Friday, October 24, 2014

Week 21 - Still having fun!

Its not too sweet, it's a cool refreshing treat, Canada Dry...oops, sorry, I was singing old commercial jingles! Up this week for the CONTEST, Canada Dry ginger ale, it's not too sweet....

Dear Bubble Brewers,

Canada Dry ginger ale was a staple at my grandparents' house when I was growing up. We weren't fair-weather, use-it for-an-upset-stomach reachers for that green and gold label. No, we enjoyed that not too sweet, cool refreshing treat flavor any old time. I think part of my satisfaction with your product comes from the fact that it tastes just like I remember.

I cannot ignore the other benefits of your fine beverages. When our house was hit by a particularly unpleasant round of the stomach bug, I consulted our neighbor, the pharmacist. (I was happy to hear from anyone in a white jacket who would tolerate my whining.) Flat ginger ale was prescribed. I was concerned because I only had two liter bottles of brand new ginger ale on hand, but was relieved to find out that stirring or shaking a smaller quantity would yield the fizzless results I was seeking. I started to make sure there was always a two liter bottle of Schweppes or Canada Dry in the garage. Eventually the kids caught on to my stash and began drinking the soda whenever they felt like it.

When I first thought about writing to your company, I knew I had a great story to share. However, I soon remembered that it was not actually my story. I called my friend to ask her if I could share her tale, and she agreed as long as I described the state of affairs accurately. She and her family were staying with her in-laws for a visit, many hours from home, when the stomach bug struck. Here is where she would like me to clarify: This was not any sort of mild, nor one-directional affliction. The contents of her stomach was rushing to the nearest exit. As her mother-in-law left for the grocery store, my friend made one request...ginger ale.

Sadly, none of the grocery bags held any made with real ginger relief. Her mother -in-law announced that ginger ale only came in two-liter bottles, and that was just too much. She did not know what they would do with all of that soda. Upon hearing this tale, I was at first stunned at the thought of someone not enjoying a nice glass of ginger ale on any random afternoon. I was also struck by her mother-in-law's optimism that more than one person was not going to need some flat Canada Dry. We also had a good chuckle over the fact that we have never really seen a full bottle of stomach settling soda sell for more than two dollars. She was provided with no relief later when her husband was sent to the corner store to "please, get some ginger ale". He returned with Sprite, which is absolutely not the same thing. No lesson was learned, as during a subsequent round of the stomach virus, this same friend sent her husband to the store for ginger ale and saltines only to have him return with Sprite and Ritz crackers. (While both of these are fine products, they lack anti-nausea value.)

I am typically disappointed when I grab a swig of any of the pop flavors I enjoyed as a kid. As I mentioned, Canada Dry and Schweppes ginger ale are still refreshing though. I enjoyed the new flavors that hit the shelves as well, but then was faced with great disappointment when I could no longer find them. The Canada Dry Green Tea Ginger Ale was yummy! Schweppes Grape Ginger Ale was a hit in our home, but I was told it was a holiday/seasonal flavor. I am not sure when it comes back in all of its festiveness. I understand why cranberry is considered a seasonal flavor, and now know enough to stock up. Raspberry seems to be a regularly available item, but I just feel like I can never be too sure. Any information you can provide for me to mark on my calendar would be greatly appreciated.

Effervescently yours,

Andrea Casarsa

Did they bubble over in response to my letter? Well, since this was only the third response I received when this mayhem started, I was pretty excited that my letter had actually been read by another human being. Bethany even had a sense of humor.
I might've shaken the envelope a few times checking for a coupon, but still...ONE POINT for me!
Current total =  46 POINTS

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  1. I find their gingerale way too sweet for me. I prefer Schwepps and my friends brought me some gingerale that's only available in the Canadian Maritimes and bottled in his hometown in New Brunswick, which is delish. Can't remember the name of it; there's still a bottle in my fridge. Ironically, it's owned by Canada Dry.

  2. What? No stinkin coupon??? What's wrong with these people???


  3. Ginger ale is awesome when you are sickly. I feel for people who have never experienced this--they could have had some relief!

  4. I love her response. Clearly not a form letter. We always used the flat ginger ale trick when sick. I remember my dad stirring and stirring to flatten it. And I admit I do have a partial case of cans in my cupboard, just in case. Some things you just don't forget

  5. I would have sent you a free case of Ginger Ale for that letter. Maybe this is why I am not in charge of anything. Still...a point is a point!