Sunday, January 25, 2015

Superhero Sunday - My lesson

I arrived a little early for speech class, so I had to wait in the lobby at school. My stomach was in knots and trying to decide in which direction it wanted to vacate. Suddenly there was a swarm of activity and I had to steady my footing as to not be swept away by the only vaguely familiar wave of faces. Some of the language flying through the air was a bit harsh, but not terribly offensive. I was trying to mind my own business, while also staying tuned to all of the dialogues and scanning the crowd.

There she was...slumped down against the wall, crying, surrounded by six of her closest friends. They seemed to have the situation under control, provided hugs were going to fix things. I knew better than to insert myself into the situation, but it was still tempting. A security guard walked too close to the scene and attempts were made to lure him in. I was not surprised to hear that the catalyst for this drama was related to something her boyfriend had done, but unfortunately I couldn't make out the rest of the story. The security guard was backing away quietly, so I figured we could all relax, or at least all one of me who seemed interested to begin with.

Time rescued me from one storyline and propelled me quickly into another as I arrived in class. "I hope my slides saved to the flash drive." My gosh, what was the alternative? The pounding of my heart began to be palpable and then grew even faster and harder. I gripped the edges of my desk and focused on the posted handwritten schedule where my last name appeared. It was time. Thankfully the computer projected a familiar face up on the screen. One more deep breath, as I hoped I would not pass out…exhale, and it began...
Apparently for some, including my son, a cape is not necessary. This may have been the confirmation I needed that it was finally time to stop projecting my fears and insecurities onto my children…even in the quietest moments, surrounded by my hidden candy stashes.


  1. Yep. They do their thing and all we can do is stand by, biting our nails, with our legs crossed to keep from wetting our pants.

  2. That is still something that I struggle with. Are you saying that it never goes away?