Sunday, March 30, 2014

Superhero Sunday: Senses

When we arrived at the weekly volunteer gig, there seemed to be an issue in the kitchen. The chef extraordinaire thought she smelled pot. Our primary concern was for her safety, as we know she is allergic to that particular grass. A basic sniff, with just human olfactics, did indicate that there was something amiss.
A quick untie and flip of the apron, and the caped wonder was on the scene, flinging open the oven doors. Gas! It smelled like gas. The building was evacuated until the fire department arrived and confirmed that one of the ovens did have a gas leak. No meals were harmed, and within fifteen minutes we were back in the building. Business as usual, minus one oven.

Friday, March 28, 2014

An introduction...

Hello! Most of you here probably know a bit about me by now, but I am introducing myself over at Life is Good. There is more to me than ill-fitting bras, candy and that random stuff. However, I don't really get into any of that. Instead, I'm getting ready for the a-z challenge, and my seventies serenade theme, by sharing some photos from that fabulous decade. See you over there!

Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Random foodness

So I was kind of feeling like I was losing my mojo, then thought maybe I found it at Wegman's.
This does sound a little hotter than I ever was!

How about this stuff...
...that my friend Mary described as "the snow globe that never settles". Mmmmm?

I hope none of you are eating your tapas on just any old plates... I have no idea if there is an associated fine for not using "certified" ones.

OK, so a few weeks ago I heated up a frozen meal for my grandmother's lunch. (Yep, we are THAT fancy sometimes.) I knew there were supposed to be two manicotti in the box, but was certain I just saw one covered in sauce. I might have written a letter to the company, and they might have sent me some free product coupons in return for my troubles. Last week I fired up the microwave once again, and upon opening the box thought lightning had struck twice. Then I looked a little closer...
...and found two of the tiniest manicotti I have ever seen. I wish I had included a frame of reference in the photo, aside from the sad placement in that seemingly large box, but those are each about one inch wide by four inches long. I realized at that moment that the original box did not have one decent sized noodle, but must have also had two. Oh well!

So you'd like to see something different? Well that is going to be difficult because the Foz is totally bogarting the remote!

Want more random thoughts? Go check out what's going on over at Stacy's place!

Sunday, March 23, 2014

Superhero Sunday: Outrage

Would you please look at what I just found...
Oh sure, at first I was excited, thinking this was some snazzy new cape for spring. I assure you, it is not. It is a DRESS! Where does this woman think she is going? And more to the point, where could she possibly be going that a cape is not fancy enough? I can't even imagine the completely insensible footwear she plans to wear with it.

When did Pedomemom stop being good enough? I hope she realizes there is certainly not room around here for another ego, be it alter or otherwise.

Friday, March 21, 2014

A-Z Challenge Theme revealed!

This April will be my third year participating in the a-z challenge. In 2012, I didn't really have a theme, but just introduced myself with the letter A and let things go from there. I ended up doing these alliteration posts that supported whatever word I had chosen for the day. I thought they turned out pretty well, as did my mom, but we may have been the only two. Last year I wasn't going to choose a theme, then inspiration hit...angsty eighties songs. I had a great time, and was surprised by the positive feedback as the posts hit a note with others as well. I was a bit sad when we hit the letter z. 

Two months ago when I signed up for this year's challenge, I thought maybe I should switch gears slightly and go with another slightly personal, yet universal theme. In ten minutes I had over half of the letters filled in. In just a bit more time I had all but u and v taken care of. I had some photos I planned to use, but something was missing. I was passionate about my topic, and still am, but was not convinced I could strike a chord with others using it.

Then something happened...I saw trending on facebook (my teens just love it when I say that) that the Captain and Tennille were divorcing. That was some rough news for me to see just sort of hanging out in the sidebar of a page. What would my seventies have been without Daryl Dragon and his dashing wife? How could their muskrat love have failed? They practically taught me what love was, along with a whole host of other artists of course. I longed for the comfort of my childhood living room, my giant brown earphones and those sappy, sweet and soft rock seventies songs. That was it!

I had that other list all filled in though, and I hate to see a good list go to waste. I started to fill in some of the letters with seventies songs, but just couldn't commit. I finally took some time today to fill in the whole alphabet, and while I am sure I will change some around the night before each letter goes up, the seventies serenade is ready. The catalog is much more diverse than last year, as much of my taste in music back then was largely dependent on whatever adults around me were listening to, since this was my first decade of life.

