Tuesday, October 15, 2019

I donut random

Once again, it's been a minute. I thought I would give you some time to reflect on life and some of its great mysteries, like...

...why, indeed? (And now we don't need to discuss how my glamorous customer service job is going, since I am obviously killing it.)
I feel you apples, I feel you! (Figuratively, of course.)
Were Bugles struggling for a niche market? Was being delicious just not enough? Are we sure olives are really in second place? 

Now you know I loves me some baked goods...
...but I prefer not to be intimidated when trying to purchase them...
...that's more like it! And speaking of donuts...
...and apple fritters! And bagels?!
Nope, that is a few days old donut that I toasted up. To infinity and beyond, indeed! Pancakes don't sound like autumn to you?
Try harder then! Binge!!!
This is downtown Syracuse and one of the sets for the movie, Binge. Kind of cool!
Looks like it is going to be some party
Oh, that reminds me that I ought to give you an update on Amandequin...she's been trying to find her way to fall fun as well!
She fell victim to some unfortunate cropping when we went apple picking...
...but you can check her out in her entirety on her instagram @Amandequin6