Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Random backlog!

I opened a folder on the counter yesterday and found a few items I set aside for the love of random. Luckily nobody stumbled upon these ads thinking they were my Mother's Day wishes and wants!

That is not to say that a purse that you could impale someone with is a completely bad idea...
...but enough with the shoes already! Look at Cinderella there saying "Um, that is not at all what my shoes looked like. I have more class y'all!" (Yup, she totally said "y'all")

Finally the perfect inspiration for lovers of roosters AND dragonflies. "Worth crowing about indeed", as that was an under-served population of collectors until now.

So very loved? Loved? I did not realize creepy monkeys had, or needed, a rival.

My son left this one on the desk for me...
...please, with the wings. Now Fozzie thinks he needs accessories for flight, as well as a ponytail.

And from my scout in the field who discovered this gem for us...
...we can now handle ourselves with true diplomacy...er, wait, sorry, I guess that would be nipplomacy?

Hooray! Now I have cleared up the random pieces of paper that were fluttering about. The list of blog topics that want to be posted is growing, and Fozzie is clamoring about some sort of new friend of his, Pedomemom is acting like a martyr...and all I want to do is sing!



  1. A bad AND a weapon!! For those late night strolls through the ghetto. Brilliant!

    And apparently, being a princess means very painful torture devices on your feet. Pass.

  2. I love that song! You should have a package of subtle butts at the ready for when kids' friends come over. Right by the couch.

  3. Now, the nipplomats....you can use them UP TO 25 times. On the 26th time, they'll burn your nipples right off. Do they also actually provide breast support? Or do I need something else to keep them from resting on my gut?

    (the other white meat)

  4. Those Cinderella shoes look like the most uncomfortable shoes ever, but they are sparkly!

  5. OK I'm gonna need the bulk size box of the charcoal gas pads for my hubby to be. lol Bad enough I have to keep matches next to my chair and on my side of the bed. I'll pass on the high heels too. They don't look comfy. And I have a hard enough time keeping my balance in sneakers and flats. I foresee a broken ankle in my future with those shoes!

  6. Oh my word I think you outdid yourself in randomness this time. :-D

  7. Wow. Is it strange that the more bizarre the items became the more interested I was in reading about them?

  8. The only people who need fart neutralizers in my house are male and since I fold all the laundry..I know they're not wearing thongs...though very kind of you to inform us of random products that no one needs...a truly generous service, and one that totally cracked me up. As always around here.
    Tina @ Life is Good
    On the Open Road! @ Join us for the 4th Annual Post-Challenge Road Trip!

  9. I NEED to get on your junk mail people's distribution list. This stuff is awesome.

  10. There are no known words in the English language, or any language for that matter, that can describe the horror on these items. The most amazing is that someone gets PAID for making this stuff. Surely no one would pay to buy them! *secretly orders a bumper pack of fart neutralizers and wonders if all nipples are 2 and half inches in diameter*

  11. OMG.....fart mufflers! How amazing! I would like to slip some to a co-worker who really needs them. And the nipple pads could really help you with your lack of suitable bras. Just a suggestion. Lol

  12. My mother collected glass chickens. Now one sister does. I don't get it. We saw The Carpenters in concert when I was about 12 (the only concert my parents ever attended with us). Sing A Song was a big hit at the time. They had a class from a local elementary school sing with them. It was cute. I miss Karen Carpenter.


  13. So much FANTASTIC randomness! I love those cheesy ads for useless crap-shit! {(c) me} And the fact that someone came up with these ideas, and then, presumably, several someones green-lighted them -is amazing to me.

  14. Yikes! Those shoes! You could put your eye out on those things. Fart neutralizers would have been a godsend growing up--my dad was always asking people to "pull his finger".

  15. Is "Subtle Butt" still available for purchase? And that baby doll will be haunting my nightmares.

    1. YES! solutions.com (for problems you might not have known could be fixed, i guess)

  16. My mind is racing with all the people I can give those subtle butts to!

  17. Funny, funny stuff!! Do we REALLY need any of this?