Tuesday, March 18, 2014


So when we last left our Random Tuesday, it was fifty degrees out. This is what it looked like by late afternoon the following day.
Ah yes, remember Red? He is still with us. He was not interested in dealing with the snow. I tried to get somewhere with one of our two cracked shovels, then considered going to pick up the boy child from his snow day celebration, but quickly realized...
(note girl child working on porch)
...I was not getting the van out of the driveway, as the plow came by before I got one swipe of the driveway done. My neighbor took pity on me and did the bottom third of the driveway while I cajoled Red into helping me out with the rest. The temperature has pretty much been all over the place since, but the sunshine isn't really fooling anyone. Here is what today looks like...
The snow blob man has seen better days, and that is just fine.
I bought this bag of delightfulness quite awhile ago. 
In the effort to not procrastinate, I finally opened it...mmmmmmm. There has been no putting off efforts to find the bottom of the bag.

You know, Fozzie gets a lot of attention around here...

"What? Who me? I didn't even have a chance to get over to my drape, so I shall use this sleeve for a curtain." As I was saying, every now and then it is nice to highlight other pets in the family, so let's interrupt this burst of random with a random shot of Fitz, my mom's wonder cat!
"Move along lady, and don't touch my yarn." Well that went well I think.

I sat next to my daughter for over an hour yesterday afternoon while she toiled away on her schoolwork. She had her mind set on a different editor for her work though apparently.
It wasn't even freestyle. There were actual questions to answer. I guess laundry will be my specialty again this week.

This is the haul my son brought home from the college fair we went to today. I might have strategically placed my alma mater on top.
Yes, I said college fair. We don't need to talk anymore about that now. I am home now, where it's safe, where there's chocolate. I did not see a lot of students taking this handout, but I grabbed one. 
That lady should have had candy and tissues at her table too for the moms! 

Stacy's pink eye is clearing up, so it is probably safe to go see what random she is sharing today!


  1. One of the worst days of my life was taking Favorite Young Man to college orientation. The school cruelly made the parents go in one room, while the students went in another. I didn't see FYM for 8 hours.


  2. Lady, you are getting quite the work out just shoveling snow! I'll bet it takes a couple of bags of that Cowboy Bark to make you feel even halfway normal after all that digging.

    I am glad that I am not the only mom who gets relegated to the laundry while the dad gets to help with the homework! He's more patient, anyway, so I guess it's for the best.

    So did you go to Potsdam or LeMoyne? I was all set to attend Syracuse, believe it or not, but I found out the tuition was cheaper in Texas because I was born there.

  3. I think Fozzie was trying to make his own cape. A little "cape envy" perhaps?

  4. Cowboy Bark? COWBOY BARK?? You know that I am going to need some of that, right? I assume you were already aware of that. I'm thinking I might enjoy it more than the cowboy caviar.

  5. I am soooo over this nonstop cold and snow!

  6. I'd totally go to whatever college gave me the most candy.

  7. Okay, I know you guys are totally over the snow, but out here in the west, we're DYING for water. So it's just painful. Sounds insane to be upset about it, but we've been in a freaky eternal spring, and it's totally scary.

    And I think you those "how to pay for college" brochures should come with a chocolate, a little airplane sized bottle of vodka, and a lotto ticket.

  8. My high school boyfriend went to Potsdam, My bro and dad went to RIT, and Nova is fun. What about 'CUSE? Then he could live at home. I know he would like that.

  9. Good luck to you and your endeavours. Sorry you've got lots of snow. It hasn't snowed here yet in England.

    Thank you. Love love, Andrew. Bye.

  10. My kid is in college. And she's paying her way. She gets weird when I try and slip her some money.

    How does this happen? I have no clue.


  11. We also have the pile of college stuff. I don't like it one bit. Now I need some chocolate.

  12. Oy, college fairs. I can commiserate. And I'm sorry, but "Dad" on the editor line made me laugh. So sorry about that!

  13. Shelley has already started college visits, although I think she's settled on Judson College.

    I have news…..Foz is about to have a friend in Alabama…. ;P