I hope that you will stop in, hum a few bars...and that some of you are old enough to remember the songs as well!

How about a teaser?

Tuesday, March 18, 2014


So when we last left our Random Tuesday, it was fifty degrees out. This is what it looked like by late afternoon the following day.
Ah yes, remember Red? He is still with us. He was not interested in dealing with the snow. I tried to get somewhere with one of our two cracked shovels, then considered going to pick up the boy child from his snow day celebration, but quickly realized...
(note girl child working on porch)
...I was not getting the van out of the driveway, as the plow came by before I got one swipe of the driveway done. My neighbor took pity on me and did the bottom third of the driveway while I cajoled Red into helping me out with the rest. The temperature has pretty much been all over the place since, but the sunshine isn't really fooling anyone. Here is what today looks like...
The snow blob man has seen better days, and that is just fine.
I bought this bag of delightfulness quite awhile ago. 
In the effort to not procrastinate, I finally opened it...mmmmmmm. There has been no putting off efforts to find the bottom of the bag.

You know, Fozzie gets a lot of attention around here...

"What? Who me? I didn't even have a chance to get over to my drape, so I shall use this sleeve for a curtain." As I was saying, every now and then it is nice to highlight other pets in the family, so let's interrupt this burst of random with a random shot of Fitz, my mom's wonder cat!
"Move along lady, and don't touch my yarn." Well that went well I think.

I sat next to my daughter for over an hour yesterday afternoon while she toiled away on her schoolwork. She had her mind set on a different editor for her work though apparently.
It wasn't even freestyle. There were actual questions to answer. I guess laundry will be my specialty again this week.

This is the haul my son brought home from the college fair we went to today. I might have strategically placed my alma mater on top.
Yes, I said college fair. We don't need to talk anymore about that now. I am home now, where it's safe, where there's chocolate. I did not see a lot of students taking this handout, but I grabbed one. 
That lady should have had candy and tissues at her table too for the moms! 

Stacy's pink eye is clearing up, so it is probably safe to go see what random she is sharing today!

Sunday, March 16, 2014

Superhero Sunday: The skin you're in

A superhero has to have a keen eye, always on the lookout, hyper-vigilant. No signs can be ignored.
Not three large signs at eye-level telling me to "sign in on the ipad", not several bright yellow arrows, and certainly not the seemingly glowing portal of wonders.
I keyed in my common name and took a seat in the crowded waiting room. The next people to walk in proceeded directly to the secretary behind the glass. She slid her window open just far enough to ask if they had signed in on the ipad. They had not...they did not.

I glanced around at the occupied chairs surrounding me, attempting to make eye contact with someone, anyone, who would confirm my suspicions...that the magic portal was only intended and illuminated for a chosen few.
I am sure not everyone got a disposable cape either.
And so began my extraordinarily ordinary trip to the dermatologist for a body scan. Have you had one? Why not? Good luck finding an excuse I'll accept. Pedomemom wants you to take care of yourself!

Tuesday, March 11, 2014


Well it was fifty degrees and sunny today. In other words, it was an absolutely perfect day to contemplate the winter storm warning and weather advisories that are plastered all over this town for tomorrow. I say, if it's happening, go big so we can stay home. That's right, we have one more snow day left at our disposal, and we won't get it back if we don't use it.

Perhaps you saw the news on facebook that I purchased a bra that fit? Well, the good news is that after a few days, it still fits reasonably well. The bad news is that I got cocky. That's right, the joy completely took over my mind and with new found support, I danced too close to the flame and found myself grabbing other bras that I was sure to have success with. I then found myself doing that walk of shame back to the return counter the following day. "Anything wrong with these?" she said. "Oh how I wish it was them," my usual response.

As the lenten chatter started last Wednesday, I pondered what I could give up, as I held onto some sense of guilt tradition associated with my younger days. Of course I had already eaten peanut m&m's at the time, and was staring down a cookie, so certain items had already been ruled out. I have vowed to be a better person some years, and I can assure you that a lack of chocolate is not conducive to such an effort. The category of being "better" is just a bit broad though, and I have not met with much success. (Yes, I am blaming lenten failures to be a better person on choosing too broad of a category.) I decided to go with procrastination this year, stopping it that is. Let me just say that I am exhausted. I realize I have forty days to spread this stuff out, but that right there kind of seems like procrastinating. The items that have been on my mental to-do list (because they were getting ignored or snickered at whenever I actually tried to write them on my actual list) for over three months are almost done!

