Tuesday, January 10, 2017

Random spots

The kitchen window was being pelted with freezing rain, forming the beginnings of a crusty layer covering the snow. Something seemed out of place with the scene.
There is just something about a ladybug that makes me smile. I was intrigued by all of the spots on this one, and considered refreshing my memory as to whether there was factual information I should know about the number of spots a ladybug has. Maybe if I had remembered that Alexa was plugged in, I would have checked with her. Sometimes it is just fun to simply wonder.

I did remember that ladybugs can be wished upon, but considering how we were both a bit trapped in the house, I found it hard to believe that she was going to be able to orchestrate any wish granting. Hm, that sounds like I believe in the fulfillment power of spotted red wings under the proper atmospheric conditions. No, I am fully aware that wishing, hoping and waiting are not the best strategic plans for getting much done.

As I look at this photo though, I do wish my skin was not so dry. Not only do I know how to handle this situation, but I can both see and reach some hand lotion without even prying myself off the couch. Small victories are still victories!


  1. Ladybugs are such fun little things! (Except that one time we had an infestation.)

  2. When I lived up north, there were always ladybugs in the house in the winter, too. I always wondered why that was. Can't remember if I ever looked it up, though.

    And yes—small victories are most definitely still victories!

  3. I'm afraid of bugs but not these adorable little polka dotted beetles.

  4. I think ladybugs are the only insects I do not mind crawling on me. :) Nice of you to keep her warm while you wait out the rain and snow. I'm sure she'll think of some way to return the favor.

  5. Number of spots on a ladybug you finds equals the number of times you stub your toe this year.

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