Thursday, February 27, 2014

It takes TUNE - complete with throwback

For some strange reason, I felt compelled to make a family favorite for dinner tonight. Maybe it was to show my appreciation for the Pokemon cards that have mysteriously crept back out of the depths of the basement to be stacked all over horizontal surfaces...or the way girl child's school work is placed strategically on any leftover kitchen counter space. It doesn't matter the reason why, but we were going to eat well tonight. It sounded like such a good 1:00 in the afternoon before the blizzard and the cold took over my will to be upright. 

I rallied to make a cookie cake, which is just a comically large chocolate chip cookie. Maybe they are called cakes to indicate that they are not single servings. I know it comes as no surprise to you that semi-sweet morsels will keep me off the couch. I tried to putter around until it was time to make dinner, but I just ran out of things to do, or at least things I had any interest in doing. I made that one mistake, the one where I sat down at 4:30. Over the next sixty minutes, I sank further and further into the cushions. A blanket would have been the final nail, so I refrained. Yet things looked grim in terms of dinner preparation, until for some reason I had that familiar line pop into my head..HIT IT!

All I had to do was put the laptop on the counter, and I wasn't just breading chicken cutlets anymore. 
"I get stupid, I mean outrageous
Stay away from me, if you're contagious"
Yeah raw chicken, I am talking to YOU!

No, I was back in my sophomore year of college dancing around with my roommate. That was the song, yes, that was the one that got us going, energized enough to drag our sorry selves out of bed to get ready for class. 

It might have looked like I was here mixing eggs, but I could not have been farther away. I did not stutter, and certainly projected my voice. I am sure my children were happy to see what was taking up the space in my brain that could have been used for information to help them with social studies - song lyrics.

Of course I had to follow up with Joy and Pain, because that was what came next on the It Takes Two album. Things sort of spiraled into some Tone Loc, as how could it be 1989 in Saint Mary's dorm without it. 

The chicken parm was fine, but my state of mind was even better.

Here we are, ready to go out, no doubt after just finishing yet another Rob Base & DJ E-Z Rock concert. I feel like I should say something about my outfit, but 1989 says it all, no?

Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Random Winter Appreciation

As I was snowblowing the driveway this morning, I thought about how it was over forty degrees just two days ago...that was nice. I started to wonder if winter was becoming that little kid tugging on our legs, just wanting us to engage and acknowledge him with a smile on our face.
No Fozzie, I did not say with snow all over our face. Now where was I? Oh, that's right, my latest theory. So maybe winter is just tired of all of the negative attention and wants a little hug and some appreciation, to be treated like a little angel...
To be heralded for the beauty and peace...
Cross-country skiing is fun! Thank you winter!

Winterfest in Syracuse is fun, and french toast martinis are apparently delicious. Thank you winter!

Snowballs are fun, as long as nobody gets hit in the face. Thank you winter!

Seriously Foz, again?

It might have taken a little begging on my part, but this yard did not go without a snowsomebody this year. Thank you winter!

Are we good? Are we done now? Do you feel enough love to warm your heart and carry you until next December, Winter? I should check the forecast...I see we are expecting more of your flakey friends to arrive daily for the rest of the week. That's great, no really, great, because this isn't getting all...

Sunday, February 23, 2014

Superhero Sunday: Resourceful

Even superheroes have to do housework, but there is no reason to feel any less super when your favorite cape is going into the dryer.
With a simple fold and a twist, an ordinary Spongebob sheet can do the trick.

Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Random celebration!

Despite the fact that I need no encouragement to eat candy, today I am indulging for a very good reason. This little blog of mine turns four years old today, and my daughter refuses to bake us a cake, hence the candy. (You could say I feel like 100 grand.) I was thinking that we must be turning three, since we are still working very hard to use our words and having fewer temper tantrums, but 2010 it was. I didn't even own a teenager back then.

As you can see, Fozzie has been fielding phonecalls from well-wishers all day.

I should probably set some goals for the coming year, in preparation for some glorious landmark fifth year celebration. Finding a properly fitting bra in a subtle color perhaps? You know, lofty goals. Does that sound like me? I didn't think so, cookies it will be. Or how about pie? I think maybe four people were reading back when this happened in my second post.

