Friday, January 23, 2015

Week 31 - Still having fun!

It is kind of strange marking the passage of time, in one week increments, with this contest. Thirty-one weeks (give or take a week or two for laziness and other issues) into one year already. Got any teenagers in your house? If so, this letter might be near and dear to your heart as well...


Teenage boys are stinky, but it was also brought to my attention, in a not so subtle manner, that teenage girls brew up their own brand of smelliness. Our hampers and home breathed a sigh of fresh relief after trying your clinical strength sport scented product. The girl in question swears that scent works better, even though she only tried one other, and I feel it is safer to just believe her. I put the box on the vanity and step away.

At first it was a big step getting used to the price difference between clinical strength and regular strength Secret anti-perspirants. I reflected back to my own teenage years, spent wearing very dark or very light clothes that were less likely to display enormous wet underarm circles, and quickly threw a box in the shopping cart. Plus, when I considered the alternative, with regard to the deodorant’s powers, I gladly threw in another box.

The packaging of your product makes it easier to hand to my teenage daughter as well. The fearlessly fresh scent boasting that “mean stinks” with its hip doodles, the sporty girl and the note that the products help with stress sweat are inviting, help to remove any stigma one might feel about their sweaty, smelly armpits. It’s all cool and okay! Clinical doesn’t always have to be scary and old lady mom like.

Your Secret is safe with us,
Mother of a teenage girl and blogger

Did they get my subtle hints that coupons would be super swell?
Apparently I was too subtle (and secretive)! Most of the other companies seem to have grabbed on to one mere morsel of an issue, but Megan did not concern herself with my reference to the price of this product. I had to laugh when I also later found out that there is actually a loyalty program in which four UPC codes will get you a free deodorant, as that was not mentioned either. Hey, one point for the response though!

64 + 1 = 65 TOTAL POINTS

There is a chance that Marianne is still recovering from all of her family bonding time last weekend, fingers crossed that she's still sharing some love!


  1. Megan, Megan, Megan: You should have sent a case of the favored deodorant. Guess what? I just realized I've been misspelling deodorant for years. I used deoderant. How could I not realize it's based on odor? Your Queen of Grammar hangs her head in shame.


  2. While the Secret may work for your teen, my Bug can only get the protection she needs with Certain Dri.

  3. Secret needs to offer foot powder, because Zane's feet are horrid. I dread the teen years!