Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Just a bit of Random

Well, here it is October! Time to get out the long sleeved shirts, oh except for tomorrow, when the forecast is calling for eighty degrees...humpf! Enough about that before I get my sinuses in a royal tizzy.

The husband and I went to open house at the middle school last night. We were treated to the worst psychic show ever, as the math teacher tried to figure out whose parents she was looking at. "Your eyes, your eyes look familiar," and it just got more uncomfortable from there, as she was unable to figure out the first six people she tried. When she got to us I asked if she'd just like me to tell her who my child was to save her the trouble. That was a "yes". Please note the sign we saw later on our way out...
Um, have you smelled middle school aged girls after a decent workout? Are they expected to change in the hall?

See that speck in the middle of the photo?
That is the loaf of bread I had just brought home, and THAT is one of the two bugs that was flying around inside of it. Guess I didn't need the lunch meat! GROSS!

I had to pull the car right over to photograph this marvel in lawn ornament overachiever-ness!

On that note, because really...how do you follow that?

Thanks for hosting the Random, Stacy!


  1. It's been humid here, though it's finally been in the 70's - except tomorrow is supposed to be 80, which really means it'll probably hit 85. And be humid. Again. I'm SO ready for REAL fall weather to hurry up and get here. Of course I probably jinxed myself getting out some of my long sleeved stuff.

    Why would that teacher just try to guess instead of ask? Weird.

    Ewwwwww! A couple of little bugs INSIDE the bagged loaf of bread? I'd be freaking out. And taking it back (and probably not buying the Shurfine brand again...) I've never bought the Shurfine brand here - the loaves always look too overcooked to me. Your loaf is the perfect color of tan - except for the bugs, that is. Not so perfect in that aspect.

    That lawn ornament is hysterical! And I love that there's a unicorn one in the background, too. :)

    Crazy Christmas in September, Maytag and Oster Rock, and a Pessimistic Princess Nagger

  2. Hmmm, sounds like they had some boll weevils in the flour. Stuff like that used to happen all the time to me--once I cooked up some oatmeal and looked down in time to see it moving in the bowl. It was FULL of bugs. Bugs who survived being cooked! Eeek!

    I love cool lawn ornaments! My homeowner's association would freak, and it would be totally worth it!

  3. Every so often I walk through the front entry of our office and smell girl's locker room scent and a touch of chlorine. Maybe your psychic is trying to tell me something?

  4. THE BUGS in the bread did it for me...Ewwww

  5. Sweet! I didn't know you moved to Easter Island. And I love that they just pretty much plunked it down right smack in the middle of the lawn, just all by itself. It's just . . . there. I would have stopped, too. Nice catch!

  6. Easter Island!!! Thanks, mistyslaws! I was wracking my brain!

    Only you, Andrea.