Thursday, February 27, 2014

It takes TUNE - complete with throwback

For some strange reason, I felt compelled to make a family favorite for dinner tonight. Maybe it was to show my appreciation for the Pokemon cards that have mysteriously crept back out of the depths of the basement to be stacked all over horizontal surfaces...or the way girl child's school work is placed strategically on any leftover kitchen counter space. It doesn't matter the reason why, but we were going to eat well tonight. It sounded like such a good 1:00 in the afternoon before the blizzard and the cold took over my will to be upright. 

I rallied to make a cookie cake, which is just a comically large chocolate chip cookie. Maybe they are called cakes to indicate that they are not single servings. I know it comes as no surprise to you that semi-sweet morsels will keep me off the couch. I tried to putter around until it was time to make dinner, but I just ran out of things to do, or at least things I had any interest in doing. I made that one mistake, the one where I sat down at 4:30. Over the next sixty minutes, I sank further and further into the cushions. A blanket would have been the final nail, so I refrained. Yet things looked grim in terms of dinner preparation, until for some reason I had that familiar line pop into my head..HIT IT!

All I had to do was put the laptop on the counter, and I wasn't just breading chicken cutlets anymore. 
"I get stupid, I mean outrageous
Stay away from me, if you're contagious"
Yeah raw chicken, I am talking to YOU!

No, I was back in my sophomore year of college dancing around with my roommate. That was the song, yes, that was the one that got us going, energized enough to drag our sorry selves out of bed to get ready for class. 

It might have looked like I was here mixing eggs, but I could not have been farther away. I did not stutter, and certainly projected my voice. I am sure my children were happy to see what was taking up the space in my brain that could have been used for information to help them with social studies - song lyrics.

Of course I had to follow up with Joy and Pain, because that was what came next on the It Takes Two album. Things sort of spiraled into some Tone Loc, as how could it be 1989 in Saint Mary's dorm without it. 

The chicken parm was fine, but my state of mind was even better.

Here we are, ready to go out, no doubt after just finishing yet another Rob Base & DJ E-Z Rock concert. I feel like I should say something about my outfit, but 1989 says it all, no?


  1. What a cute photo. I can't do anything when music plays. It distracts me. It's strange because I'm a big multi-tasker most of the time.


  2. Okay, my head is bobbing like a chicken's to the beat in my head, and I'm sure my kids think I'm losing it. Total energizer song! 80s hair and wine coolers. Oh yeah, baby!

  3. The Roaring 80's! No one who didn't live through them--and was somewhere between twelve and, oh, maybe 22?--will ever get it :D One of the reasons I'm so in love with music is because of its time-machine properties. Especially when it takes our ears by surprise, or--like in your case--a crumb of a lyric starts bouncing around in our head.

    Thanks for the chuckle :) New follower (and fellow A-Z minion) that will be back for many more.
    Guilie @ Making History: join the #AZchat!

  4. Ah college life in the 80s. Good times. But yes please make the snow stop!

  5. Good times, those college years. What I remember of them, anyway. *cough*

  6. You were a preppie!!!!!!!!! Love the Izod! (or I guess I should say LaCoste)…..I was in graduate school (and married) in 1989. ;P

  7. They just don't make blue shorts like they used to....