Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Tuesday, and other holy things

I am so relieved to have fellow bloggers looking out for me. For example, without Danelle over at Outnumbered, I might not have known that this is National Cookie Month. (Warning: she has photos over there...photos of cookies...lots and lots of cookies!) Obviously my mixer knew, and that is why it called to my daughter to get baking the other day. I still don't know exactly what that means, but am pretty sure I can come up with a few of my own ideas to celebrate. I imagine there should be homemade cookies available all month long (and since I got a late start, I will carry this through the first seven days of November.) If you don't bake, you should probably ask a neighbor, as no doubt they wouldn't want to crush your hopes and dreams of a proper celebration. Bring the kids along if you think there is even a slight possibility of rejection, just to seal the deal. If you strike out, if you need an absolute last resort, I am your gal. I am a giver like that. There should be lessons in diversity and tolerance for all different types of cookies this month. You might think that you don't like walnuts, but really once they are surrounded by other crumbly goodness, you might be surprised. Maybe lemon is not your thing, but are you really so small that you can't gobble down one little cookie? Show baked goods some respect! 

OK, speaking of tolerance, I have no issue with religions that are not my own (although lately I do have issues with the religion that is, in fact, my own). However, these two signs I passed outside of churches last week just didn't sit right with me. Maybe Jesus, and his dad, are suddenly snarkier than I like to imagine, or of course, maybe it's just me...
Put out that fire? How does he roll?
I got nothing here.
I saw this at a bar stuck to a table. She never did show up that night, that I saw. Perhaps there was a crystal ball incident.
Is this an acceptable color combination these days? Maroon and red? Are the red pants stylish? Oh my gosh, I have been out of the work force for so long, I might have to wear a housecoat (with heels, as I have some class) and plead temporary insanity when I do go back.
Hopefully my son's trigonometry homework is done now, and it is safe for me to go back out to the kitchen. I don't even like to look at it! 

Be a smart cookie and go visit Stacy!


  1. I took trig in high school, but I remember not one tiny bit of it. And now I am distracted by the thought of cookies.

  2. I'm having a hard time w/ 3rd grade decimals. And I'm going to start taking my camera out more. Look at the GOLD you find!!

    1. Surely your fancy new phone has a camera...much more discreet (or so I tell myself) than hauling out the big Nikon!

    2. Oh crap! (looking at phone) I think you're right! By God, I need a tutor.

  3. Trig? Nope. Missed that class. I took Algebra. Over and over and over again.

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    Un saludo muy cariñoso.


  5. LOL I have no idea about the outfit, either.....hmmmmm......and I have been out of the classroom for so long that if I went back to teaching at the Christian school where I last taught, I'd probably get a d-hall on the first day... :/

    Hurray for National Cookie Month!!! I think I'll bake some sugar cookies with pink sprinkles for Susan G. Komen (My sorority's philanthropy) and kill two October birds with one stone! ;P

    Have a great Wednesday!!!


  6. Colored jeans are very hot, and red pants are, indeed, leading the trend. Personally I'm sticking with plain old blues.

  7. Well thank you! I'm so glad you're helping me spread the word about National Cookie Month. And I'm kind of glad my church doesn't have one of those signs you can put messages on. I'm afraid of what it might say sometimes.

  8. I am trying to come to grips with the return of the colored denim thing that seems to be happening all over the stores these days. I simply refuse to do it. As to maroon and red together, it's a no. I think. Well for me. :)