Monday, January 12, 2015


I was doing some reading over at my friend Kirby's place. She is hip and happening, and in addition to being a more than capable DIY lady, she is also very cape-able! Oh yes, we went there...
On New Year's Day she posted her words for this year (that link up there will show them to you), and asked for ours. Last year I just sort of glommed on to her word, which was purge. No harm no foul there, as I did get rid of a lot of stuff! This year though should be different. There are a lot of words, and I even know what some of them mean. I considered the first one that popped into my mind…reinvent?

Quite frankly it sounded exhausting. I felt defeated before I could even entertain the possibility of drawing up a plan for such an overhaul. Plus, if I were to reinvent myself, would I then become someone else? Various parts of my body snapped to attention at the notion:

  • "She isn't going to start wearing high heels, is she? We love our Nikes!"
  • "She isn't going to give up candy is she?"
  • "Oh great, she's going to be less sarcastic?"

Everybody just calm down! There must be some good bits of a person in here somewhere, so let's dust them off and revive them. Yes…REVIVE! Step away from the Christmas cookies and Twix bars. Save those for special treats, and those salted caramels? Save them for when you need to feel a little fancy. Get back to what you know, Andrea. Grab a handful of those peanut m&m's that are as comfy and vital to your well-being as a cup of coffee is to others, and revive yourself!

Stop using the pedometer only to check the time of day. Try following a recipe that isn't on a packet of taco seasoning or the back of a rice box. Come on, girl, you know this person! Get rid of that box of hair color that has been hanging around by actually putting it IN your hair! Clear out some more clutter, you know how you love that. Write down that mental to-do list and stop ignoring it, you know how you get crap done just for the thrill of crossing it off your list. Ask your daughter again nicely to help redesign your blog, maybe even write an actual post. Put on a cape, write a letter and laugh! It is time to revive yourself! Phew! 


  1. What a great word! It's so easy to get haphazard in things we do. We just take things for granted, and poof, we've slipped much further than we realized. I think Refocus will be my word for the year. I feel like I was all over the place last year and accomplished very little. Time to change that. And good luck to you, too! (But oh so hard to put away a Twix).

  2. I never make resolutions....why set myself up for failure. Good luck with your reinventing!

  3. Sounds totally doable!! Great list.

  4. Don't go changing to try and please OCD Andrea! No!!!!
    I resolve to NOT make any stupid resolutions that I can't possibly keep, nor goals that are IMPOSSIBLE to reach…..I'm so over it all……
    I just want to find the time to clean out my closet so I can see the floor. That's all! ;P

  5. Lol. I like the hair dye comment. Today a coworker complimented me on my new blond shade. Uhmmm, it's not blond it's just the profusion of grey blending with the brown. Time to dye

  6. Okay, so how did I miss this? (Feedburner stinks, BTW) Revive is a great word, unless you're talking about Frankenstein.

  7. Pedometer? Now where did I leave that????

  8. Revive is a great word! And a fun one. It is perfect for you!