Tuesday, December 27, 2011

random rain

Here's a little something to add to the list of things that offer me no yuletide joy whatsoever...Four and a half hours of driving on the NYS Thruway in the pouring rain with our sleighful of goodies. I think I might have had whiter knuckles than if the flakes had been flying. Of course, seeing our family was well worth the trip, and provided some holiday warmth, but I was seriously about ten raindrops and one more hydroplane away from a big girl hissy fit!

This tiny bit of randomness will be photo free because I lack the techknowledge-y to make it so on my ipad. Time to visit the hotty geniuses at the Apple bar!

I made seven gallons of sugar-free pudding at my volunteer gig this morning. I swear I can still taste the white chocolate dust that must be clinging to my nasal passages. Mmmmmm....aspartame!

I have never eaten so many cookies for so many days in a row! I tried to do a raw veggie overload at lunchtime yesterday in an attempt to restore some order to my internal universe. Typically my stomach would warn me somewhere along the food fest line that things were leaning towards out of control. However, it left me to my own thoughts on what an appropriate amount of cheese and dip to consume would be. Yikes!

I took action against my hair today. I had slipped into my "I think I will grow my hair out" mode that typically means I am just not going to go get my hair cut at all (which means I eventually just look like I need a haircut). Now I have a haircut, and just look like I make poor style choices, or have no sense of product usage...true and true. Soon I will be able to seek solace in a ponytail once again, and hopefully give the illusion that I am just a very busy lady with places to go and a carefree style...not lazy...no, not at all.

I am a bit lost without my photos to guide me through this random Tuesday post. What? Oh, you noticed? Perhaps now would not be the best time to announce my plan to self publish a book in 2012? Spoiler alert...Christmas shopping will be so simple next year! I will either have to follow through with the book, or get working even harder on my mad crocheting skills. I know of one person who used createspace for her book, but then a friend recommended Book Rush. When I googled Book Rush, the first entry I clicked on was for yet another vendor telling me why I shouldn't use Book Rush. The way I see it, it will take me until June to decide which place to use, then the rest of the year to get the actual words together. I figure now that I have told you tens of people my plan, I can't back down.

Thanks to Stacy for hosting the random rebellion, even while she's far from home!

Sunday, December 25, 2011

Saturday, December 24, 2011

Run, run as fast as you can!

In my never ending attempt to bring more festiveness to our home, I decided the answer was probably in the pages of the gingerbread cookbook we finally found. Each of the kids had a friend over, so that meant I was outnumbered by two eleven year old girls and two fourteen year old boys. I could see the spark of delight the thought of frosting tips brought to the girls' eyes, but wasn't really sure if the boys would be interested. I didn't want to embarrass or pressure anyone, nor have anyone feel left out, so I threw the toppings on the table and filled up four decorator bags with frosting......and then I stood back.

Curiosity, if nothing else, brought the boys to the table. This was my son's friend's first creation...
...he's a keeper! And here was my son's first gingerbread MAN of the day...
Lovely! He was kind of the gateway cookie for folks to follow. I believe this was was dubbed the average overindulging American...
And then the daughter chimed in with the "Oops, I crapped myself" version...I don't mind cyclops, but why so unhappy (and why did I not get mini m&ms?)...And if you can't cram enough decorations on one cookie, it's clearly time to start stacking them up...This might be Santa...Calling all Spongebob fans! Patrick has arrived...(Mind you at one point it was insinuated that I was nuts to think that they would've bothered to pick through those pastel sprinkles to find two matching eyes.) And can somebody tell Bert how to get back to Sesame Street? I guarded a small pile of cookies on the counter to frost to my own liking. In the end this was just about having some fun, and in that respect was a success...and really who does it look like had more fun?**No Gingers were harmed on that afternoon. Humiliated, perhaps, but not harmed.**

Oh, and by the way, I learned a little something else when I put out sprinkles and frosting for cutouts a few days later. Do not leave the bag of black frosting, intended for reindeer faces, out for general use.

Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Random Wrap

Let me start by saying Happy Hannukah! (Sorry if that is not your favorite spelling...Chappy Chanukkah?) We just got home from our annual fill up on latkes. My mother threatened to not make them a couple of years ago, but really, it's all we tree decorating folks do to help my step-father celebrate his holiday. He has a twinkle in his eye when we walk in that tells me he appreciates our visit, even if we understand more about delightful shredded potatoes than any other aspect of the holiday. I am often inspired by the story of the lantern oil lasting longer than expected, as it comes at a time of year when we are pretty much running on fumes. I am also not one to turn down chocolate candy. We also do not know the precise translation for the prayer he says while lighting the candles, but have faith that he's got it right.

