Tuesday, January 6, 2015

Return of the Random

Despite the snow day we had yesterday for what would have been the first day back to school…

...it has come to my attention that today is Tuesday…all day long! Let's try to stir up some random, shall we. Gosh, the holidays seem like such a blur, don't they?
Oh wait, sorry, that was just my camera.

Hope you all had visions of sugarplums dancing in your heads…if you like that sort of thing. Maybe you're more of a carnivore? 
All I could picture was Fred Flintstone's car tipping over when his meal was served as I saw the portion of meat my father dished up for my son.

Hope you all had joyous tunes in your head. My son played the viola as part of a string quartet at our local library. I had signed out one book and purchased three others before I even sat down. (Yes, I purchase books at the library, don't ask.)
Fifty-five minutes of fabulous holiday tunes…fifty-five minutes of oh-my-gosh-look-at-all-of-the-books - MUST READ THE BOOKS!!!!!

Hope you all got to spoil yourselves…you know by getting some "clean" legos instead of dusty ones! (Go ahead and click here if you didn't get that reference.)

Hope you all had good hair days…never once accidentally getting a hammerhead shark caught in your locks. 
Oops, poor baby girl! (She was immediately helped once the photo was taken.)

Hope you are all settling back in to your regular, and no doubt glamorous, routines! 
Yes, the thirteenth series of Lego mini figures is out, so I made myself comfortable as a new quest began! Well, it is really more of an old recurring quest, I suppose.)

Happy New Year and cheers to all of you!

Stacy Uncorked

As far as resolutions go for this year, I am planning to try to floss my teeth more often and maintain my sanity…and also apparently giving you all the opportunity to feel like you are better at making resolutions than I am! (You're welcome.)


  1. That was your son's portion?! I thought he was bringing the whole prime rib to the table for carving! Holy crap that's a big piece! Happy new year. I for one am glad the holidays are over and my house is back to normal.

  2. That hunk of meat was impressive! So the question remains...did he finish it all?! :)

    Also, Princess Nagger wants you to do a snow dance and send some snow our way - you know, in place of the rain, so she can have a snow day. She also thinks because we now live in the Pacific Northwest, there really should be some rain days. :)

    Happy New Year! Thanks so much for continuing to be a random participant even though I've been such a slacker in my hostessing duties. I'm making a new year resolution to return to my roots of being more actively communicative and responsive like I used to be in my old blogging days. ;) You, my friend, ROCK!!! :)

  3. Teeheehee! Happy Random New Year! The hammerhead in the hair had me giggling. Poor baby. Fifty five minutes of Christmas songs in quite a long set! Impressive. I played the Christmas station on Pandora, and I swear after 45 minutes they started playing these weird, emo, satanic-like songs. Bizarre.

  4. How amazing about your boy!! And, yes, I buy my books at the library, too!!!! HAPPY NEW YEAR, my wonderful friend. I wish you 30 mins a day of continuous daily exercise. xoxoxo

  5. Dirty bad dirty legos.
    BAD legos.