Tuesday, January 20, 2015

Are you randomly certain?

It just doesn't feel like a Tuesday. I did my usual Tuesday things, but the random thoughts have yet to wash over me. The monkey in the field did send a link to the fancy fresh adult toys that Groupon sent her an email about. I am opting out of posting that one. Although it seems my other online options are to continue reading horrible and tragic stories, or drive myself crazy looking for new office furniture. Sometimes it isn't so much a matter of having nothing to say, but rather such an overabundance of topics that you just can't sift through. I suppose I could tackle something on the project list.
In case you were wondering, Fozzie has no interest in helping.


  1. Fozzie says, 'I can't see you so you can't see me. I'm invisible!' So cute!

  2. Aww Fozzie knows how to spend a day relaxing!

  3. That happens to me all the time, not knowing what day it is. There was a while I had to get up on weekends to take some meds at a certain time, and boy was that confusing! I'd be halfway ready to go to work and then realize it was Saturday..
    Fozzie is adorable :)
    AJ @ Naturally Sweet

  4. Oh, I hear you. Nothing but terrible news. And my brain prefers to be vacant these days. I think Fozzie has the right idea. Hope your Thursday is better than last Tuesday.