Friday, May 30, 2014

A soon-to-be-named Friday series

When I started blogging in 2010, my family was excited relieved that I finally had a new set of ears and eyes with whom to share my overactive imagination.  For the first couple of years, the kids mocked my number of followers (five) and struggled to distinguish between imaginary blog friends and the actual human beings who shared extended lunches with me at Panera.

I remember being confused about how to grow relationships with people who had provided such incredible and entertaining glimpses into their worlds. Actual email addresses were as valuable to me as celebrity autographs. Finally, a shared appreciation for a good poop joke pushed me to take the giant step of asking a blogger for her actual address. Marianne, of We Band of Mothers fame, was to be the recipient of some juvenile item I couldn't resist purchasing. Don't ask her about it, because she won't remember.  She also might be operating under the assumption that we are related, so let's just run with that, shall we?

I am one of those people who is constantly in the middle of an organizational project.  It is my way of creating order when life feels out of control, (hence the "constantly"). As the school year drew to a close last spring, I sought refuge with Marianne, my Fairy Blogmother, to help find a more exciting use for my nervous energy. She did not disappoint, and I was thrilled when I realized she was not pointing to the girl next to me.  She overlooked my explanations as to why I was a poor choice of co-conspirators, and we got to work.

1. The rules

We would each select one of our favorite products, on a weekly basis, and write a letter to the company.  The letter had to be funny and ask for nothing in return.  We had to truly use and enjoy the product we were writing about.  Yet every response was given a point value.

If the company called or sent a letter = 1 point

If the company sent a coupon = 2 points

If the company sent actual product, voucher for product, or gift card = 5 points 

Let me tell you, we looked forward to checking our mailboxes with the passion of a thousand suburban moms with too much time on their hands.  We were STOKED.

2.  The outcome

Each week, starting next Friday, Marianne and I will post our letters, the results, and our current point totals.  You will be amazed and dazzled by the outright lunacy displayed in scoring $1.00 off coupons.

And more.

SO much more.

So please stay tuned, place your wagers, and find out who is THE ULTIMATE PATRONIZER.

Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Have some random. No, I insist!

All aboard! It's time for the random!
Oh, wait, sorry. Maybe that's not a train, but rather a collection of snow globes? Another must for indecisive collectors. "Do I love trains more, or snow globes more? How about Mickey Mouse? I love him the mostest! Hooray, now I don't have to choose!"

Well, I am feeling a little empty these past few days...
...yeah, like that! It was impossible to deny that the day was coming...
There are two more under them somewhere.
...and there is absolutely NO reason to compare this story to the one unfolding in my home, as my firstborn is counting down the remaining days of his junior year in high school.
"So what do I do here? Jump? Flap?"
Is he ready to leave home? More to the point, is he ready to go anywhere without us looking out for him? Case in point: While I might have finally gotten the hang of having properly fitting attire for his orchestra concerts, this was noticed in the car on the way to the concert...
...while this was noticed on the way to the car after the concert...
I am pretty sure his teeth were brushed, and I didn't realize how much more involved I needed to be.

I guess I should just be happy he had on that jacket. This guy should only be allowed on tv in white shirts, or very thick sweaters.
He had just been called out of the crowd. This was not several questions worth of nervous dripping. Cedric was trying hard to say something without actually saying something. Oh, yes, so now the truth is out that I do indulge in a little Millionaire once a week when I visit my grandmother. (By the way, I even heard her mutter "oh, put your arms down".)

Just in case you've been wondering how we are coming with our cereal stock...
...down to twenty-five boxes at the time of this photo. However, I will admit to at least four more boxes entering the house since. Apparently we have a balance that we cannot fall below. Plus, someone went cuckoo for Cocoa Puffs.

 I tried to keep the remaining shelves of the pantry organized, and purged of unnecessary items. This box of crackers was driving me crazy, as I couldn't understand what made my husband think they were a necessary purchase. 
I am sure sale signs and coupons danced in his head. The only solution was to open them.
They did not taste like chicken (thank goodness) or biscuits. No matter though, as they are gone now.

Last, but not least for this week...
...for just $19.95 I bought my son some a snark. I wasn't aware he needed it, and he wasn't aware it existed, until we saw one used at the music store.


Sunday, May 25, 2014

Superhero Sunday : Fine Collectible

I noticed that this past Tuesday's random had a brief mention of the latest ebay mission to take over our home. I would just like to set the record straight on how well planned this exercise has actually been. Yes, there were several uniform nice orange shoe the beginning. The last batch of stuff I saw headed to the post office was a shoddy stack of goods contained in boxes ranging from Froot Loops to instant oatmeal. It also appears that our fine collectible stash has been reduced to unopened happy meal toys.

It's like she doesn't even see the opportunities right here in front of her...
Have you seen many other autographed superhero capes on ebay? I didn't think so. And this one...
...PRICELESS! I'd even personalize a greeting for the winner. She's bound to realize the oversight at some point.

If you are new here and would like more info on Pedomemom, click here and here. Her Sunday blog takeovers started here.

Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Ruffled random!

