Tuesday, January 13, 2015

Just a little random

Greetings from the balmy tropics of our garage...
…yes, that means it was even colder outside this morning! I know a lot of you are experiencing the same bit of frostiness -hooray us! My daughter and I just read in a magazine that people should lower their thermostats at night because sleeping in temperatures under sixty-six degrees can promote weight loss. We both laughed because our house isn't set as high as sixty-six even during the day. Maybe it's the shivering that burns calories.

Fozzie wants your sympathy for the disruption this bitter cold has caused to his neighborhood walking routine.
I am trying to explain to him that nobody is going to take pity on his fleece blanket bundled, head on a monogrammed flannel pillow, furry self.

Did you know you could order things in "eaches"?
How many "eaches" are in a "some" I wonder?

I do not want to name names, but somebody gave me some storage containers the other day that had been cleaned out of a cupboard. I admit that I was happy to see the top and bottom of one that is not pictured, but we all pretty much cracked up at this useful assortment.
Seven lids and one bottom that none of those lids fit. The main problem? You know I am having a hard time throwing any of them away for fear that their mates will somehow appear in the next bag I get. Although this might be even just a little too random of a selection for me!

Stacy is still hosting and rocking the random! Thanks, Stacy!
Stacy Uncorked


  1. Poor Foz, cuddle up in those blankets baby. It's too cold out for babies. I can't throw out the mis-matched container pieces either. Why?? They just multiply and you never find the mate. It's like odd socks, as soon as you throw one out, you find the match

  2. ...hhmmm, I thought there were more bottoms in there. Throw them out.

  3. I know who to call when I need lids.

  4. Well Fozzie, my thermometer reads minus 16!!! So I say enjoy your comfy, cozy bed for now and wait for warmer walks! :)

    that kind of looks like my Tupperware drawer. nothing matches. Maybe you could order some "eaches" of bottoms? LOL

  5. I have no clue how all of my lids and bowls get separated and lost so easily. The usually get washed together! Maybe there's a black hole for those items, next to the one for socks?

  6. Ha! My kids and I just cracked up at "in eaches." You know we'll be saying that from now on. xo