Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Flowery random

For some reason I don't seem to have very many photos to illustrate any random tales this week, so maybe I will just sprinkle some flowers here...
...and there.

Fozzie is not sure why he is the one who has a mat to sit on when he visits the couch, as he is not the one who gets cracker crumbs and smudges of other people food all over the place. I have to say that I found myself agreeing with him the other day when I was vacuuming where a certain someone else always sits. Then again, there is the occasional danger that the Foz may be wandering around with crushed pumpkin in his hair, just looking for a place to rub it off. He is offended by the accusation, but I have proof...

I was not aware that our local Byrne Dairy chocolate milk was "world famous"! Can any of you outside of CNY confirm or deny that?

Hmmm...what else was I going to say? How about another flower while I ponder...

I have come to the conclusion that my lightweight, and often light colored, summer wardrobe is not conducive to having only one decent bra that fits. Let me clarify, that bra is white with bright purple, green and pink swirls. So there's your answer to whether I have bothered to try bra shopping again. No reason to scar anyone with a photo there, so more flowers?

Monkeys, pandas, and koalas may be adorable (and creepy) and readily available, but I guess I was reminded this week of where the Bradford Exchange's true alliances lie...
Cat lovers! 27 sculptural kitty angels? "Floating" golden halos? An impressive size of 14"? You only have six months to plan for your "Purr-fect Holiday", so get cracking!

Thanks for hosting this humid random, Stacy!

Sunday, June 23, 2013

Space Oddity

Well, it's summer. Whoop-dee-doo!  I approached the end of the school year with no unrealistic expectations of beds being made, the television being turned off from time to time, and all of us eating trail mix while reading books together. That is not to say that I am not slightly disappointed by the complete lack of participation in devising a plan for how to maximize my our their fun. I realize there is a possibility that I am nowhere in that fun equation beyond possessing the car keys, yet I still suggested things like bike rides, long walks and kayaking (before the ninety degree weather hit, of course). I was met with little to no enthusiasm. I suppose none of those activities can hold a candle to the latest itouch app or Minecraft, but sound infinitely more appealing than vacuuming or emptying the dishwasher. I probably should make some adjustments to whose options are whose.

My daughter did take me up on the offer to go get some flowers that she could plant near the mailbox, since it looks like bunnies made off with the violas from the first round. We even braved the warming temperatures to plant them two days later. (Apparently it would have been too much of an event to garden upon returning home.) Oddly enough, my son wanted to go grocery shopping for a graduation party I was helping out with. On the way to the store, I asked him to explain his expectations to me so that he would not go home disappointed. When he responded that he liked to retrieve things on the list, I asked him if he realized that was an option every week when I grocery shopped. I am convinced that neither of us really understood the attraction. We each grabbed our own cart, and did cross paths a couple of times since the lists were by recipe, instead of by aisle. We were headed to the registers in less than fifteen minutes. My son was pleased with the mission. I will celebrate the small victories!

There are definitely moments when we all still come together. Sometimes they take me by surprise. Here is the most recent example...A friend mentioned to us the other day that the space station would be visible that night in the north northwest sky at 10:15. My first thought was "whatever". In fact, I think that might have been my second thought as well. At around 10:00, the kids started to get excited because "it was almost time". Seriously? I was half asleep on the couch, but knew I was a complete idiot if I turned down their invitation to go stand in the driveway. I grabbed my blanket, set aside my fear of stepping on a toad, and gazed at the sky with them. We saw it! It was a bright light travelling right where it was supposed to be. Huh. We were pretty impressed with ourselves.

The next day, I noticed someone on facebook had commented that the space station would be visible again. They had even included a link that showed all of the whens and wheres of it all. Sure enough, I found myself following them outside just after 10:00 that night as well. There was a lot of distraction in the sky that night, but each of us set our sights on what we thought we should be looking at. The warming temperatures had added some bugs to the equation to distract me from squishing any toads. The bugs weren't really all that noticeable until I inhaled one. A party at the neighbor's house was wrapping up as we were gazing skyward. There is a strong possibility that one gentleman actually believed what we were looking at, while some of the other people looked in a completely different direction while uttering "how nice".

