Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Any random out there?

Feeling a little bit restless here, as I wait for my new countertops to be installed. We have bid farewell to these...
 ...and right now I have this...
In addition to being excited, I think I am mostly hungry! I am trying to decide what I should get out of the snack shack to sustain me for the duration of the installation. I should have had my family put together a treasure hunt through the house of snacks...no, no I should not have done that. But if they had left snacks, I hope they all would have had helpful serving suggestions on the box...
...so am I supposed to throw them on the box to eat them, or have a wedge of pomegranate with them?

In other points to ponder, I am wondering if these two joke bras from the party store would actually do the trick for me.

Here is another update from the great grandparents' basement clean-out of 2014. What is behind full cabinet number one?
Why it's full cabinet number two!

OH MY GOSH!!!!! I just got the "Ma'am?" So I head out to the kitchen where the stove is pulled out, and am told now is my chance to clean up. Oh. No. My mind flashed to the other day when I cleaned the whole top and under the burners of the stove, got new drip pans, but did NOT pull the stove out because I had the oven on...and never thought of it again. Not only did I think I'd look insane snapping a photo, but I felt the level of shame I experienced in seeing the disastrous sides of the stove and the floor itself did not warrant the sharing of photographic evidence. Seriously? I had organized the top drawers because I knew people would see into them. I asked if they were going to pull out the refrigerator too, so I knew what level of despair to prepare for. He said they were not, but he could if I wanted...um, no. (The only reason I almost took the offer was that the stove is currently blocking the fridge and that is making my tummy nervous.)

I know where there is candy hidden outside of the kitchen, and I am totally going to get it! It will give me something to do, other than wonder if they are totally unimpressed by the cleanup job I just did. Pressure.


  1. I have never cleaned under my stove. Ever. Does that make you feel better? It does not make me feel better, except that maybe that's where Jimmy Hoffa is hiding. As long as I don't look under the stove, I can pretend, right?

  2. Please send me one of those power lift bras. Thanks!

  3. "We've fallen and we can't get up".......OMG I LOVE THAT. Hahahaha Clean under the stove?? ahh, no (I'm too scared) Don't even want to think about what might be behind the refrigerator! My advice is grab for the candy and lull yourself into a sugar coma where nothing else matters.
    Oh, did you wear your cape while cleaning??

  4. My most recent mice problem originated from behind the stove. So, it was pulled out by the exterminator and hubs to treat the problem while I was at work, and was safely ensconced back in its proper place upon my return from work. Therefore, I can safely say that behind the stove has never been cleaned. I'm ok with that.

  5. Good luck on the remodel. Sounds like a bit of a mess! :)

  6. The joys of renovating - I'm in the midst of redoing my kitchen too, sucks! I'm laughing as I think of your stove fiasco - I've been there, done that! hahahaha

  7. Does taking out the drawer under the oven and cleaning the floor count as cleaning under the stove? "Cause I totally did that once at some point during the past four years.


  8. Can't wait to see the finished product!

  9. Good luck on the renovation!


  10. Teeheeheee, I'm just giddy with glee at all your glorious (and hilarious) randomness. Wowee, can't wait to see your new countertops! And quite frankly, I doubt a lot of people have ever cleaned their stove sides. Yeesh, I know I never have. I'm afraid to look.