Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Random crumbs and morsels

As you can see, this whole National Cookie Month thing has still got me riled up. I admit to doing absolutely no research into what it's all about, yet remain firm in my own beliefs. We are celebrating this week by bringing cookies together, from trays away from each other, to cool on one rack...
Snickerdoodle meet my friend choco-chocolate chip, made with Hershey's special dark cocoa.
I made the Snickerdoodles with the 1/4 cup scoop following the recipe, and kept the others small, as I figured it would help limit my consumption. Considering that I don't really like Snickerdoodles (or thought I didn't...I let the son choose two from the Cookie Palace menu that I scribbled on a notepad), I thought this was an excellent plan. That was absolutely delusional, as I had to sample (a giant cookie), only to find that they are in fact yummy. I did have to ward off a covert attack, as the daughter (who also claims to not like Snickerdoodles) asked for a bite of my cookie and lunged in for the middle bite! The bite I had been practically suffering through the edges to save for last. Then those other cookies were so small (possibly only by comparison) that I had to have two. That's three...THREE cookies...ah ah ahhhhh! That was so yesterday though, and since the oven is still a little warm from dinner, it won't take much to fire it back up and bake up some more chocolatey cookies...um, because I already ate a Snickerdoodle for my afternoon snack.

I suppose another self proclaimed aspect of Cookie Month is the incessant need to talk about cookies! Here is what I saw on the grocery store shelf today...
I can see that these are heart-shaped cookies, but the gingerbread ones next to them were not called "a lover's treat", nor were they "spiced with passion". Yikes, I was just trying to reach a loaf of bread. I don't need to be accosted by sultry baked goods...not in public anyway.

Cool, yes?
Maybe that is why there are so many songs about rainbows. Truth be told, and you can almost sort of see it up in the left corner, this was a double rainbow, but I didn't want to completely blow anyone's mind.

There is no segue I can come up with for what I saw at the red bulls-eye today. (I don't want to call any stores by name.) I fully understand that sometimes you just want to quickly try on a sweater to see if it fits without the hassle of finding a dressing room. However, that is not what was going on here. 
For starters, when I first glanced over I was pretty sure the woman was putting her shoes back on, leaving me stunned, as I pondered the possiblity that she had just tried on pants. She had half of her cart filled with every color in the same two styles of sweater (and I am not convinced I didn't see pants). She was also taking up valuable real estate, since the mirror she found was right near the clearance rack. She had all kinds of time, as she held each top up under her chin to check for her Color Me Beautiful match. I was fascinated (obviously) and lucky, since her process gave me at least ten minutes - time for three walk-thrus to figure out how to snap a photo, and from what angle. I decided being behind her in the mirror reflection was a bad idea.

Let's see here, since we already covered cookies as an October happening, what else is left to discuss? Hmmmm...Oh, just that my birthday is now one week away! I find it hard to believe that it is just coincidence, but you will not believe who showed up in the coupon section this past Sunday...Baby Babu! It was October fourth last year when I first showcased her on my blog, in hopes of unwrapping her on my special day. Is it the $149.99 price tag that keeps her and Lovely Leila from me? (I appreciate Marianne alerting me to that possibility.) Brace yourself, I just looked Baby Babu up online and she is sold out...SOLD OUT!!! Those coupon clipping people are crazy for their monkeys. I am speechless (almost). That other creepy adorable Little Lu Lu does not show up on their website anymore! At least I will always have their pictures (cue some sort of bittersweet music)...
Well the sugar is wearing off, but the timer should be going off soon!

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  1. Random is great: I get a peek into your lovely craziness.

    Somehow, I knew I"d feel at home there.


  2. Cookies...mmmmmm. I told someone that it was National Cookie Month, and they actually laughed! Not a cookie lover, I suppose!

    I hope that you have seen the Lego Empire Strikes Out show on Cartoon Network--it's a cute episode!

  3. Well I was going to get you Baby Babu for your birthday, and now I don't know what to do. And the double rainbow? It's so beautiful!!!! (said through tears of joy). What does it mean?

  4. OH MY GOD!!! SOLD OUT?????

    I fear for the future of our country.

    Crap. I gotta get on this birthday thing STAT. Where's a Monchichi when you need one???

  5. Cookie month. Wow, and Husband didn't tell me? Now I have to catch up! HA!!! Seriously, that is a lovely rainbow picture... And the gal did seem blaze' about the sweater sampling, didn't she? Hm.


  6. Did not know it was cookie month and what the hell is up with the monkeys lately?

  7. You HAD to start your post with Snicker-doodles? Now I am going to have to make some, after all it IS cookie month! Happy birthday, I hope you have a great day of it! I can't get over the woman at "red bulls-eye", holy cow talk about an exhibitionist!

  8. I love your snap-happiness!! What a great, and totally unique and not at all similarly shown on any other blog this week, double rainbow! ;)

    And you are killing me with all the cookies. I just want you to know. Killing me. :p

  9. I so want a snickerdoodle now! A giant one! I've never had one. Thanks for the laughs! Boy, I love your random. :)

  10. I LOVVVVVVE Snickerdoodles! So now you've made me drool all over myself. ;)

    Awesome rainbow shot!

    That lady is crazy - it'd be something I'd expect from that "W" place, but not the one with the red bulls-eye. ;)

    Oh looky! I found a Baby BaBu for you:


    And it's only $99! You still have time to have someone secure one for your birthday, right? :) I should freak my hubby out and tell him I want one for my birthday in December - I've been having trouble coming up with ideas for my 'list'. ;)

    As always, thanks for making me giggle and guffaw with your supreme randomness! :)

    Dressing Up for Halloween

  11. I confess that I hate monkeys. One threw puke at me @ the Birmingham Zoo.... :/ I don't think I'd like stuffed ones, either!

    Cookies, though.....I have never met a cookie I didn't like! :D

    Now I have The Rainbow Connection stuck in my head.


  12. Love me some random. Now you've got me reconsidering my complete and total hatred of monkeys...damn you. Retro-Jeremy, the co-host who does all our art, and I have this thing about flying monkeys and what they fling as a way to deal with some the flying stuff that happens while running the challenge...
    I love people watching. They do the darndest things...

    Tina @ Life is Good