Tuesday, August 22, 2017

Reviving the random

Here we are on the fourth Tuesday of August, and the third one in a row that I have conjured up some random. I have several actual posts I intend to write, but maybe after I make some headway on my June to-do list. WHO AM I?!?!?! (And what did I do with that somewhat organized and motivated version of myself?) I will tell you who-someone who stopped writing the tough tasks down. We all know if I don't have something to cross off, I probably won't bother. For now, let's just browse some photos I have been hoarding that don't have big stories to go with them.

There was a little eclipse in the bottom of my Cheerios box yesterday!

This end of the rainbow was much better than the last one I followed!

This is still cracking me up, but I don't think it necessarily should.

Have you tried any of this year's offerings?

We were actually a little disappointed that there wasn't anything gross this year. I did find a little lovein the everything bagel ones...

The Great NYS Fair starts tomorrow, so I predict no shortage of random for next Tuesday!


  1. Fried Green Tomatoes Lays? I haven't seen them here in Alabama and we invented Fried Green Tomatoes! :/

    We made a camera box, went outside, and Finlay had a come apart. He wasn't having it! He got so upset we had to take him inside and hold him. Mustang Sally couldn't have cared less...

    Ooooo cannot wait for the Fair random! Next week shall be Randomlicious!

  2. Fair random should be fun. Enjoy fried everything. I did snicker at the Taco shirt.

  3. Lays shot a commercial in Sandwich in early 2016 to introduce lobster roll flavoured chips but they weren't really real. Lays never actually released it en masse, just the bags given to the locals to try for the commercial. It was cool to see people we knew and where we grew up.

  4. I know what you mean about not doing something that's not written down. Part of the reason why I started blogging my goals was for the accountability and the motivation to actually write down what I need to do. And then to go do it. :-D