Thursday, August 30, 2018

Dear Mystery Person(s)

This post is a bit late, but no less heartfelt or delicious! As I struggled to find new strategies of coping last week, a large box arrived on our doorstep addressed to me-and only me-which is super exciting to begin with. I read the return address, ecreamery, and pondered what miracles of modern day science could possibly await me inside! Dipping Dots, the ice cream of the future? Freeze-dried astronaut offerings? 
Yes, I see that the scoops of support has mysteriously been opened before photo could be taken
Nope, this was legitimate frozen ice cream...four pints! Are you seeing those flavors*?

Of course I used four spoons, I am not a savage
(even if I was in the pint of compassion before photo could be taken)
Included was this note that gave me the feels right down in my soul, and then just when I might have cracked, a dash of humor to make me grin.  
Something was missing though...the sender's name. So just to recap:  Ice cream (win), note that made me feel love and happiness (win) AND a fun mystery (win)!!! So thank you mystery person(s)--I hope maybe you visit here. 
I truly appreciate the compassion...
I was most definitely wrapped in a hug...

 And truly felt the support
 And, for a few moments, felt much better!

*Seriously, every one of these flavors were not only incredibly creamy, but also delicious and full of whatever delights the descriptions promised.


  1. What a fantastic gesture! You can't go wrong with ice cream. I was out of town and must catch up on your posts. I hope you are OK.

  2. I sent them. I'm also a compulsive liar.


  3. What a sweet mystery friend! Sorry about your loss. I've been MIA on Blogland due to my grandmother's hospitalization.

  4. Yummi, i love to eat Ice Cream with my mates. You shared something amazing. Here you can also share it.