Sunday, March 2, 2014

Superhero Sunday: Reasons

As I hear the snowblower rev, reminding me of the overnight snowfall in case the blinding white scene out of my windows was not enough, I am forced to ponder the practicality of taking my strides outside today. A properly layered cape could provide a semi-effective shield against the elements, but there were originally so many other, and better, reasons to incorporate this fashion accessory into one's walking wardrobe. As I picture temperatures in the mid forties (I am not really asking for much) and dry pavement, I present to you...

Pedomemom's Top 10 reasons to Wear a Cape out Walking

10. A red Adidas track suit is just too eighties.
 9. Wind resistance, in case you get going too fast.
 8. It can double as a privacy screen if nature calls.
 7. Why should runners be the only ones with snazzy outfits?
 6. Hides unsightly panty lines.
 5. Distracts from how silly that arm pumping action looks.
 4. Walking feels much cooler with the Imperial March playing in your head, as your cape flows behind.
 3. The neighbors no longer think you are bitchy, as now they just think you are crazy.
 2. Sometimes you have to be your own superhero.
 1. It will make your teenagers wonder what else you would do to embarass them.


    1. Can there really ever be "too" eighties? It was a pretty awesome decade. Especially if you had a cape. And I agree about the Imperial March--so much better with a cape flowing behind you.

    2. I LOVE my cape! Can't wait to wear it!

    3. BAH!!!!! Hahahaha! Love #3. In my case, those two words are not mutually exclusive.

    4. Good plan. I'm thinking I may actually be better off if the neighbors just think I'm nuts.

    5. ALWAYS EMBARRASS TEENAGERS. It's how you keep 'em flying right! No pun intended, cape lady.

    6. I sang in public to punish my son when he was a young teen. He's 33 now and he just tells me to shut up. Maybe I can get a cape.


    7. I always wear my cape walking my dog. It shows that superheroes pick up poo too. Just like everyone else.


    8. I have a friend who always wears a cape rather than a coat. She says they're so much more comfortable. I may try it one of these days!

    9. Nobody should be out in this damn weather, superhero or no. In fact, with the wind chill, you might freeze and then fly away! Stay inside where it's warm and cozy.

    10. OMG You sound like a Southerner. We now how to work crazy down here….it's an art form in Alabama. You can get all sorts of information, entree, and other shiz if you're riding the crazy train.

    11. Your spa day looks fabulous! I could use one of those!