I would like to thank those of you who found your way here over the past four years, and decided to get comfy and stick around. You have truly added some pizazz to my life, like an honorary tribe of creepy monkeys...only better! Oh look, here is a little piece of cake after all...

Well, you probably are ready to move along and go now...
 ...just remember to ENJOY the go...I mean, why not?!

Sunday, February 16, 2014

Superhero Sunday: Flair

When faced with mundane tasks, superheroes must find a way to do them with flair. For example:
Shoveling fluffy snow directly into the wind provides a nice opportunity to get sprinkled with glittery dust. You may even inspire others to share that joy, instead of merely flinging it at themselves.
Sharing joy is always good.

Make sure, when choosing photographers, to go with someone who has an artistic eye. This will help you capture your flair.
Interesting cropping, I must say.

Always make sure your hair takes part in the flair.
You don't want a coif that is perfectly styled, as how will people get a true sense of how hard you are working.

Most importantly, for goodness flair sake, don't forget your cape!

Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Can I tell you something random?

I felt like I was being accosted by signage the other day while I was out and about! Obviously the crystal clear sparkle of my windshield helped immensely! First I ended up behind the Perky Jerky...
If you are not following closely enough, apparently they claim "Everyone Wants my Meat!" Lovely, and no. I decided to look the other way and pass that bus. I was just continuing on, minding my own business, when boom...
I am not terribly impressed by Mr. Moe's choice in ad campaigns. Right back at you!

Just keep driving, find a happy place. Oh, how about a church?
In that order? Exclusively? I kept thinking there was some news story I had missed that would help this make sense, but then gave up.

How about if I just get to the store already? There must be some mission I can accomplish.
I am going to let you guess which of these quests panned out, as only one was successful.

You know what? This was all very trying, so I should probably just soothe myself with a nice bowl of soup...

Really? Maybe I will just venture as far as the snack shack and have some chocolate.

Sunday, February 9, 2014

Superhero Sunday: Love your heart!

Hey! Just dropping in to remind everyone that February is National Heart Health month.
Go Red is the campaign for Women's Heart Health. Take care of yourself, because it is selfish not to!

If you want one of these cute little red dress pins to remind yourself, let me know.

Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Any random out there?

Feeling a little bit restless here, as I wait for my new countertops to be installed. We have bid farewell to these...
 ...and right now I have this...
In addition to being excited, I think I am mostly hungry! I am trying to decide what I should get out of the snack shack to sustain me for the duration of the installation. I should have had my family put together a treasure hunt through the house of, no I should not have done that. But if they had left snacks, I hope they all would have had helpful serving suggestions on the box... am I supposed to throw them on the box to eat them, or have a wedge of pomegranate with them?

In other points to ponder, I am wondering if these two joke bras from the party store would actually do the trick for me.

Here is another update from the great grandparents' basement clean-out of 2014. What is behind full cabinet number one?
Why it's full cabinet number two!

OH MY GOSH!!!!! I just got the "Ma'am?" So I head out to the kitchen where the stove is pulled out, and am told now is my chance to clean up. Oh. No. My mind flashed to the other day when I cleaned the whole top and under the burners of the stove, got new drip pans, but did NOT pull the stove out because I had the oven on...and never thought of it again. Not only did I think I'd look insane snapping a photo, but I felt the level of shame I experienced in seeing the disastrous sides of the stove and the floor itself did not warrant the sharing of photographic evidence. Seriously? I had organized the top drawers because I knew people would see into them. I asked if they were going to pull out the refrigerator too, so I knew what level of despair to prepare for. He said they were not, but he could if I, no. (The only reason I almost took the offer was that the stove is currently blocking the fridge and that is making my tummy nervous.)

I know where there is candy hidden outside of the kitchen, and I am totally going to get it! It will give me something to do, other than wonder if they are totally unimpressed by the cleanup job I just did. Pressure.

Sunday, February 2, 2014

Superhero Sunday: A prickly situation

I swear this woman may never learn...
She is not a tall person, and should have realized that skiing over the burdock was not a good idea. There was probably plenty of room to go around. I had to grab the cape and head to her assistance.
Aaaaaaah, then I was attacked by others!
Nooooo, not my cape!

Maybe if I go fast enough, they will just fly off.
 Never appear nervous. Nothing to see here.
Crisis averted, time to go home.