Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Unraveling randomness

Let me start by saying that the CWS (Chicks With Sticks) gods decided to shine down on me and end whatever cruel joke they were playing on Sunday evening. I still have no idea what went wrong here......but, if I did know, I would make another one just like it, string them together for one foxy bikini, and blind everyone in a 100 yard radius!

Here is today's finished product, on the left, in case you need proof. Apparently there was some counting issue, which is troubling since there was no need to count higher than four.
There was only one logical thing to do when I saw that I had potential with the primrose dishcloth pattern... ...boost my options! Operators are standing by now! OK, enough with that yarn.

Moving on with unwinding the rest of the random...

My husband went on an ironing tear last night. It was so sexy! Of course, my first inclination was to be annoyed that he was perhaps insinuating that my shirt laundering prowess was inadequate. Then I quickly realized that I didn't care what he was or was not insinuating, at least I didn't have to do the ironing.

It is not so festive here in Central New York this year with the gloom and the rain and the above forty degree temperatures. I never really feel like I have done my Christmas shopping until I've made a trip to the mall that involves icy perilous driving conditions. I am trying to find some holiday spirit though. Just look how festive Fozzie is...
It's hard to see his smile behind that pom-pom, but trust me, he is THRILLED!

Remember last week when I was supposed to go decorate cookies? I ended up having to frost them solo.
I know that Amanda would've made sure I did not dress those angels up like past season ghosts...oops! I have no explanation for the hair color either, and they certainly don't look to be having fun.

Speaking of cookies (seriously, when am I not?)...
...these folks are freaking out because I cannot find my gingerbread cookbook. The butter has been on the counter since yesterday, and I have looked through every holiday bin twice. ARGH! This seems like a good opportunity to clarify something. I am not a great cook, I can just follow directions, really well, very closely. There is no recipe ad-libbing here, no extra flair.

In other friendly holiday news, I must've bumped into the Lego advent calendar this morning, prompting Nute Gunray to drop in on Chewbacca to offer season's greetings.
Thanks to Stacy, for taking time out of her own holiday planning, and birthday week relaxing, to host the Random Rebellion!
Stop by to say hello and see what other tinsel trails folks are leaving. You bring some milk, and I'll bring some cookies...


  1. These angels crack me up! Seriously, they would fit right in at my house, because we're all a little wonky.

  2. Mmmm those cookies look nummy! :)

  3. Laughed through that whole thing, as usual! I would have had the same initial thought about my husband doing the ironing! Oh well.

    Your decorated sugar cookies look great! My 12 year old and I just finished decorated our sugar cookies tonight. I'll have to post some photos. Our angels look almost just like yours!

    Hey, guess what? I've given you a blogger award! Come on over to The Big Green Bowl to hear about it :-) Yay!

  4. Nute Gunray is just a misunderstood soul, I am sure. Chewie will set him right this Christmas, you'll see.

    I don't believe you when you say that you aren't a great cook. I think you need to send me several boxes of cookies so I can be the judge of that. ;)

  5. Yeah, good call. Never look a gift ironer in the mouth.

  6. You look like an amazing cook! I can't even make the cookies that come out of the tube...

  7. I love your cookies! And who cares why he's doing the ironing, just let him!!!

  8. Chicks with Sticks? Um..you may want to change that name. Just sayin.

    Aaahahahaha, I laughed my head off at the bikini. THAT would be epic! Oh, and I'll gladly take those angels off your plate for you.