Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Have some random. No, I insist!

All aboard! It's time for the random!
Oh, wait, sorry. Maybe that's not a train, but rather a collection of snow globes? Another must for indecisive collectors. "Do I love trains more, or snow globes more? How about Mickey Mouse? I love him the mostest! Hooray, now I don't have to choose!"

Well, I am feeling a little empty these past few days...
...yeah, like that! It was impossible to deny that the day was coming...
There are two more under them somewhere.
...and there is absolutely NO reason to compare this story to the one unfolding in my home, as my firstborn is counting down the remaining days of his junior year in high school.
"So what do I do here? Jump? Flap?"
Is he ready to leave home? More to the point, is he ready to go anywhere without us looking out for him? Case in point: While I might have finally gotten the hang of having properly fitting attire for his orchestra concerts, this was noticed in the car on the way to the concert...
...while this was noticed on the way to the car after the concert...
I am pretty sure his teeth were brushed, and I didn't realize how much more involved I needed to be.

I guess I should just be happy he had on that jacket. This guy should only be allowed on tv in white shirts, or very thick sweaters.
He had just been called out of the crowd. This was not several questions worth of nervous dripping. Cedric was trying hard to say something without actually saying something. Oh, yes, so now the truth is out that I do indulge in a little Millionaire once a week when I visit my grandmother. (By the way, I even heard her mutter "oh, put your arms down".)

Just in case you've been wondering how we are coming with our cereal stock...
...down to twenty-five boxes at the time of this photo. However, I will admit to at least four more boxes entering the house since. Apparently we have a balance that we cannot fall below. Plus, someone went cuckoo for Cocoa Puffs.

 I tried to keep the remaining shelves of the pantry organized, and purged of unnecessary items. This box of crackers was driving me crazy, as I couldn't understand what made my husband think they were a necessary purchase. 
I am sure sale signs and coupons danced in his head. The only solution was to open them.
They did not taste like chicken (thank goodness) or biscuits. No matter though, as they are gone now.

Last, but not least for this week...
...for just $19.95 I bought my son some a snark. I wasn't aware he needed it, and he wasn't aware it existed, until we saw one used at the music store.



  1. I particularly like the tags on the suit! I pulled one of those cardboardish tags that gets folded over the waistband off the husband's shorts on the way into dinner at my parents the other day. He swears he's worn them a million times and washed them too. I guess I'm just an ass for thinking otherwise...

    1. Maybe he is just a fancy label name dropper? ;)

  2. Now, why would you go and BUY Snark when I provide that readily and constantly for free? ;)

    1. the bottom of the box says "faster than a speeding bullet" can you top that? ;)

  3. And I thought we had a lot of cereal with ten boxes for the four of us! Not sure what anyone was thinking when the idea for the Chicken in a Biscuit product was dreamed up. I mean, I'm assuming it had to get approval from a board or something to go into production. Who were the people on that board and what in the idea swayed their thinking that this was a good idea. Hmm. Questions for the ages, I guess.

    Great randomness, as usual!! :)

  4. I love cereal but it's so expensive and the store brands are awful. :( I have been really disappointed in the chocolate cereals too. When I was a kid in the 70s they were dusted with a cocoa powder that tasted really good. Like someone dumped some nestle's qwik powder in the box. Now it's this super sticky glaze.

    1. Well, you're on to me! I only post those pics to be showy of how rich we are that we can afford so many boxes of cereal! Honestly, we rarely spend over $2 a box on name brands. Plus, our grocery store has four varieties that are just as good as name brand at $1.99 each...we know which ones to stay away from though! :)

  5. I love those chicken in a biskit crackers. They're delicious with chicken noodle soup. I sent two children away to school and somehow they managed without me.


  6. Haha! Was there a cereal famine at one point, causing everyone to stock up on coco pops? Just Showed Spawn the picture and he was well impressed. Looks like you'll be receiving a small visitor from overseas soon. (please don't send him back!)

  7. I love the tags on the clothes. Lol. I'm always scared I will do that

  8. OMG I love this post.
    So many things to say SO MANY OF THE THINGS.
    Chicken in a Biscuit is a road trip essential for me.
    The cereal, THE CEREAL.
    And now I want Sugar Pops.
    Pit stains?
    He must have been thinking REALLY HARD.

  9. You can buy Snark? Better, you can SELL snark!?! I've been giving it away for free this whole time!

  10. I love it when I forget to take the tags off my clothes. It seems like I always miss one. I just hope it isn't the one that advertises the size. :/


  11. I'm way behind on my cereal stock if I'm going to keep up with you. Little Dude (whilst eating cereal this morning, naturally) asked if I've ever had cereal before. I think he was confused when I burst out laughing. ;) I'm also giggling over the tags still being on your son's concert attire - apparently it's a guy thing to not think to remove those, as I had to do the same for my hubby after I helped him buy a new suit for his big interview last fall - he would have left them on, and who knows if they would have hired him? Luckily, he did get hired, so all was right with the world. ;) And Chicken in a Biskit? One of Princess Nagger's and my favorite snack! :)