Monday, October 10, 2016

A debate

Very often Facebook provides insight into people's beliefs and opinions that we may not have already been privy to. Perhaps the issue at hand has to be teased out of something that may at first seem purely anecdotal on the surface. Considering that we are deep in the midst of debate season, I thought I would share my story, starting with the following Facebook post I read...

It's true. I have had a migraine for 5 days and now I can't help myself nor can I even try to filter my mouth at times ... Well, most of the time... Ok! All the time. Truly, I own this. At target this morning and a mess of a woman in her late 40's, a Coke in her hand and wearing pj bottoms.. Seriously? pj bottoms?? ... and the poor polite cashier are having a conversation regarding Cape Cod... You see where this is going yet? Yes-- quietly I waited as the conversation turns to the "gay agenda" and her stating she's afraid we will take over. Me: "Honey, you are safe. As a card carrying member, YOU wouldn't even earn a toaster oven. We will require you to brush your hair and put that ass in pants when in public". #nofilter#gayintrouble

I had NO idea he had such strong negative feelings about pajama bottoms. I love pajama bottoms, so of course wondered what this could mean for our friendship. When we had a chance to discuss the issue, I learned that the public display was the issue, not just a random assault on jammies, plus the loungewear in question was adorned with Spongebob. I also learned that the verbal exchange concluded with him telling her to "Put some damn pants on!" I realized he might actually be on to something, and perhaps I could support his rally cry on some level afterall, but still had a few nagging doubts. This was not a clearly defined issue for me as far as when pajamas were acceptable. I did not want to risk having guilt, or second-guessing, tarnish the comfort of my pj time. I opted for a loose interpretation, and carried on with my life, until one day when we were chatting on facebook...
a friend is dropping something off in a few minutes…I didn't even bother to get dressed…can we still be friends

To be clear, I have on pajama shorts, not pants…TOTALLY DIFFERENT
But is the effort to put on a pair of jeans and a shirt that great?
I'd have to give up talking to you
😉 hahahaha
It's the bra that does it…too much!
These are the questions you have to ask yourself when you know somebody's coming to your door - Is the effort so great daunting ...that I can't even get on a pair of pants and a shirt
and I have on sneakers that would have to be removed…yes, sneakers…with my pj's
so there's the effort right there
It's like you're shopping at Walmart but you're home

Can I please put this conversation on my blog later this week
Please. Help others
i am running upstairs to change…if I fall, this is on you…my hair will still be a mess...
Wear a baseball hat.... Did you brush your teeth?
I ask because I fear that you probably have not knowing that you're still in pajamas and it's 1230 in the afternoon. So of course I have this image of you greeting your friend with the pajamas, sneakers and bad breath
Dammit Jeff! I don't like what I am wearing and didn't brush my teeth and a baseball hat would look ridiculous with this shirt

off to brush...

They'll appreciate your brushing as well as the added layers of clothes. You don't want your friend actually thinking you will be leaving the house in that get up knowing that you have sneakers on....
See how easy that was
She is dropping off a bucket of cookie dough I ordered from her daughter…I thought my previous look was appropriate for that!
Aside from you having the flu, I actually don't think there is a time that that would be appropriate to greet a friend .... Just saying. Put some damn pants on.

So now I am trying to remember what sort of mess I was last Friday when I saw you and debating a salon visit before Thursday's visit
Just promise not to silently judge me…say that shit right out loud! ❤
You were fine on Friday! But who doesn't love to go to the salon??? Pampered and prepped to battle the upcoming weeks. I'm rarely silent. And, glad that you shared that your friend was coming over and what you were wearing. Think of her perception as she drives away from your house knowing that you're wearing pajamas and sneakers and she's just dropped off a tub of cookie dough .... She would probably wonder how much Prozac you were on.... Alone with a tub of cookie dough and pajamas
I had warned her that I was pajamaed, as that was why I wasn't walking over to her house right then for the dough. I should have just thrown on a cape and gone for it…would that have been the final straw?
True though remember .... Somethings cannot be unseen. Although a picture of you in the cape and the pajamas walking down the street with a tub of cookie dough would be awesome

