Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Sign of the random

I took a break from my own personal taping of the movie Groundhog Day, although the rain made it seem as though I was still trapped in the same loop. However, I knew I was on break since I was not standing at the Target return counter at 8:00 a.m. followed by trying to shop for new apparel, that would be deemed acceptable by Madame Thirteen, for what would have been a fifth day. During my brief hiatus (as I learned that I will be back at the Target return counter tomorrow), I spent two hours making, what I am sure will be a delightful, crunchy pea salad at Meals on Wheels. I also went to the dentist, which sent me reaching for Advil to ease the pain.  Did I mention leaving the vet's office with some ointment and a rubber glove? Oh yeah, glamorous doesn't even begin to describe what I have going on! And to think, under occupation on the form at the dentist's office I wrote "Queen", because neither housewife nor homemaker felt quite right at the moment.

I feel it is important to note that I wore this bracelet yesterday...

...and certainly plan to give it a try again tomorrow! For right now, I am drinking a beer.

Let's see, I had some random around here somewhere. Hmmm....well here is a sign that classes are over at the high school...
I can't think of any other logical reason for my son to be sporting a sombrero (this is a loaner, but we actually did used to have the same one) while out wandering the neighborhood with his friends.

I am not sure what kind of trouble typically brews at the laundromat, nor am I sure what this sign is trying to tell anyone.

OK, this one just bugs me because I feel like it would be more accurate if it said "Mount and Do Me". I realize it is ridiculous for me to get hung up on semantics.
The part I found truly amusing, was that the sticker was on a family minivan.

You should be careful when using grammar...
and use it very carefully...thank you!

Stacy has wine! ('nuff said)


  1. One of the great things about being young is being able to wear really funny hats and get away with it:)

  2. I've had those Groundhog Day moments! The question is, when it's all said and done, will you end up spending more than you intended at Target? I always do. I think it's the target sign - there's some sort of hypnotic thing at play. That's my story and I'm stickin' with it. ;)

    OK, so I totally burst out laughing at the sombrero. And laughed even harder when I read that it was your son wearing it while walking around with friends. He's my hero. :)

    One does wonder what might be going on at the laundromat. I wonder if that family minivan is a regular at the laundromat? Then all of it would make more sense. ;)

    Be careful now, y'hear? ;)

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  3. To be fair, there wasn't really any room on the sign for the 'ly'. Poor planning, but I'm giving the sign maker the benefit of the doubt.

    Sombreros are awesome. I'm still trying to get a mariachi to let me wear his for a photo opp, but so far no go!

  4. Something to add to the bucket list -walk down a street donning a very large sombrero. Love it!

  5. You have inspired me. Or, I guess more accurately, your son has inspired me. Although I do not own a sombrero, I DO in fact own a large yellow foam cheesehead hat. I think I need to don it this evening and take a stroll around the neighborhood. I'm sure the kids would be more than enthused to join me on my trek. HUZZAH!!

  6. LMAO I vote Andrea as Queen of the World *and* Grammar Police Chief!


    You actually had a crappier day than I.....mine's been pretty good, and the teenager even did her chores. I'm just waiting for the other shoe to drop!


  7. OMG I've missed you. And I'm sorry for not being here. I've been alternately wallowing in self-pity over the latest health stuff, and then visiting all kinds of new people who are probably on the Road Trip...anyway, HI! This was hysterical. You totally made me spit chardonnay at the mount an dew me...I love seeing gaffs like that...please be careful ;-) as you collect them!
    Tina @ Life is Good

  8. I LOVED your job title. I am so taking that next time. :) And yes, randomness pretty much describes my life right now, too. Hope you enjoyed your break!

  9. Can there be more than one Queen? Because I'd really like to start writing that on forms.

  10. I was thinking "it could be worse," and then I got to the part about the vet's office. Really, whatever that rubber glove is for, you need to delegate that responsibility!

  11. I am quite shocked at how much that mountain dew sign's missing 'd' irks me too. They were so close to perfection, yet so far.

  12. I get stuck on signage semantics as well. Suspect I drive my family mad with it.

  13. I hate finding grammar / spelling mistakes - that one is a doozie!