Saturday, December 24, 2011

Run, run as fast as you can!

In my never ending attempt to bring more festiveness to our home, I decided the answer was probably in the pages of the gingerbread cookbook we finally found. Each of the kids had a friend over, so that meant I was outnumbered by two eleven year old girls and two fourteen year old boys. I could see the spark of delight the thought of frosting tips brought to the girls' eyes, but wasn't really sure if the boys would be interested. I didn't want to embarrass or pressure anyone, nor have anyone feel left out, so I threw the toppings on the table and filled up four decorator bags with frosting......and then I stood back.

Curiosity, if nothing else, brought the boys to the table. This was my son's friend's first creation...
...he's a keeper! And here was my son's first gingerbread MAN of the day...
Lovely! He was kind of the gateway cookie for folks to follow. I believe this was was dubbed the average overindulging American...
And then the daughter chimed in with the "Oops, I crapped myself" version...I don't mind cyclops, but why so unhappy (and why did I not get mini m&ms?)...And if you can't cram enough decorations on one cookie, it's clearly time to start stacking them up...This might be Santa...Calling all Spongebob fans! Patrick has arrived...(Mind you at one point it was insinuated that I was nuts to think that they would've bothered to pick through those pastel sprinkles to find two matching eyes.) And can somebody tell Bert how to get back to Sesame Street? I guarded a small pile of cookies on the counter to frost to my own liking. In the end this was just about having some fun, and in that respect was a success...and really who does it look like had more fun?**No Gingers were harmed on that afternoon. Humiliated, perhaps, but not harmed.**

Oh, and by the way, I learned a little something else when I put out sprinkles and frosting for cutouts a few days later. Do not leave the bag of black frosting, intended for reindeer faces, out for general use.

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  1. Awwww!!! Now I'm hungry... gingerbread cookies go great with coffee!