, he responded with a "meh", and indicated that it could be anything. Oh no, this may not be the dark purple soon to turn yellow bruising I witnessed in the halls of my high school, but it is something that knocks at least six years off my age! Of course I may have negated any classiness I had working by going out in public wearing a too big rain jacket over a sweater that hung out the bottom, all in a questionable color montage...oh I am bringing sexy back!

While I am fully loaded with power, Stacy currently has none, but we can stop by and let her know we paid a random visit!


  1. Ah, the hair flip! The height of flirtatious. It is obvious that you make your husband feel younger, too!!

    1. Oh no, the hair flips were not where the trouble started...they were to make sure my friend at the store had ample opportunity during our conversation to admire my branding! Lol

  2. Oh, gosh. What I would give for a tastefully delivered hickey...



  3. HAHA - that definitely is some "fresh" fruit!! We hardly got anything from Sandy up here in MA. I know some people that lost power, but we didn't - thankfully!!

    1. We just haven't seen the sun here since last. Week, but that is a small price to pay.

  4. I'd be wearing v-necks all week! Look at you & your happy marriage!!

    Pls. don't send me any cookies. Love, Marianne's Ass Which Needs to Fit Into a Bridesmaid Dress in 3 weeks

    1. Dear Marianne's Ass,
      Please don't tell me you are canceling on our holiday together.
      Love, Pumpkin Pie

      P.s. see you in four weeks. -Cookie

  5. THOSE SHOES!!! Seriously, this is getting creepy now. I totally saw those on clearance at Target and took a pic that I was going to use in an upcoming weekly whacked! But you! YOU tried them on! Bravo, lady. Bra-vo!!

  6. It was a scary moment, as my feet are not meant to bend and buckle in that manner. I found the clearance price unreasonable! Feel free to use the photo!