Today was a crappy sunny day. Yes, you read that correctly. Where were the gray clouds that mean the snows are coming? Why was I stranded at home with a child because his stomach didn't feel quite right, when we all should've been doing the snow day dance and drinking hot cocoa? Yes, I got a lot done around here that could only happen if I had to stay put, but it was nowhere near as joyous as having school closed.

There are just a few things rattling around in my head that I need to chase out in order to better focus on my list. Thankfully, Stacy is letting us help her decorate the blogosphere with our ramblings. I'm not sure when she is passing out the eggnog, so you'll have to stop by her place when you are done here to ask her!


I hate bra shopping, as you may know depending how long you've been hanging out here. Yes, there are wonderfully pretty and fun patterns and sexy designs, but not when you get to my size. This is what they have to offer in my world...
What it lacks in allure, it makes up for with just cracking me up. I refused to even take it off the rack, even though my friend was assuring me it would stretch out...where? how?

This ceramic stove top cleaner I ran across at one of my new housecleaning gigs made me puzzle until my puzzler was sore...
I wasn't confused because the type was blurry, as it was actually just fine. It was the part that says "Cookware should be washed after cleaning." With what? Is there some sort of super silly circular cycle racket to buy several other products to clean the cleaner?

Of all the food at the grocery store, this is not what I would've had to crack open to sample one of...
The mini cheese ball packages were all intact (as that is what I was eyeing), but this dessert ball package was not so lucky.

As I was perusing the electric burner selections (yeah, you know why), I had to pause and read the information out loud on this one...
So let's see, that has the GE symbol on it, and ok, "fits most brands except GE"? That makes perfect sense.

I took some photos of the most recent attempt to fill our home with holiday cheer in the form of gingerbread people decorating. Stay tuned, as I have decided it deserves its own post. For now, let's just ponder how many more ornament kits and craft supplies I will feel compelled to buy for my daughter before I just feel festive already?! (This is round two or three.)
Meanwhile, she's becoming a bit like an elf with a severe caffeine addiction with her boundless energy and joy! It's almost infectious...almost.

Monday, December 19, 2011

Beyond crumbling!

Wow, it feels like I have been gone a really long time. I was teleported to another dimension over the weekend. In other words, we went to my mother-in-law's where there is no internet service (well, the rest of the street and the entire city of Buffalo surely have wireless capabilities, just not her house). My recent stash of preparedness skills told me to make sure I brought something productive to do, as I would need strong sedatives to be able to just lounge on her couch the last full weekend before a holiday. I packed up all of the supplies I needed to dip oreos in chocolate for the husband's coworkers. As our sleigh made it's first return trip of the 2011 holiday odyssey (in our Honda Odyssey, no less), I was feeling pretty swell about the seventy snazzy chocolatey delights that just needed to be packaged up in festive wrap.

I was upstairs gathering laundry when I heard some sighing coming from the husband who was downstairs. Then I heard some sort of low key exclamation that sounded slightly more serious, so I peeked my head around the corner to ask what was going on. He was making his way, slowly, up the stairs to tell me that I'd have to redip the cookies I had made as he had accidentally turned on the burner of the stove that the container was sitting on. As I started to head down the stairs, I heard my daughter whimpering a bit, and asked what the problem was (since he had seemed so nonchalant). Well, I raced towards the kitchen to smell the nastiness of burning rubbermaid and saran wrap, see major much smoke billowing from the stove, and notice that the smoldering ring of fire was not getting any better because the burner was STILL ON! Holy Cannoli! Things improved quickly, as far as the stove was concerned, as soon as I turned it off. I got the kids outside, as the smoke was traveling everywhere fast. Once we were on the porch, I realized that my son was barefoot in boxers and a t-shirt, and the daughter had on better clothing but was barefoot as well. I ran back inside to gather whatever blankets I could find quickly. I also tried to convince the husband that he should take a break from the smoke as well, but to no use.

My daughter was rattled, so I put on my big girl undies and reassured her basically that the house would be fine, and I would not harm daddy. For all of the folks who think we keep our house cold, they have no idea that the heat really does come on...especially when every window is open! I tried to accept that accidents do happen, and was grateful that nobody was hurt. However, I just had a hard time accepting how a grown man could think that he should try to boil water even on a burner next to a container of chocolate covered anything. It really wasn't just a matter of turning the wrong burner on.