Once I knew the website for space station sighting information, I had to check yesterday's time, direction and degrees above the horizon for appearance and disappearance. I still had no real information about what a space station is. I suppose that is probably rather shameful, but it really didn't seem important. This time, I was told that I was getting off the couch too early. There was also some skepticism from the girl child because it was cloudy, and lighter out since go time was 9:26. I ran to get my camera, only to find out that the kids had both still and videos from the other sightings. Sure, I knew they had those handheld electronics with them, but thought they were only for entertainment backup. We headed out the front door, toad patrol on alert...
After I possibly blinded him, the mosquitoes wanted to take us on. The three of us ran inside, and by our calculations, determined that the back porch was a better venue. From the safety of our sliding glass door we could see the mosquitoes, the space station AND the the Strawberry moon (also called the super moon). 
Typically the June full moon corresponds with the strawberry harvest. There is no reason for me to get any more technical than that, as it is far more information that I can provide on the space station. We took some more pictures, then went back about our own business. I tried turning my flash off to get the best pics for you, so let's see how that worked out...

Um..uh...well...I do see some progress in my skill at holding the camera still, I feel it is important to note that the bright light was actually traveling in a smooth, speedy arc, as opposed to this detouring and zig-zagging spectacle.

Years ago, I would have spent time researching what we were looking at, and probably gone to the library for books to read each evening. Most likely, last night's addition of the super moon would have called for a rousing rendition of Goodnight Moon being read aloud. There might have even been star, moon and rocket shaped cookies, as I functioned best when I had a theme to work with. That all sounds lovely, and exhausting. I am just happy something, even in its most simplest form, has brought us together. The peanut butter cookies on the counter will more than suffice.

Check it out for yourself...and take it to whatever level you choose, and have fun!

Here is some video the girl child took. She is her mother's daughter with the steady hands! 

Tuesday, June 18, 2013

The random runneth over!

Fozzie says things are all rainbows and bubbles here. Fozzie is medicated, don't forget.

I never thought I would be able to move on from the allure of the creepy monkeys. Never, I tell you! Then I saw Ping Li...
..."Nature's Littlest Treasure" indeed! Fully poseable, but not a toy. I just can't decide if this could open the door to a dangerous addiction. I mean just look at Kirra, who is coming up next!

With the money I pretend to save while cutting coupons, I feel like I should be able to invest in the Doughboy magnet collection. He's so festive, and not just for poking in the belly anymore.

I really could not get past the...um, elbows? Especially when I saw where a portion of the funds were going. 
At first I felt better that my kids saw the reason I was giggling right away. Then I realized that just meant I was operating with the mind of a teenager.

Speaking of teenagers, it has been a real treat trying to get the boy child to study for his final exams. (A shout out to the girl child who has been studying like crazy!) That is a global history review packet in my son's hand, maybe in case he needed to fan himself or the conversation got dull.

Masterpieces like this, from a bakery, make me think I have talent!

Hey! Remember when the appliances in my house formed a coup against us, and even roped both vans into joining the revolt? Well, here is the laundry that accumulated when I decided to wait for the repairman, instead of washing everything in hot water for another day.
Guess what? I washed all of those clothes in extremely hot water anyway because after paying the repair man over $200 for some fancy new part, and him telling me he felt cold water, the five loads I ran were mighty steamy. I am not sure if it had anything to do with the fact that the dial that I told him wasn't working was not addressed and is still not working. What do I know? Can't wait to see him again tomorrow, especially if he plans to charge me more money. 

By the way, the $600 we spent to have front rotors and rear pads and rotors brake work done on a car that wasn't squeaking, has left us with a car that now screeches and sounds like brake pads are needed. I am so looking forward to making the time to head back over there too!