One of my tasks was to help get my son registered for the SAT and ACT tests. He probably would have been fine on his own, as the instructions were very clear, especially with regard to uploading a photo of oneself.
Of course, I was totally crushed that we couldn't use a picture of the two of us playing peek-a-boo. Also, no matter how smart you may think your dog is, no college board entrance exams for him/her! That means you Foz, just eat your treat...

When I opened the shells for Taco Tuesday, I thought I had accidentally purchased some new open faced style crunchy corn goodness...

Hey! There is a new caped wonder in town! (Unfortunately she is actually several hours south.) Check out Kirby's caped quest for spring, complete with lining and a hood! (so jealous)

And guess who's back? the Random Hostess with the Mostess...STACY!

Sunday, March 9, 2014

Superhero Sunday: Pampering

Every once in awhile, even superheroes need to take time out. All of that work trying to save the world, one load of laundry at a time, can really take its toll. It is good to make some time in between vital missions, to the grocery store, for a little pampering.

Once you have achieved a proper level of relaxation, you wont even care that the paparazzi is trying to follow you into the steam room!
Be good SUPER to yourselves...because Pedomemom said so!

Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Random Rejuvenation

Ooooh, do you know what this is?
No, not an ultrasound set up. It was spa day yesterday, and that was the scene of my facial. I am sure it took every single one of those magical bottles for the woman to try to combat the effects of this long cold winter on my skin. There was a reflecting room at the spa as well. Peaceful reflection can turn to a barrage of thoughts attacking if you aren't careful. 

Hi Mom and Mary (of monkey fame). Your chairs look really comfy!
Not sure which is more risky: disturbing others in the quiet room, sharing chairs with Mary (of knee scooter and Chex Mix fame), or taking selfies.
 This was such an upgrade from our mammogram waiting room selfie though.
 We even had better culinary choices than lollipops...
 ...and ate lunch in our robes!

I can assure you that this is not how I spend my average day. In fact, you can check out one of my recent my morning itineraries over at World's Worst Moms. (I feel comfortable there for some reason.)
Worlds Worst Moms

Ugh, Fozzie (aka Short Legs) would like me to let you know how he feels about his day. It started by him wandering too far into the yard looking for the perfect bathroom spot. He ended up sort of stuck in a snowbank with only three feet that were able to function. He was mad because I refused to boot up in my pajamas to rescue him. I made the mistake of helping him out once, but that was more because there were people here and I just couldn't stand the pitiful. Of course, as soon as I got the camera, he was filled with enough warmth to make a break for the door.
The shivering was a bit out of control from his three minute ordeal, so he was properly bundled, and suitably pathetic.
Fozzie would also like me to update you on the superhero sidekick quest. (I tried to tell him that was a Sunday thing, but you see what he's been through.) He thinks this cape is suitable...he has been Camo-fozzed!

Sunday, March 2, 2014

Superhero Sunday: Reasons

As I hear the snowblower rev, reminding me of the overnight snowfall in case the blinding white scene out of my windows was not enough, I am forced to ponder the practicality of taking my strides outside today. A properly layered cape could provide a semi-effective shield against the elements, but there were originally so many other, and better, reasons to incorporate this fashion accessory into one's walking wardrobe. As I picture temperatures in the mid forties (I am not really asking for much) and dry pavement, I present to you...

Pedomemom's Top 10 reasons to Wear a Cape out Walking

10. A red Adidas track suit is just too eighties.
 9. Wind resistance, in case you get going too fast.
 8. It can double as a privacy screen if nature calls.
 7. Why should runners be the only ones with snazzy outfits?
 6. Hides unsightly panty lines.
 5. Distracts from how silly that arm pumping action looks.
 4. Walking feels much cooler with the Imperial March playing in your head, as your cape flows behind.
 3. The neighbors no longer think you are bitchy, as now they just think you are crazy.
 2. Sometimes you have to be your own superhero.
 1. It will make your teenagers wonder what else you would do to embarass them.