Full disclosure...I called 911 because I needed someone to tell me that if the smoke detector had stopped going off, it was okay to let my children and dog (yes, he was evacuated as well) back into the house. Yes, I am an idiot. I did not have her send the firefighters to check us out. I just took her word for it...from the absolutely nothing she could see or smell over the phone.

Once we were all back in the house, I carried on with pretending nothing had happened. The husband had been cleaning up some stuff and sweeping. That is the way the cookie crumbles, ignites and scorches!
I worked on seeing if there were any survivors in cookie land, and putting away some things from our travels. As I tried to close the silverware drawer, something caught, and I let out a decent degree of frustration by slamming it...Apparently you can only boss around cabinetry for so long before it just falls apart! The sounds of whatever crap that drawer front was holding in falling to the floor were just the little push I needed to completely lose my shit (sorry, there is no more pleasant word to describe myself at that point). I asked anyone who was listening if they were f*cking kidding me, then proceeded to hide in the basement crying for my time out. I phoned a friend for that reality check, put things into perspective and carried on with my evening.

The house still smells a little funky today. I have been to Home Depot where I got a new burner and drip pans, and fell in love. As I loaded my drawer into the car, complete with my feeble attempts to hold it together, I knew where I needed to go. I knew that I did not have shirts cut low enough to possibly get me any attention at Loews, and I am not even sure that gets a woman helped there. I was going to need the orange team! Upon entering the store, I was immediately approached by an orange smocked fellow who got right to work checking over the drawer. Another man (who was actually a cabinet maker) soon joined us, and they talked a little bit the way doctors and nurses might in front of a patient...not disrespectful, more in a reassuring manner that things were going to be okay and fixable. I was following their plan, and then told them that the catch was that I had screwdrivers, hammers and a drill, and nothing fancier at my house. They told me they were going to fix it, would I mind coming back and it would cost about $10.00 if that was going to work for me. I told them it would cost me far more than that in aggravation if I tried any further on my own.

A huge than you to the two elves - David and Bill - at the Cicero Home Depot! I didn't have to cry to get them to help me, but will admit to a couple of tears when I got back to my car.

Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Random garland

So here I am sitting at the computer looking for some random things to share. It is much easier for me to just gaze upon this photo than it would be to get up, go into the other room, and plug the actual tree in. Yes, that should be your first indication that I am no more festive today than yesterday. Perhaps I could get a picture of a fireplace on the ipad going and have myself some hot cocoa right here at the desk.

This ornament seemed really neat to still have a few years back...
...whereas this year I thought "1983? Good Lord, how old am I? I was my son's age when I got that."

We went to my daughter's holiday concert this evening. I am happy to report that all of her clothing fit properly. However, with t-minus 45 minutes, she made some smatterings about how they were supposed to wear actual shoes. I assumed we were going the black boot route...which we did because the four pairs of my black shoes were all too small (or at least that's what she reported). Overall, this is an upgrade from last week's orchestra concert when my son's collar was too tight, so we held the shirt closed with his bow tie, and his pants were too tight, so we held them closed with a belt. He had black shoes, and all attire was his own, so that's something.

Thank you to Stacy for hosting the random party and for having no dress code! (That I know of.) When you are done here, follow the string of cranberries over to visit her (or just click on the button.)


I know I mentioned this product placement awhile back, but thought you might need the visual. Luckily the dollar store doesn't change their last minute offerings very often.
I wonder what that Buncha Crunch was left behind for.

Feeling flashy?
Are you all even old enough to know what these are? It's a good thing my grandmother keeps them close by in case my newfangled camera goes on the fritz.

My daughter loves her some American Girl dolls, but the name of this store did not lure her over in any way.
It might be difficult to see - it's called "My 18 Inch Doll". Nope, not man dolls.

OK, now here is what brilliance I encountered while driving my daughter to school today. I passed a van heading towards me about 100 yards from the school. The woman driving the van had a sign, about the size of her head, that said "SCHOOL SLOW". She was waving it almost frantically as I drove by her going 30 miles an hour (which is the school zone speed limit). The middle school is not one with walkers crossing the street, and is set back rather far from the road. (You may not need that information, but I wanted you to know this is not a crossing guard situation she was fighting for.) I wanted to slap her for a variety of reasons that you are lucky enough to be briefed on...
1) Is it safe to drive while waving a large piece of paper in front of your own face?
2) Has she not noticed how often actual police officers are staked out to keep the area safe?
3) I find it distracting to have another driver wave pretty much anything at me. Especially a sign...that I have to read!

