Friday, January 27, 2017

Alone time

Sometimes Ducky makes me so mad I just can't even look at him anymore! Do you have any friends like that?
What do you mean he isn't looking at me either? What could I possibly have done?

Tuesday, January 24, 2017

Nearly empty random

As you can see, still no random graphic. I did think about it though, but got distracted. I had to get up early the other morning just to find out what the apple weather prediction meant...
Nope, no yum yums falling from a chef hat, nor a sideways hail storm-just some fog.

I have found myself with my hand in the cookie jar lately, but for some reason still feel a bit empty...

...Some elves in a tree are going to get a letter soon!

Friday, January 20, 2017


Hmmmm, I wonder where my boy is going.
I'd better follow him as closely as possible.
There sure seems to be a lot of stuff in the car. Would you believe it if I told you they left without me? College...(sigh)...

Tuesday, January 17, 2017

Wanted: Random graphic

I just realized that Foz somehow managed to get his very own flair for his Friday posts, yet somehow the longstanding random relies solely on titles to delineate itself from other entries. I can't imagine how long it would hold things up if I addressed this issue right now, so I will ponder it during times when I should be thinking about other things, like cooking dinner. Maybe I should dust off a cape as well, despite not feeling worthy to wear it. Perhaps the power came AFTER I put it on? That does seem more likely than my being hit by a spontaneous wave of awesomeness that caused a wardrobe change. (Sheesh, come to think of it, even Pedomemom had her own graphic.)

Is it not enough that I have to keep creepy monkeys at bay?
One of these might have been creepy, but this gang is the stuff of nightmares! Help! I need a lifesaver!

Really, just a half in my package? Time to pull out the big guns (aka deep fryer).
The cliche deep fried sandwich cookie did not sound appealing to me at all. However, when there was just a little batter left, I threw some peppermint Joe Joe's in...and then wondered why we even bothered with the veggie tempura!

Friday, January 13, 2017

Roll out the barrel

I'm just curious, um maybe you can help? I just have this distinct, creepy feeling. Something I can't shake - kind of like there's a monkey on my back?
Sounds serious Foz, but I know who can help!
Image result for safety dance
Wait, no, not them...
Image result for devo
Not quite...
Image result for man in the yellow hat
Yes, that guy!!!!

Are you amused with yourself?

Yes, yes I am, Foz!

Tuesday, January 10, 2017

Random spots

The kitchen window was being pelted with freezing rain, forming the beginnings of a crusty layer covering the snow. Something seemed out of place with the scene.
There is just something about a ladybug that makes me smile. I was intrigued by all of the spots on this one, and considered refreshing my memory as to whether there was factual information I should know about the number of spots a ladybug has. Maybe if I had remembered that Alexa was plugged in, I would have checked with her. Sometimes it is just fun to simply wonder.

I did remember that ladybugs can be wished upon, but considering how we were both a bit trapped in the house, I found it hard to believe that she was going to be able to orchestrate any wish granting. Hm, that sounds like I believe in the fulfillment power of spotted red wings under the proper atmospheric conditions. No, I am fully aware that wishing, hoping and waiting are not the best strategic plans for getting much done.

As I look at this photo though, I do wish my skin was not so dry. Not only do I know how to handle this situation, but I can both see and reach some hand lotion without even prying myself off the couch. Small victories are still victories!

Tuesday, January 3, 2017

Random redemption

We have been eagerly awaiting the arrival of the latest lego minifigures-Lego Batman Movie! All of our intell pointed to a release date of January first. Sometimes they take a little while to find the bullseye, but I didn't want to take any chances. Late Sunday afternoon, after pretending to not know what little pouches I was talking about, I was shown this display.
I believe that is called adding insult to injury. I had other Targets I could try, but after three Targets were sold out and two Walmarts showed no signs, I knew things were looking grim. I felt like I had failed as a mother. There was still one possibility, but I told my son he would have to accompany the giraffe store.
I was proud of his skills in mystery figure detection! Now if he would just figure out some general housekeeping chores (and have a fleeting interest in performing them).