Tuesday, March 11, 2014


Well it was fifty degrees and sunny today. In other words, it was an absolutely perfect day to contemplate the winter storm warning and weather advisories that are plastered all over this town for tomorrow. I say, if it's happening, go big so we can stay home. That's right, we have one more snow day left at our disposal, and we won't get it back if we don't use it.

Perhaps you saw the news on facebook that I purchased a bra that fit? Well, the good news is that after a few days, it still fits reasonably well. The bad news is that I got cocky. That's right, the joy completely took over my mind and with new found support, I danced too close to the flame and found myself grabbing other bras that I was sure to have success with. I then found myself doing that walk of shame back to the return counter the following day. "Anything wrong with these?" she said. "Oh how I wish it was them," my usual response.

As the lenten chatter started last Wednesday, I pondered what I could give up, as I held onto some sense of guilt tradition associated with my younger days. Of course I had already eaten peanut m&m's at the time, and was staring down a cookie, so certain items had already been ruled out. I have vowed to be a better person some years, and I can assure you that a lack of chocolate is not conducive to such an effort. The category of being "better" is just a bit broad though, and I have not met with much success. (Yes, I am blaming lenten failures to be a better person on choosing too broad of a category.) I decided to go with procrastination this year, stopping it that is. Let me just say that I am exhausted. I realize I have forty days to spread this stuff out, but that right there kind of seems like procrastinating. The items that have been on my mental to-do list (because they were getting ignored or snickered at whenever I actually tried to write them on my actual list) for over three months are almost done!

One of my tasks was to help get my son registered for the SAT and ACT tests. He probably would have been fine on his own, as the instructions were very clear, especially with regard to uploading a photo of oneself.
Of course, I was totally crushed that we couldn't use a picture of the two of us playing peek-a-boo. Also, no matter how smart you may think your dog is, no college board entrance exams for him/her! That means you Foz, just eat your treat...

When I opened the shells for Taco Tuesday, I thought I had accidentally purchased some new open faced style crunchy corn goodness...

Hey! There is a new caped wonder in town! (Unfortunately she is actually several hours south.) Check out Kirby's caped quest for spring, complete with lining and a hood! (so jealous)

And guess who's back? the Random Hostess with the Mostess...STACY!


  1. Thanks for the plug...I linked to pedomemom, too!

  2. Wait--you found a bra that fit? Oh happy day! We had a perfect day here, too. But tomorrow we are looking at a windy, cold day! Still no snow, however...

  3. "Must be human." Ha! They are talking about teenagers here, right? Hmmm, we may be stretching here.

  4. I buy the same style of Victoria's Secret bras all the time. They fit perfectly. They're cotton and they provide plenty of coverage. Why the problems with finding bras? Maybe you need to stick with what you know is good. I don't give up anything for Lent and God has never indicated to me that my practice perturbs him.


  5. Have you ever tried the GAP's t-shirt bras? They are the bomb dot com. LOVE them.
    We've used almost two weeks of snow days here in Central Alabama that we don't have, and can't make up because our governor declared a state of emergency and under state law those days can't be made up. I guess we'll fall behind Mississippi in test scores now. :/

    I gave-up sarcasm and drama for Lent. YAY! I hope I just didn't mess up on this comment.


  6. Finding a bra that fits is so wretched and my god what's w/ the prices?!?!?!

  7. I guess you could use the broken taco shells to make some nachos. Kind of expensive nachos, but it's a practical solution if they're all broken already.

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  8. Dammit! I can't believe I've wasted all this time prepping my cat for the SATs.

  9. My boobs have gotten so big from all the excessive amounts of wine I drink (which I gave up for Lent and that lasted one week) that I finally bought a new bra for the girls and I think I went too big. I hate bra shopping. Not as much as swimsuit shopping, but it's pretty close.


  10. We do tacos every week too although not always on Tuesdays :) What a bummer about the shells!