Things have been busy around here for some of us. Of course then there are those of us who are too caught up in making new friends, and lounging around, to get anything done.
Yeah Foz, I am talking to you! Seems you could have done something to help prevent this recurring nightmare...
...which then could have avoided this fine decorating technique...
Let's pause for a moment here in case you are not one of the five people who read my blog back in 2010, when this story first broke of my life with barn swallows. Part 1, part 2, part 3...go ahead, I'll wait.

Now these birds are fine. They respect boundaries and do not overstay their welcome.
May 9
May 16
Let's not talk about the fact that they are about ready to depart. More photos to come, but I don't want to clog up the already busting out random with my mother's innocent bystander's brag book.

I was so touched that the kids thought to cover my brand new tulips while they were playing basketball nearby. Sure, I might have made several pleas for them to take pity on my newly planted flowers, but the thought that they listened was heartwarming...
...until I noticed that they had already smashed that one next to the inverted planter.

We were even less impressed with the Birthday Cake Oreos than we were with the m&m's, although I do maintain that they don't taste as bad if you remove the filling.
There is no decent explanation for why I put the filling on my son's phone.

My recent ebay-palooza made me finally feel like there was a reason to be that crazy lady who saved shoeboxes for so many years. I always thought they'd become dioramas, but this was more profitable.

I guess that's it. Time to go to the little girls' room, or as this sign might indicate, the saggy-boobed high-waisted ladies' room.


Sunday, May 18, 2014

Superhero Sunday: Promtastic edition

On the eve of the twenty-eighth anniversary of my junior prom...
Invitation may or may not have been used as a napkin.
Ahead of my time with the "Who wore it better" game? son was set to attend his junior prom.
All offers to obtain a mask were declined in case you were wondering.
I swear he was just a little boy a few minutes ago.
We had read the rules regarding the dress code...
...and I anxiously waited to see if his date chose a dress or a pantsuit.  (Since she was not in fact Hilary Clinton, she arrived in a dress.)

I had no idea if there was going to be a huge call to arms to help enforce the rules. 
Superheroes are surely well versed in manners and etiquette. Plus, getting teens off of each other's shoulders could prove difficult, so I had prepared ahead of time...
What could make a group of teenagers behave better than the risk of a disapproving face and finger point from PEDOMEPROM?
I even dug out a cape more suitable for evening wear, but my help was not needed.
Please note: No teenagers were harmed or humiliated in the taking of these photos. Oh, and he had an incredible time!

Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Random backlog!

I opened a folder on the counter yesterday and found a few items I set aside for the love of random. Luckily nobody stumbled upon these ads thinking they were my Mother's Day wishes and wants!

That is not to say that a purse that you could impale someone with is a completely bad idea...
...but enough with the shoes already! Look at Cinderella there saying "Um, that is not at all what my shoes looked like. I have more class y'all!" (Yup, she totally said "y'all")

Finally the perfect inspiration for lovers of roosters AND dragonflies. "Worth crowing about indeed", as that was an under-served population of collectors until now.

So very loved? Loved? I did not realize creepy monkeys had, or needed, a rival.

My son left this one on the desk for me...
...please, with the wings. Now Fozzie thinks he needs accessories for flight, as well as a ponytail.

And from my scout in the field who discovered this gem for us...
...we can now handle ourselves with true, wait, sorry, I guess that would be nipplomacy?

Hooray! Now I have cleared up the random pieces of paper that were fluttering about. The list of blog topics that want to be posted is growing, and Fozzie is clamoring about some sort of new friend of his, Pedomemom is acting like a martyr...and all I want to do is sing!


Sunday, May 11, 2014

Happy Mother's Day!

I approached this morning's laundry and clearing of the kitchen counter with more pomp and circumstance than usual, as I viewed each task as a celebration of motherhood. Sure, that might get old by lunchtime, but the sunshine and promise of a day filled with laughter in the company of my makers of messes fills me with joy right now. Celebrate yourself and the wonder that surrounds you today, and just wave a cheery hello at any dust bunnies that show up to wish you well...oh, that's just at my house? Whoops!

And now a message for my mom...We set the bar pretty high last year with silhouettes, seventies fashions and plaid, but also seemed to start a sort of trend...
Maybe one of us should vow to always wear a solid color?

This picture sits on my dresser and makes me smile every day!
Much love to you, Mom!

Tuesday, May 6, 2014

Red carpet, please...the random returns!

Oh, hey! How are you? You look fantastic! So we had some fun with the seventies serenade, but now I guess it's time to get right back to what Tuesdays are intended for...Random Thoughts! I have my provisions and am ready... let's jump right in, shall we, as I fill you in on what else went on in April. Our daughter turned 14, and was the big winner at BINGO that night. Check out what pattern she needed to win on that card...
Our son was inducted into National Honor Society. See what a serious student he is?
Fozzie tried a new hobby...
I may have killed a peep in an emergency s'more making effort...
I considered a new career...
But my feline fortune teller told me it was a bad idea.
I wish she had also told me that these are not a good idea...
Okay, Foz, enough already. Nobody believes you caught that mid-air, and no I will not get you the salsa.
And of course a reminder for this Sunday...
...keep those greetings warm and respectful!

So there we go! If you are new here, finding your way from the a-z challenge, this is pretty much what happens on Tuesdays. Stacy hosts this fabulous random shindig. I really appreciate you stopping by, and This One's For You...