In better news, even though this platter left the house this morning, I made cookies...
I used the last of my doilies from Ames to line the tray. Yes, Ames, the store that went out of business in 2002.

I think the best example of how far away my mind has drifted would be how baffled I was concerning how bad my hair was looking. I mean, I knew the gray was not doing me any favors, but remained perplexed as to why I was having trouble achieving a pleasing style for the past few weeks. I had really liked how it looked before that. So stumped. I started to think maybe it was time to just go very short again. I was lamenting to a friend who mentioned that it certainly was longer than I usually had it. Boom, there it was! I FORGOT THAT PEOPLE GET THEIR HAIR TRIMMED! My preoccupation with everything else somehow infiltrated the part of my brain responsible for thinking about basic grooming. I checked the calendar yesterday, and I hadn't had a hair appointment in four months. A phonecall was made and a box of color rinse was opened. I wasn't sure, at first, if the color was quite right, but knew that gray was completely wrong. It would have been better if I noticed the dye on my foot, from when the bottle flew out of my hands, before I wandered around the bathroom and onto the light beige bedroom carpet. I then took myself to the hairdresser, where I explained my absence. She set to work fixing more than my straggliness by letting me feel like a superhero...by laughing with me and temporarily providing me with my very own cape, that even hid my gut while I was seated! Suffice to say, I made my next appointment before leaving...

Maybe this was my first step in a better direction!
Please note: This is the after picture.

Thanks to Stacy for hosting the random!

Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Sign of the random

I took a break from my own personal taping of the movie Groundhog Day, although the rain made it seem as though I was still trapped in the same loop. However, I knew I was on break since I was not standing at the Target return counter at 8:00 a.m. followed by trying to shop for new apparel, that would be deemed acceptable by Madame Thirteen, for what would have been a fifth day. During my brief hiatus (as I learned that I will be back at the Target return counter tomorrow), I spent two hours making, what I am sure will be a delightful, crunchy pea salad at Meals on Wheels. I also went to the dentist, which sent me reaching for Advil to ease the pain.  Did I mention leaving the vet's office with some ointment and a rubber glove? Oh yeah, glamorous doesn't even begin to describe what I have going on! And to think, under occupation on the form at the dentist's office I wrote "Queen", because neither housewife nor homemaker felt quite right at the moment.

I feel it is important to note that I wore this bracelet yesterday...

...and certainly plan to give it a try again tomorrow! For right now, I am drinking a beer.

Let's see, I had some random around here somewhere. Hmmm....well here is a sign that classes are over at the high school...
I can't think of any other logical reason for my son to be sporting a sombrero (this is a loaner, but we actually did used to have the same one) while out wandering the neighborhood with his friends.

I am not sure what kind of trouble typically brews at the laundromat, nor am I sure what this sign is trying to tell anyone.

OK, this one just bugs me because I feel like it would be more accurate if it said "Mount and Do Me". I realize it is ridiculous for me to get hung up on semantics.
The part I found truly amusing, was that the sticker was on a family minivan.

You should be careful when using grammar...
and use it very carefully...thank you!

Stacy has wine! ('nuff said)

Sunday, June 9, 2013

Seasons change

I didn't see it on the calendar, and I didn't feel it in the shifting breeze, yet even when not consciously aware, I knew change was coming. The confirmation was that urge to organize. I started to restlessly wander around the kitchen, looking for something that needed to be tackled. I normally try to restore order to my universe as a reaction to change, but the modifications this time around may be grand enough for me to attempt a jumpstart with my coping. Something about living with a thirteen year old girl, and being mere weeks away from living with a sixteen year old boy feels like standing on the edge of some sort of point of no return. 

