Friday, May 19, 2017


My birthday is Sunday, so I imagine it will look something like this...
...minus the chocolate, of course! I am only slightly concerned that nobody has asked me what kind of cupcakes I do want, or who should be invited to the party. I hope you all got invites!

Tuesday, May 16, 2017

A short hailstorm of random

Wondering about that title? Mother Nature had her own ideas about how to celebrate this past Sunday. The way she was throwing ice pellets so angrily, maybe she missed out on a brunch invite? Or maybe she was just trying to lightly toss confetti?
At first glance, I thought this was super cute...
 ...then, as I was trying to decide which moss shoes to buy for my mom, I decided it was just plain creepy. Yes, those flowers are far prettier than whatever spills over the top of my jeans, but the lack of torso is slightly disturbing. Maybe some other ornamental lawn decor is needed.
I find all gazing balls to be a little odd, so this wasn't a total shock to me, but I have to admit that I didn't see anything in particular that seemed out of the ordinary. Do you think the $34.99 ones of "theirs" are "normal" at over double the price?

I still would like to come up with a piece of random pizzazz for Tuesdays so that Foz will stop rubbing my nose in his super fun Friday foto. I would also like to write blog posts for the topics on the pink sticky note that floats around this place. I would also like to stop dreading dinner preparation and list the growing pile of ebay stuff for auction. Stay tuned to see how things shuffle out in my procrastination hierarchy. 

Sunday, May 14, 2017

Happy Mother's Day!

Yesterday while I was making dinner, my husband and daughter were on the couch, clearly in training for today when they would feel compelled to snap into action and cater to my every whim. Yes, they were going to make me earn today. Foz caught onto the plan and came into the kitchen to heckle me and make some demands of his own. It's like his grumblings were at some pitch that only I could hear.

I made plans to have breakfast with my mom, before this queen's court was even awake to start spoiling me. Breakfast in bed doesn't necessarily have to be my own bed, right? (Plus, they don't think to spike the juice at my house...or at least the one who might isn't home from college yet.)
This lady. Always by my side, always with a shoulder, always has my back. I really messed up by playing my best card first back in 2013. Granted, last year was pretty glamorous as well. Let's see what photo we have for this year.
 Happy Mother's Day, Mom!
Me, with my blue Snoopy watch, the perfect accent piece. You, with your blue eye shadow to remind us this was the seventies, as your outfit isn't giving anything away for some reason. Then again, you are always in style! I know I was recently telling you how my outfits always fall apart when it comes to shoes. I guess I need to think outside the realm of what seems logical and go back to my days of dark socks and brown shoes with things like those pale pink pants. My kids make me practically beg for photos sometimes, but I seem to have always been a happy and willing participant to be photographed by your side! Much love!

Friday, May 12, 2017


No promposal for me. No hair and makeup. No tuxedo (and you all know how I LOVE to dress up). Such a shame for this glamour pose to go to waste.

Friday, May 5, 2017

May I return? (or MAY...I return!)

Excuse me? You think you can just take up an entire month, including my Fridays, fiddling around with the alphabet with no regard for anything I may have to say? I guess the whole typing skills thing gave you an advantage there.
I just sat here waiting to be asked for my input. Letter B? Bow Wow Wow of course!
Who doesn't want candy?! As for the letter T? None other than Three Dog Night!

If April wasn't bad enough, my May the Fourth offerings were neglected as well.
Forgiveness is going to take a decent number of Milkbones, and not those minuscule things for "small dogs" - so insulting! "Do or do not, there is not try."

Tuesday, May 2, 2017

The random May return

Thanks for hanging out, and perhaps singing along, with me for the April a-z challenge. So now what shall we do for the month of May?

Put our raincoats on for starters, I guess. Yikes! As if that forecast last night wasn't frightening enough, look at this!
Is your part of the USA also suffering from a lettuce shortage? Or perhaps just some crafty way to generate and justify silly prices? I did not find any such information at any other local stores - what a relief! My friend's response when I sent her the alert: "Lettuce shortage? It takes like 5 minutes to grow a new crop".

I went to my nephew's first communion over the weekend. It was the first time I attended church in a long while, but as I looked down in the pew in front of me...
 ...and saw that great big Lego Store bag, I felt for a moment like I had found where I belonged (but also admit being somewhat distracted by trying to figure out which giant set was inside).