Thursday, August 30, 2018

Dear Mystery Person(s)

This post is a bit late, but no less heartfelt or delicious! As I struggled to find new strategies of coping last week, a large box arrived on our doorstep addressed to me-and only me-which is super exciting to begin with. I read the return address, ecreamery, and pondered what miracles of modern day science could possibly await me inside! Dipping Dots, the ice cream of the future? Freeze-dried astronaut offerings? 
Yes, I see that the scoops of support has mysteriously been opened before photo could be taken
Nope, this was legitimate frozen ice cream...four pints! Are you seeing those flavors*?

Of course I used four spoons, I am not a savage
(even if I was in the pint of compassion before photo could be taken)
Included was this note that gave me the feels right down in my soul, and then just when I might have cracked, a dash of humor to make me grin.  
Something was missing though...the sender's name. So just to recap:  Ice cream (win), note that made me feel love and happiness (win) AND a fun mystery (win)!!! So thank you mystery person(s)--I hope maybe you visit here. 
I truly appreciate the compassion...
I was most definitely wrapped in a hug...

 And truly felt the support
 And, for a few moments, felt much better!

*Seriously, every one of these flavors were not only incredibly creamy, but also delicious and full of whatever delights the descriptions promised.

Friday, August 24, 2018

For the love of pajama pants

I am so happy that I wrote a blog post a couple of years ago that included a Facebook dialogue between Jeffrey and me. It was hard enough to find the original post, let alone what would have taken to sift back through so many lines of messages. I find comfort, and humor, in seeing his words. I was just watching an Episode of Comedians in Cars Getting Coffee where Kate McKinnon was reflecting on a time where she wore Spongebob pajama pants out in public, and I just knew it was time to review this public service message.

Monday, August 20, 2018

This Little Light of Mine

I have been wanting to write a blog post since whenever it was that I wrote my last one. My time was being spent elsewhere, but the greater issue was that my mind was otherwise occupied as well. Many of us were making an attempt to say goodbye to a dear friend who had run out of treatment options in an incredibly fierce battle. I did finally pull together some words to say at his services yesterday, and thought I would share them here to explain not only what we have lost, but to celebrate who we had the joy of knowing.

Let me start by saying that were it not for Jeffrey, my hair would be limp and three inches longer. Also, one can only imagine what frock style ensemble I would have pulled together to stand here in. I am still not positive about the dress, but he gave it his seal of approval for another event last month. I chickened out at the last minute then, but figured I would go for it today. I admit that the temptation to wear my Hello Kitty pajama pants was great, but I resisted.

I tell the following story because, while it is personal, I believe it will resonate with many of you in this room. A couple of weeks ago, the sky was gray and lightly spitting on me as I got in my car at home to head to Jeffrey's house. The mere ten mile drive brought me to bluer skies and sunshine. So typical. I told Jeffrey of my journey and that it summed up our friendship - leaving my Addams Family style rain cloud to go stand in his light.

Jeffrey - a bright shining light, casting rays so strong that they illuminated parts of us that were possibly in shadows or simply too hard to see - empathy, compassion, strength and hope. All the while he stayed present with dignity, grace and of course, laughter.

He brought out the best in us with his kindness and simply for loving us for who we are.

And when Jeffrey did pick on me, with that incredible wit, I would immediately start trying to defend myself. Then one look at those insanely long fluttering eyelashes and that smile, and I was quickly laughing with him, realizing he was right...and it was funny.

So I imagine Jeffrey's first words to Saint Peter were "Really?! That's what you're wearing?!"

Let's all keep his light shining my friends.

Jeff and I waiting for his needle biopsy this past February-after a discussion
on how nice that blue gown color looked on him

As for the title of this post? It is one of my favorite Raffi songs from when both my own children as well as my siblings were little. It brings me comfort and encouragement. Not exactly Jeffrey's style, as I am unaware of there being a Michael Buble version.