In wrapping up the random this week, Fozzie wanted you all to know that dogs do not want to hula hoop.It's not that he can't...he just doesn't want to!

Monday, December 12, 2011

Maybe I need tinsel?

I'm having trouble finding some Christmas cheer this year. I'm not sure if it makes it better or worse that I do not seem to be alone in my quest. I think that the weather has a lot to do with the funk around here. The kids are clamoring for snow, and I am right there with them. It just doesn't feel like holiday shopping is complete without at least one ice and snow filled journey out to the mall. I didn't put my lights out in the yard when it was sixty degrees, as that just seemed wrong. Then in an attempt to lift our spirits, I broke down on a fifty degree day and flung some bulbs on the porch. When that didn't cut it, I put some more lights in the shrubs a couple days later. They don't really look right without a snowy backdrop...at least not here in Syracuse. They also probably seem more festive if you remember to turn them on when it gets dark.

Six bins of holiday decor hurled themselves on whatever pieces of horizontal real estate they could find. Still nothing. The tree went up. A small spark that quickly faded. Most presents wrapped. Well that just feels downright wrong to be so ahead of the game. Maybe it's the rushing that gets me fired up. I orchestrated a couple of elf visits for houses of friends who still have believers. That was fun, but I wondered if anyone would play along if candy wrappers and a letter from the big guy appeared here. You would think the actual visit from Santa would've brought out my yuletide glow...
Is it wrong that I was relieved that it was not carolers at our door? Possibly. Is it wrong that I was afraid that he was a burglar, and I hesitated to open the door at first? Yes, I think so.

The husband signed us up for a block of time ringing the Salvation Army bell at the mall this past weekend. I didn't think we had the most happening spot last year, so was psyched that we were slated to be outside JC Penney this time. Um, change of plans as some political figure nabbed that spot. We were right outside the ever festive...
Victoria's Secret? Ho, ho, HO! I am certain those displays front and center filled the hearts of my husband, teenage son and his friend with a special holiday glow. On the other side of us was the cellphone cover kiosk, which was as happening as you would imagine from 6-9 on a Saturday night. We actually did way more business than him.

At one point either my daughter's friend inquired as to why people stand by the kettle ringing bells. (Note: they take the ringers out of the bells and replace them with paper clips...very melodious...so you have to clank two bells together for any kind of audible effect.) There are no security measures, and you just walk away from the kettle when your shift is done. I told the girls that I think part of the idea is for people to see that folks are volunteering and donating their time, which might give them the nudge that they can donate a quarter as they walk by. Then we started to imagine how much money there would be if every person in the mall gave one quarter. Whenever we would have a serious dry spell, my daughter's friend would reach into her coat pocket and grab a few coins for the kettle, then she would thank herself...cracked me up every time.

Maybe I am just rushing the whole thing as a result of my efforts to be more organized and less stressed. There is still plenty more time even though I keep putting somewhat phony deadlines on myself to keep things moving. The Grinch and Peanuts have already aired which also fosters that sense that we are closer than the calendar actually says. There is still time to get the roast beast.

Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Hello Sunshine!

Holy Gloom and Fog Batman!! The weather here just gets crappier by the minute. It looks like the early afternoon mist has shifted to full blown rain. I was ready to make my picket signs, but am not sure where to station myself to demand some snow. Luckily, a little bit of sunshine was cast my way from the wonderful Michael Ann over at The Big Green Mixing Bowl. Thank you so very much! When you are done here, put some butter on the counter to soften, and go check her out! Once again, I did some investigating to get more information and to make sure I accepted my award properly. "The Sunshine Blog Award is awarded to bloggers whose positivity and creativity inspires others in the blogosphere". Well alrighty then! I am slightly curious as to what I might be inspiring another person to do (certainly not purchase knitting needles), and am relieved to know that there are positive vibes detected over here!

Here are the rules for accepting this award:

1. Thank the person who gave this award and write a post about it. (check)

2. Answer the following questions below.

3. And pass the award to 10 fabulous bloggers, link their blogs and let them know you awarded them.

Hence, my answers to the questions:

Favorite color? Not gray (in my hair, nor in the sky)...um, purple.