This is the first June that I hold fewer delusions of what the summer will have in store. A couple of years ago, I had the kids operating the vacuum cleaner the first day of summer break, and they never touched it again. There have been other ambitious tries at reading challenges, journal writing and general attempts at making what seems to be good productive use of our/their time. As I catch glimpses of those cherubs, who are both now taller than I am, doing their best to get the couch cushions molded to fit them just right, I realize I should probably get used to that view.

My first thought was that "operation remove clutter" might be the one thing able to distract me from the stress-induced chocolate fandango I had been partaking in. The next thought that came to me was that my house looked suspiciously pulled together...almost as if it hadn't been so long ago when I sought to get life under my control. It's possible. Perhaps I just grew weary of being unable to find our kitchen counter, and denying that the stuff strewn across every other horizontal surface didn't have a home. It's possible.

I peered in a few cupboards to make sure this was, in fact, my home. Crammed with what-not? Yep, this is my domain. I had my work cut out for me, but quickly realized that I was not interested in shuffling the same old stuff. One quick glance revealed that I was going to be faced with the remnants of my last purge. Unless I was ready to admit that there were too many tubes of hand lotion or that it was time to get rid of the excessive number of refrigerator magnets that sought refuge in a basket during numerous rounds of making the refrigerator less chaotic for company, there just wasn't anything obvious left to trash. How boring. 

I started to consider whether a significant change called for some sort of more significant retaliation. So today I mopped the floor. Trust me, that was new and different. It was satisfying for the five minutes before new flotsam landed on it. In between some puttering outside, I read a book today...a whole book. At some point I also warded off a sneaking suspicion that exercise would probably be beneficial on more than one level. Make no mistake, I have plenty of things I could and should be working on. I am thinking of making a wheel of choices, not only as a possible means of procrastination distraction progress, but because I think the idea of starting every day in a game show kind of way would be exciting. 

Tuesday, June 4, 2013


Before I get started, I need to publicly wish the Foz a Happy Belated Birthday!
Now he can go back to being grumpy for whatever his usual reasons are. (You can find some of them here, here, and here.)

Breakfast anyone? This is no Seinfeld episode we've got ourselves here.
Wait! I can explain...The husband eats cereal every weeknight for a snack (he goes crazy and has it for breakfast on the weekends). He also cannot resist a good sale if he has a coupon to go along with it. Oh, and I am trying to lower my cholesterol. Yeah, you're right, none of that really justifies the twenty-four boxes, but it is our record.

Target, what gives? You have already left me rattled by putting all of those $3.00 items in your dollar spot. Now this?

Sure those bowls are cute, but not creepy monkey cute, so please explain that price tag.

My son brought home these abstinence "It can wait" rings that AT&T provided to his school for junior day. 
It is not that I have a problem with, nor disagree with the message, but I am not convinced that the AT&T logo and style of the rubber (poor word choice, but they are what they are) got the idea across. I have heard no reports of these appearing in school any day after the initial handout. 

Since we are talking 'bout sex baby, this guy wanted to wave "hello"...
At least that is what my daughter and her friends from the seventh grade health class think this drawing looks like when you view it upside down. (I find it hilarious right side up as well, by the way.) Our house was surveyed, and we had no choice, really, but to agree with her. That is some sort of bedazzled gingerbread man. (Here is where I admit to having never heard of Cowper's gland before.) I warned everyone to "not get testes" at the kitchen table when the health packet appeared again. My daughter said there was one boy in her class who was biting on his notebook and banging his hand on the table to keep from laughing during their most recent lesson. Even my husband lost it on that one. There is no happy place imaginable that could keep a straight face on me if I had to teach that lesson. I am not proud. I was sort of peer pressured into screening the fifth grade puberty video before my son watched it. Since my friend actually obtained the DVD, I asked my son if he wanted to see it before watching it with his class. (My secret rationale was so that he would know when to brace up.) Suffice to say, I stood behind the chair he was sitting in literally biting the inside of my arm to keep it together. Did I mention that I am not proud? Because I am not.

Go check on Stacy to see if she is behaving...