Sunday, March 16, 2014

Superhero Sunday: The skin you're in

A superhero has to have a keen eye, always on the lookout, hyper-vigilant. No signs can be ignored.
Not three large signs at eye-level telling me to "sign in on the ipad", not several bright yellow arrows, and certainly not the seemingly glowing portal of wonders.
I keyed in my common name and took a seat in the crowded waiting room. The next people to walk in proceeded directly to the secretary behind the glass. She slid her window open just far enough to ask if they had signed in on the ipad. They had not...they did not.

I glanced around at the occupied chairs surrounding me, attempting to make eye contact with someone, anyone, who would confirm my suspicions...that the magic portal was only intended and illuminated for a chosen few.
I am sure not everyone got a disposable cape either.
And so began my extraordinarily ordinary trip to the dermatologist for a body scan. Have you had one? Why not? Good luck finding an excuse I'll accept. Pedomemom wants you to take care of yourself!


  1. I'll go if Aunt T goes with me....

  2. You can make any situation super!! ;)

  3. Oh Andrea - that would be me too - I'm always where is / where do I go / where ... etc .... all very obvious if you know! Also if you're not thinking about something completely different .. I hope the dermalogist scan was worth it, after all that - but you obviously found your way out - I guess there weren't signs for the exit!

    Cheers Hilary

  4. I have not had a body scan, but I will schedule one asap! I have had several moles, etc., removed over the years, and one was precancerous. I must be ever vigilant. Thanks, Pedomemom!

  5. A fair as I am, I've been having them for years!!! I don't tan….I turn red! :/

  6. I wonder how much time the Ipad, I mean magic portal really does save the receptionist. The path to the portal looks quite dramatic from your pictures. Hopefully none of those arrows is a trap :). Thanks for visiting my blog ahead of the Challenge. Hope your super powers hold you in good stead for April.

  7. I had a body scan when I had insurance. Now that I have it again, I'll probably have another one. I have fussy skin.


  8. You look rather fetching with a paper cape! And my god. Those fully body searches are INVASIVE. I still feel dirty and it's been 4 years.