Favorite animal? Oh dear...can Fozzie read? Better say dogs to be safe.

Favorite number? 4

Favorite drink? Black Cherry Ginger Ale as of late, before that, hot cider.

Facebook or Twitter? I fear that which I do not know, so Facebook.

Your passion? Writing, I think. It took me awhile to figure that out (not just now, but overall).

Giving or getting presents? Giving, especially when I think they're going to love it!

Favorite day? Saturday

Favorite flower? I love irises, but a single LILY is my absolute favorite.

I love the following blogs for a variety of reasons. They inspire me to think, write and create something for myself. There are a number of types of creativity at work in them, from actual handmade goods (including swell drawing), to problem solving, and great writing. They truly provide rays of sunshine into my world!

And now, the drumroll..........

Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Unraveling randomness

Let me start by saying that the CWS (Chicks With Sticks) gods decided to shine down on me and end whatever cruel joke they were playing on Sunday evening. I still have no idea what went wrong here......but, if I did know, I would make another one just like it, string them together for one foxy bikini, and blind everyone in a 100 yard radius!

Here is today's finished product, on the left, in case you need proof. Apparently there was some counting issue, which is troubling since there was no need to count higher than four.
There was only one logical thing to do when I saw that I had potential with the primrose dishcloth pattern... ...boost my options! Operators are standing by now! OK, enough with that yarn.

Moving on with unwinding the rest of the random...

My husband went on an ironing tear last night. It was so sexy! Of course, my first inclination was to be annoyed that he was perhaps insinuating that my shirt laundering prowess was inadequate. Then I quickly realized that I didn't care what he was or was not insinuating, at least I didn't have to do the ironing.

It is not so festive here in Central New York this year with the gloom and the rain and the above forty degree temperatures. I never really feel like I have done my Christmas shopping until I've made a trip to the mall that involves icy perilous driving conditions. I am trying to find some holiday spirit though. Just look how festive Fozzie is...
It's hard to see his smile behind that pom-pom, but trust me, he is THRILLED!

Remember last week when I was supposed to go decorate cookies? I ended up having to frost them solo.
I know that Amanda would've made sure I did not dress those angels up like past season ghosts...oops! I have no explanation for the hair color either, and they certainly don't look to be having fun.

Speaking of cookies (seriously, when am I not?)...
...these folks are freaking out because I cannot find my gingerbread cookbook. The butter has been on the counter since yesterday, and I have looked through every holiday bin twice. ARGH! This seems like a good opportunity to clarify something. I am not a great cook, I can just follow directions, really well, very closely. There is no recipe ad-libbing here, no extra flair.

In other friendly holiday news, I must've bumped into the Lego advent calendar this morning, prompting Nute Gunray to drop in on Chewbacca to offer season's greetings.
Thanks to Stacy, for taking time out of her own holiday planning, and birthday week relaxing, to host the Random Rebellion!
Stop by to say hello and see what other tinsel trails folks are leaving. You bring some milk, and I'll bring some cookies...

Monday, December 5, 2011

A yarn about yarn

There are people in our family who make beautiful things with yarn. We have the best hats (some with holes to accommodate pony tails), lovely scarves, dishcloths, super soft washcloths, an absolutely gorgeous afghan, socks, mittens and stuffed critters. This is my blog though, so we will be discussing my own attempts to craft yarntastic things.

First, one needs the right supplies...
It has been over three years, and that purple yarn has yet to turn into a scarf. Clearly, this is not due to a lack of needles. I even have those nifty bamboo knitting needles, plus a variety of crochet hooks. Apparently I am ready to snap into action if a Muppet needs a quick mend with all of that fun furtastic joy that exists in my yarn craft bin. (Yes, I even have a designated spot for this hobby.)

I see here that I started on a scarf quite some time ago. I am not sure who I was planning to saddle with that scratchy yarn in such a subtle color.
Right now it is just the right size to be stitched up as a Barbie sleeping bag. She is never dressed warm enough, so I think that might not be a bad idea.