Just for the record, my theory on walking the dog in my pajamas is that it isn't so much about showing the neighbors that I don't care, but rather showing them how much I care about Foz that I am willing to put his needs before my own.
Poor Foz.... You say he's angry now I understand
Poor Foz?!?!?! He assaults my legs with his claws in an overexcited frenzy to go outside coupled with the threat of a coughing jag and I am the bad guy for getting him out there ASAP!!!
In the end, Foz is just trying to figure out how he's gonna make a break for it
Got my cookie dough, and she said she does not change for a drop off either! hahahahahaha

I appreciated his thoughts regarding this issue, but also decided that I could respect his feelings without threatening my own beliefs about the joy of wearing pajamas "around the house"...which may very well extend to the street I live on, possibly well past noon. This is how I showed up at his house on my next visit, but with a change of clothes, because we were going to Target.


  1. this made my Monday morning. Excellent post. And spiffy pjs!

  2. who doesn't love hello kitty PJ's w a cape and a TUB of cookie dough?? I loved this thread so much!

  3. oh, and when in doubt... PUT SOME DAMN PANTS ON! it's just a good rule to live by.

  4. Love the PJs.

    In college, I used to attend my early morning classes in my flannel plaid pajama pants. But these days, if I'm leaving the house, I change out of my PJs.

  5. I like your jammies. It's 2:15 p.m. I'm wearing jammies. I'm not going anyplace except the backyard, though, and it's fenced in. If I walk Franklin, I shall put on clothes because we walk to the neighborhood park. He's asleep next to me and would probably have on jammies if he didn't have fur. If I know someone is coming to the door when I'm wearing jammies, I put on a robe. I enjoyed the conversation. Good jammy post.


  6. I believe pajama pants are acceptable at Walmart, but not at Target! :)

  7. I don't wear pj pants out to stores but I do in the yard, and no bra, to walk the dogs. I'm all about comfort. A couple times one of my friends stopped by at night on her way home and I was in jammies both times. She didn't care. lol

  8. Alrighty then, I'll join the debate... Here's my take on clothing in general... if Kimmy can bare that butt of hers any time and any place than pjs are totally acceptable for public exposure. Seriously, we all need to fundraise and send her some seriously cute jammies... just sayin'

    Clothing, that's all those jammies are, inside outside any time any place - anything instead of butt cracks, flabby bellies, exposed watermelons - you get my drift. Cover it - and cover it now - and pjs do that just as well as ill fitting pants and button-popping shirts.

    PS you can come visit me looking like that anytime - and we'll compare pj patterns over tea and biscuits (or wine and cheese).

    Great post - fun and entertaining.

  9. My dear, sweet, Name-Twin. About the only time I'm not in PJ pants is when I go to my actual job, which is as infrequent as possible. If I leave the house otherwise, I'm usually in yoga pants. Flip-flops are my footwear of choice.

    My parents came over for dinner Sunday night. We grilled steaks, and I made bread, mashed potatoes, and a salad with ho-made ranch and honey-mustard dressings. I did put on a bra for the occasion, but I was, indeed, wearing my dark gray, cotton drawstring PJ pants covered in a lovely high-heeled shoe pattern. I'm wearing them right now, as a matter of fact.

    My sister stopped by one afternoon and I was in one of my various pair of cotton drawstring PJ pants, and she exclaimed, "You're not even dressed yet!" Of course, I replied, "This is dressed."

    PJ pants are the greatest thing ever invented. I will be buried in them, because comfort should be eternal!!


  10. Totally remember Jeff posting about the woman in pajama pants. I love the thread between you two! Who doesn't love Hello Kitty pajama pants? Love the pic too! <3