Friday, January 13, 2017

Roll out the barrel

I'm just curious, um maybe you can help? I just have this distinct, creepy feeling. Something I can't shake - kind of like there's a monkey on my back?
Sounds serious Foz, but I know who can help!
Image result for safety dance
Wait, no, not them...
Image result for devo
Not quite...
Image result for man in the yellow hat
Yes, that guy!!!!

Are you amused with yourself?

Yes, yes I am, Foz!


  1. FOZ! Personally I would do the Safety Dance. lol

  2. You can dance. You can dance. Everybody look at your hands.

  3. Lol. Poor Foz takes a lot from blogland. At least it's not as creepy as the monkey I sent you (check Twitter)

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