Thursday, September 6, 2018

This particular nest

Perhaps you have been wondering how I am doing in my new phase of life?
Even if that was not your primary concern for coming here, can we talk about it anyway? Although, now I am curious as to why you've stopped by. This calls for a cookie! However, since I have already eaten two homemade chocolate chip cookies today, each one the size of my hand, let's try to focus. 

I know people are fond of the expression "empty nest", those might not be people who have experienced it. First of all, as you can see above, the nest doesn't really get left empty. There is dirt and and detritus that overflows in the wake of duffel bags being hauled out the front door. Look at all of those twigs-were they even comfortable to sit on? Did anybody actually use them? Why were they even kept? Surely that mother bird and I have much to discuss.

I don't think of our entire house as a nest, mainly  just this couch.
(Yes, I vacuumed for you.) This is the place where we all fit comfortably in our assigned seats. Well, some of us were more comfortable than others in a literal sense, but my soul could rest here. Whereas that mother bird eventually got crowded out, this nest still had plenty of room. It has taken some effort for me to figure out how, and where, to sit in this space.
I am 5'4" and just can't quite fill it up.
 I have to work on my sprawling techniques.
I have made some progress though, as last Monday I went and sat in my bedroom on the phone instead of looking at the empty seats, and today I am here typing on my assigned cushion...and taking dorky pictures to share with you. Thank you for giving me purpose!

No tears were shed during this post and I am very pleased to report that both kids are settled in and seem very happy!


  1. Your nest isn't really empty until you change their rooms into an exercise room and a craft room. Yeah.

  2. Yes and then the little birdies come back. With laundry. Lots of it....

  3. glad you are adjusting to more space to sprawl. And I bet the fridge still has food in it. Put out some sneakers to stumble over just to keep in practice - ha! And I promise, when they are back for a visit, your house will seem SO noisy. You'll be aware, trust me.
    Until then, take care

  4. I can lend you Ella when you want someone to mess up those cushions. Sending you a hug. :)