Thursday, November 9, 2017

Throwback Thursday... the random post I meant to write Tuesday!

There were other things going on involving my computer on Tuesday. Nothing major, just COLLEGE APPLICATION ESSAY REVIEW! Did I say that out loud? I was not actually involved in the process that evening, just my computer was. Yes, there is another computer in the house, but that one cannot be reached from the couch, where I was being held captive by a very persuasive cushion. My husband was the chosen editor in chief, and I pretended that was not the least bit offensive. Little did I know that she was just waiting to ask for my assistance with the big push...last review...and actually hitting the submit button.
(Yes, we had to get off the couch for this as Chrome wasn't allowing her to actually submit.)
So I guess now I will get back to the random so it doesn't pile up on me! 

Can't I just eat my Halloween candy in peace without the pressure of Christmas candy? And can't m&m's get a hold of themselves and stop trying to cram nonsense into candy shells?
You know what was missing from peanut m&m's? Nothing! Peanut brittle has a place and it is by itself in my mouth. Obviously I will succumb at some point and try these when I have deemed the holiday season to have actually begun, but I will not be happy about it. Moving on to other joy filled food...
Was the real problem with lima beans the fact that the can left their appearance a mystery? I am even less likely to buy them if I have to see them. Glory? That is a bold statement, as is premium.

I might be the only one in our house who sees anything worth noting in this advertisement...
...but I am certain the look on the golden's face is saying something along the lines of "Bitch please, I get it, you are more petite than I am. I hope a certain hell awaits you on the other side...but bring me back something...please"

Monday, November 6, 2017

Well polished memory

I've mentioned my grandmother a few times here before. I thought this one post in particular was from just a few months ago, until I had to peruse all the way back to June of last year to find it. (I also thought the photos that will appear in this post were taken less than four months ago.) Over the past year or so I guess we have learned a bit more about dementia, but I cannot honestly say I understand it any better. As my grandmother's capacity for holding memories grows smaller, the tighter I feel myself cling to the memories of her that I have - as if somehow I am keeping them for both of us. 

We sat one morning talking about nothing in particular, most likely the weather. She commented that her nails needed to be touched up. I leapt out of my seat, happy for the opportunity to feel useful, and went to look for the nail polish.
She asked me if I wore nail polish, and I answered that it had been a very long time since I had. I have many memories of my grandmother giving me some fine manicures when I was little, so I asked her if she wanted to paint my nails.
Her hand was steadier than I expected, but she mentioned that she was having some trouble seeing well. I just kept telling her they looked fine...
even if they didn't... was no worse than I would have done myself. My plan may have been to have this small moment and then quickly wipe it away with a cotton ball when I got home, but I didn't. I couldn't because looking at my nails made me smile. I had a new memory of the two of us, that tucked in so nicely with the lifetime of other memories I have of us together.