Have you ever noticed how relaxed people look when they knit? It's like they have not a care in the world other than the knit one, purl two mantra in their heads. They are transported to another place, leaving their cares behind. I knit with one needle jabbed into my leg, my shoulders scrunched up under my ears and my fingers dangerously close to being knotted in the works. I wonder if it is as uncomfortable to look at as it is to experience. This dishcloth has been in the bin for at least two years.
Seriously? It does not need to grow into anything blanket sized. I probably took a couple of days off, to nurse the knitting induced cramps in my body, and then possibly forgot how to make a stitch. Truth be told, even if I could muster up twenty more rows, I have no idea how to get that off of the needle. It seems it would be impractical to try to scrub my pots and pans with that knitting stick still attached.

I finally accepted that knitting was possibly not the best leisure activity for me. The next logical thing was to try my luck at crocheting. My aunt came over yesterday to give me a lesson. Look what I made there, on the left, with her sitting by my side.
What's that on the right you ask? Oh, that's the same exact dishcloth. I made it a couple hours later, after my aunt left, because I wanted to make sure I didn't forget anything. I used a needle one size larger, so the project should've come out a little bigger than the original. Are you seeing it? Do you know what color you want to order? At least I won't feel badly when I scrub a pan with that project?

Damn it! Where's my glue gun and rubber stamps, as I obviously need crafts with fewer steps that involve yarn only for extra flair. Or these...

Thursday, December 1, 2011


The fact that it is December means that it is no longer November (yes, I do have a four year degree). That means that NaNoWriMo has come and gone (phew). I started out like gangbusters and even tried to write fiction for a few days, then went back to non-fiction practically mid-sentence. A few days later I realized that my life might not be exciting enough to crank another 50,000 words out of it this year. Then the stomach bug hit and I swear claimed a solid week of my sanity, even if I was only stranded on the couch for one day by my own queasiness (after being numero uno bucket holder for others one other day). I also received that super swell Versatile Blogger award, so that distracted me too with its pretty color. I decided that instead of caving completely, I would set a new goal of 10,000 words-not terribly lofty, I know, since I think I had over 9,000 when I decided. I finished at 10,141, and felt pretty ok about myself for a change!

OK, so maybe it helped my ego that one of the first three bloggers I check in on every day had slipped me one of these lovelies...

Thank you so much NotJustAnotherMotherBlogger! Liebster is the German word for friend or love. My google search (rules, I need rules people) told me that the aim of this award is to bring attention to blogs with fewer than 200 followers. Oh, and I think the giver is a fan of the recipients blog...did that go without saying? Well, I'm saying it because it makes me feel special! Seriously, I am happy to get this award from a blogger who writes so beautifully and has made me laugh and cry with stories she has told. Most of all, she has made me stop to think, to actually consider my opinions, like an actual adult. So, Thank you!

Now the tricky part is, that since I did some Liebster research, I feel compelled to follow the rules. However, I am going to bend them a little instead perhaps, since I am not certain precisely how many followers a couple of these blogs have. I am going to share the love, so that you can go check out these folks and share the love too!

Facebooking from the Edge - I have not showered this blog with nearly enough love considering all of the laughs it has brought me! The reason is that I was reading it on the elliptical every morning via email. That posed two problems 1) I was not savvy enough to remember that I could go onto the actual post to comment and 2) If I had, the typing might've knocked me right off before my 20 minutes was up. Anybody who can make me laugh at 6:45 a.m. WHILE I am pretending to exercise is worthy!

Just a Lil Blog - I happened upon this blog when we had both done guest posts over at Yeah. Good Times. I don't just visit him because he hangs with the cools kids though. I love the stories this father tells with such care, concern and honesty.

The Wily Weez - Sometimes a girl's just gotta laugh and sometimes she's gotta vent. This super lady gives plenty of chances for both.

Musings of a Sarcastic Mind - Did you just read the title of the blog? Why would you have any questions about why I love her?

Angie Uncovered - She's got a lot of topics to cover, and I enjoy them all. She is also really holding her own in the weekly showdowns with Wag the Dad.

Now I hope that Blogger is reading my list because he (sorry for assuming he's a male) has been acting a bit wonky as of late. Apparently he's been getting tips from the way TiVo operates, and is showing me only updates on blogs I follow that he thinks I am particularly interested in, but is leaving out a heap of others! Here I was in despair thinking some folks had fallen off the edge of the blogosphere. How dare he stress me out like that!? I am still trying to catch up on all I missed! Now I am just ignoring his list of updates and going to each blog individually...I'll just do it myself---ugh! (Yeah, still just talking about the guy that is Blogger Update, any similarities to my feelings about men who I might live with are purely coincidental!)