Tuesday, January 17, 2017

Wanted: Random graphic

I just realized that Foz somehow managed to get his very own flair for his Friday posts, yet somehow the longstanding random relies solely on titles to delineate itself from other entries. I can't imagine how long it would hold things up if I addressed this issue right now, so I will ponder it during times when I should be thinking about other things, like cooking dinner. Maybe I should dust off a cape as well, despite not feeling worthy to wear it. Perhaps the power came AFTER I put it on? That does seem more likely than my being hit by a spontaneous wave of awesomeness that caused a wardrobe change. (Sheesh, come to think of it, even Pedomemom had her own graphic.)

Is it not enough that I have to keep creepy monkeys at bay?
One of these might have been creepy, but this gang is the stuff of nightmares! Help! I need a lifesaver!

Really, just a half in my package? Time to pull out the big guns (aka deep fryer).
The cliche deep fried sandwich cookie did not sound appealing to me at all. However, when there was just a little batter left, I threw some peppermint Joe Joe's in...and then wondered why we even bothered with the veggie tempura!


  1. Are those flying squirrels? People actually buy this stuff? I bet you get a coupon for free lifesavers if you send them that pic on their FB page.

  2. I'd love a swarm of Flying squirrels to release at my will

  3. I am not going to be able to unsee this all day.
    Both the squirrel AND the cookie.

  4. Apparently flying squirrels are difficult to remove from attics. That's been the most popular thread on my neighborhood's FB page this week. :/
    Random graphic must include monkeys of some sort.

  5. Those squirrels? Yeah, that's basically what I look like very morning.

    Perhaps I can help keep the monkeys at bay?


  6. Oh my! Bad memories of flashers going through my head right now. Thanks, squirrels. Half a Lifesaver? Keep it. We may need it soon, and it's better than nothing. Sending you hugs on this day, especially.

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