Tuesday, August 29, 2017

My Fair Random

Let's get things started where our Fair visit officially began this year, in the dairy cattle building. Sweet bovines making friends
Moving on to a slightly less friendly horse, despite how welcoming "Frosted Dry Martini" sounds
Of course I forgot what these rabbits were called, but the eyeliner look was really working for them
Simply a funny bunny
These guinea pigs were lined up and ready, for what, we had no idea
The straw is always better on the other side 
The llamas were absolutely gorgeous, but this one's teeth were frightening, hence the distance (we did read that they allegedly only spit at each other, but that was the least of my worries)
Sure, hubs seems to appear braver, but that llama was shorter
I just realized that we forgot to visit the sheep! This will have to do
How about some more playing with food? I used to be much more captivated by the butter sculpture, before I found out it wasn't actually fully sculpted out of butter, but enough of my Oz behind the curtain moment
In other sculpture news
Tickets! Get your tickets! (Finally a visit when the line was short enough for me to find myself in it!)
The first consumables of the day-my sweet potato and for the boy, this year's new maple offering-Maple Cream Soda!
More tickets - for the milk bar!
Back outside for some culinary adventures, starting with shark on a stick (he said it was interesting)
Our Massachusetts friend went for the bacon corn dog (yep, they were grilling bacon wrapped hot dogs and then dipping in the batter)
The awesome onion! (not to be confused with a blooming one)
An oreo crunch donut
Now let's talk about the wording on a couple of the food descriptions, as they were uniquely unappetizing
The Wild Samoan "littered with toasted coconut" - littered?
The New York Fries "splattered with bacon" - splattered?! (and who invited the Jersey Shore?)

Let's wind down with a few games. I thought this was the saddest defeat in the attempt to get five in a row...
...and then this happened in the next round
The force was strong, the magnetic pull, like moths to a flame...they found the Lego table!

Friday, August 25, 2017

Hide and seek

Well, it's  Foz's turn to blog today, but I can't seem to find him!

Tuesday, August 22, 2017

Reviving the random

Here we are on the fourth Tuesday of August, and the third one in a row that I have conjured up some random. I have several actual posts I intend to write, but maybe after I make some headway on my June to-do list. WHO AM I?!?!?! (And what did I do with that somewhat organized and motivated version of myself?) I will tell you who-someone who stopped writing the tough tasks down. We all know if I don't have something to cross off, I probably won't bother. For now, let's just browse some photos I have been hoarding that don't have big stories to go with them.

There was a little eclipse in the bottom of my Cheerios box yesterday!

This end of the rainbow was much better than the last one I followed!

This is still cracking me up, but I don't think it necessarily should.

Have you tried any of this year's offerings?

We were actually a little disappointed that there wasn't anything gross this year. I did find a little lovein the everything bagel ones...

The Great NYS Fair starts tomorrow, so I predict no shortage of random for next Tuesday!

Friday, August 18, 2017

In the wild

If you are very still on our front porch, you will likely be treated to a daily visit by a hummingbird. If you are extra quiet, you may see other spectacular wild species. Make sure to keep your eyes focused...
 ...and there, in his natural habitat you may get to see the Foz!
"Nothing to see here, move along!"

Tuesday, August 15, 2017

Creepy hereditary random

I have spent a great deal of time, and space on this blog, musing about monkeys-primarily of the creepy variety. Why do they show themselves to me so often? Where did the roots of this special connection originate? Today I uncovered some information that may both help you sleep at night, finally knowing the answer, but also could keep you up at night due to the graphic nature of the evidence. Creepy monkey love is my destiny-written in my DNA. 

My mother and I were watching some old home movies today, when we stumbled across some footage from her eleventh birthday. She was very happy to see her favorite dress...1959 was an excellent year for fashion (and bows). I was too distracted by what on earth she was carrying towards the camera. "Those are monkeys, I got them for my birthday. I loved them!" 
Look at how that one is reaching up for her neck. Look out, Mom!! You can see my fingers coming in from the right side of the frame, trying to save her. I tried to accept these cuddly friends of hers, but then she explained that they were made of rattan and hard. "I could hook their hands together, and then hang them from things." Nope. My mother seems very sure that this fabulous monkey duo is no longer lurking about in my grandparents' house. Why do I feel like there is a chance they are hiding there, waiting for me? Just hanging around...being creepy. 

At least now we know. 

Friday, August 11, 2017

A rewarding experience

The humans here seem pretty amused with themselves about this...
...pardon me while I take a break from the hilarity to ask what the magic number is, and what the reward might be?

Foz! You're back here on the blog, is that not enough of a treat for both you and your fan(s)?

I will ponder that, but for now I ask you to keep in mind that NOBODY puts Fozzie in a corner!
Fozzie, you exiled yourself to that spot.

Why must you mess with my perfectly good Dirty Dancing reference?!

Tuesday, August 8, 2017

Random chirp

 Well that pretty much sums up this blog for the month of July!

Was I as busy as this friend?
Nope. Out looking for the BEST deals?
Not really. Perfecting my marshmallow roasting technique?

Well, yes, that was part of it. I also spent an embarrassing amount of time looking for a blog post I had written about making cookie cakes, only to find that there was not an actual post, but rather just a brief reference to the "ring of fire" experience. I was going to save this glorious photo for its very own post...
...but I think we all know how that goes, and how long the wait would be. Plus, in my quick glimpse through my phone photos, I saw plenty of others worthy of full discussions that we may or may not actually get to. Let's just say that when you put cookie dough on a pizza stone, it is a half batch-even if you tell yourself it doesn't look like quite enough...IT IS! 

I spent a couple of days at the beach...
...on the beach! Looking for treasures...
...finding the dead horseshoe crab apocalypse...
Got my usual dose of Cape Cod hydrangea envy...
...and in a completely unrelated story, I found out what can happen to a box of pasta if it travels to college and back before being cooked.
I never realized the frailty of rigatoni!

Regardless of whatever lame excuses I could make for not being here, (Did July even have Tuesdays? Please don't tell Foz if there were in fact Fridays.) I would like to come back.