Tuesday, August 29, 2017

My Fair Random

Let's get things started where our Fair visit officially began this year, in the dairy cattle building. Sweet bovines making friends
Moving on to a slightly less friendly horse, despite how welcoming "Frosted Dry Martini" sounds
Of course I forgot what these rabbits were called, but the eyeliner look was really working for them
Simply a funny bunny
These guinea pigs were lined up and ready, for what, we had no idea
The straw is always better on the other side 
The llamas were absolutely gorgeous, but this one's teeth were frightening, hence the distance (we did read that they allegedly only spit at each other, but that was the least of my worries)
Sure, hubs seems to appear braver, but that llama was shorter
I just realized that we forgot to visit the sheep! This will have to do
How about some more playing with food? I used to be much more captivated by the butter sculpture, before I found out it wasn't actually fully sculpted out of butter, but enough of my Oz behind the curtain moment
In other sculpture news
Tickets! Get your tickets! (Finally a visit when the line was short enough for me to find myself in it!)
The first consumables of the day-my sweet potato and for the boy, this year's new maple offering-Maple Cream Soda!
More tickets - for the milk bar!
Back outside for some culinary adventures, starting with shark on a stick (he said it was interesting)
Our Massachusetts friend went for the bacon corn dog (yep, they were grilling bacon wrapped hot dogs and then dipping in the batter)
The awesome onion! (not to be confused with a blooming one)
An oreo crunch donut
Now let's talk about the wording on a couple of the food descriptions, as they were uniquely unappetizing
The Wild Samoan "littered with toasted coconut" - littered?
The New York Fries "splattered with bacon" - splattered?! (and who invited the Jersey Shore?)

Let's wind down with a few games. I thought this was the saddest defeat in the attempt to get five in a row...
...and then this happened in the next round
The force was strong, the magnetic pull, like moths to a flame...they found the Lego table!


  1. gotta love a fried in everything sort of day and finishing with Legos.

  2. I gained ten pounds reading this. It's your fault.


  3. I love the fair because it has my two favorite things: food and farm animals.
    I wish someone had named me Frosted Dry Martini. It would be much more true to form.

  4. I tell ya that Frosted Dry Martini will kick your @$$ every time!

    Ummmmm Cap'n Crunch.......Have you ever tried the Cap'n Crunch Frappe at Starbucks?

    Don't believe it....Llamas are equal opportunity spitters.....

    Love seeing photos of you and your family having fun! When do college classes start? We moved Shelley yesterday. This is my first official day as an empty nester. :/

  5. I also went to the NYS Fair this week and it was the first time I wasn't tempted but the "deep fried whatevers"! But i did enjoy a few different flavors of wine slushies!

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