Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Random Wrap

Let me start by saying Happy Hannukah! (Sorry if that is not your favorite spelling...Chappy Chanukkah?) We just got home from our annual fill up on latkes. My mother threatened to not make them a couple of years ago, but really, it's all we tree decorating folks do to help my step-father celebrate his holiday. He has a twinkle in his eye when we walk in that tells me he appreciates our visit, even if we understand more about delightful shredded potatoes than any other aspect of the holiday. I am often inspired by the story of the lantern oil lasting longer than expected, as it comes at a time of year when we are pretty much running on fumes. I am also not one to turn down chocolate candy. We also do not know the precise translation for the prayer he says while lighting the candles, but have faith that he's got it right.

Today was a crappy sunny day. Yes, you read that correctly. Where were the gray clouds that mean the snows are coming? Why was I stranded at home with a child because his stomach didn't feel quite right, when we all should've been doing the snow day dance and drinking hot cocoa? Yes, I got a lot done around here that could only happen if I had to stay put, but it was nowhere near as joyous as having school closed.

There are just a few things rattling around in my head that I need to chase out in order to better focus on my list. Thankfully, Stacy is letting us help her decorate the blogosphere with our ramblings. I'm not sure when she is passing out the eggnog, so you'll have to stop by her place when you are done here to ask her!


I hate bra shopping, as you may know depending how long you've been hanging out here. Yes, there are wonderfully pretty and fun patterns and sexy designs, but not when you get to my size. This is what they have to offer in my world...
What it lacks in allure, it makes up for with just cracking me up. I refused to even take it off the rack, even though my friend was assuring me it would stretch out...where? how?

This ceramic stove top cleaner I ran across at one of my new housecleaning gigs made me puzzle until my puzzler was sore...
I wasn't confused because the type was blurry, as it was actually just fine. It was the part that says "Cookware should be washed after cleaning." With what? Is there some sort of super silly circular cycle racket to buy several other products to clean the cleaner?

Of all the food at the grocery store, this is not what I would've had to crack open to sample one of...
The mini cheese ball packages were all intact (as that is what I was eyeing), but this dessert ball package was not so lucky.

As I was perusing the electric burner selections (yeah, you know why), I had to pause and read the information out loud on this one...
So let's see, that has the GE symbol on it, and ok, "fits most brands except GE"? That makes perfect sense.

I took some photos of the most recent attempt to fill our home with holiday cheer in the form of gingerbread people decorating. Stay tuned, as I have decided it deserves its own post. For now, let's just ponder how many more ornament kits and craft supplies I will feel compelled to buy for my daughter before I just feel festive already?! (This is round two or three.)
Meanwhile, she's becoming a bit like an elf with a severe caffeine addiction with her boundless energy and joy! It's almost infectious...almost.


  1. Awww! So sorry your little one had a tummy ache!

    I hate bra shopping, too. It's a necessary evil that I've been putting off as I need new bras.

    That electric burner with the GE symbol that doesn't fit GE stoves is crazy!

    Love the little decorations! I feel bad I haven't gotten Princess Nagger any of those kits to put together this year...luckily she hasn't complained. ;)

    Have a Very Merry Christmas! :)

    Rescheduled Birthday with Chuck, Dinosaur Dilemma, Christmas Shopping Conundrum

  2. Bra shopping never seems to go well for me, either. Even when I go to a place like Lane Bryant, they never have my size in any cute bras!

    As for GE, you know that they contract with the government. That should explain the package!

  3. Ohhh girl I hate hate bra shopping and bras. I swear to God I got sizes professionally and y bra's still bug the crap out of me. I swear I am going to start wearing my sports bra all the time

  4. Well, if you don't have any issues with whore bras, you should totally go to Frederick's. I think they assume you have 38DD's at minimum, so it's a good starting point.

  5. Okay Andrea... I am sharing this with you because I feel your pain in the bra shopping dept. I used to be a DDD-E and had no luck finding the cute stuff I just KNEW all other women had. Then one day my girlfriend from Scotland who is far more well endowed than myself directed me to this site: http://www.fantasie.com/ Go on... take a look! They are pricier than some but SO worth it!

  6. I love latkes! But we haven't had any Jewish friends invite us over for them in years. Maybe I should just start making them myself. LOVE her ornaments - definitely worth an investment in festive craft paper.

  7. I feel your pain! Here in Ohio today it's 50 degrees, raining and in between the rain showers the sun is showing his happy little face! What with the mud puddles and green grass poking through said mud, it feels like a frickin' day in March! And we still have at least 3 months of Winter that haven't even begun yet! How can I possibly wrap a present with weather like that??
    And the bra thing? Don't get me started!

  8. At least you have boobs. I have a hard time trying to find a A bra that fits. Maybe I need to be in the tween section??? I don't know. At least they won't sag too much!!!

  9. I can't believe how many odd occurrences you go through in one day! :-)

    The bra thing was great....I think the bra makers can do better than that!

    Love the crafty things at the bottom. Especially the globe thingys on the left side of the photo. Cute! No one around here would make those....but I like to admire them. Fun post! I look forward to seeing the Gingerbread men.