Friday, October 3, 2014

Week 18 - Do you know the muffin man?

Hello and welcome to Friday, as well as this week's installment of THE CONTEST!

On the kitchen counter this week, we have KRUSTEAZ...

Dearest Yummy Crummies,

Who makes the best cinnamon swirl crumb cake in the land? Me! Well, I mean you, but sort of me, right? We’re actually quite a team! Me with the eggs, oil and a spoon, paired with whatever delicious magic you put in those boxes. Oh, the oven! I have the oven, and that seems kind of important, but I still give you the credit you deserve.

Our daughter is a bit non-compliant when it comes to breakfast. (She is a teenager, so I understand that can be an essential part of her current nature in general.) I am not sure if her aversion is to actual breakfast food, or to the time of day at which we are serving it. However, she was hard-pressed to turn down cinnamon crumbled goodness, despite barely being awake.

After such grand success with the notion of cake for breakfast, we branched out into your muffin mixes. Not only was she happily eating, but we’d also found a way to encourage her independent cooking enthusiasm. The only remaining challenge now is to find a product to foster some fine clean-up-after-yourself skills.

Sharing the flour power,

Mother, baker, eater

Blogger at

Did they respond to my half-baked cry? Why yes they did! Heather even read the letter I sent. I get so jazzed about that, plus she sent me some coupons. Score! 
I think I may go celebrate with a KRUSTEAZ chocolate chip muffin. Oh, and if you haven't tried their cinnamon swirl crumb cake, I highly recommend it!

TWO POINTS for me, bringing my new total to 39 POINTS!

Don't forget to check in with the competition! (Her post will be up when she takes a break from worrying about ebola)


  1. Krusteaz was a huge sponsor of the food blogger conference I just went to in Seattle. Do you know they have new flatbread mixes? When I try my free sample I'll let you know how it is!

  2. Krusteaz are the ONLY pancakes my husband wants. Well, and Cracker Barrel, but if he's whipping them up himself, they're Krusteaz!


  3. I don't think I've ever tried their products but maybe I should.

  4. I want pancakes.
    And cake for breakfast.
    Congrats on your score!

  5. Well done. Better that she eats cake for breakfast than goes off with an empty tummy (as I always did).


  6. This whole experiment has left me to wonder how much they read these letters. Is there someone whose job it is to read these and respond with a nondescript form letter, or is it a musical chairs situation like, "Awww, sorry Steve from Accounting, it's your turn to respond to the emotional muffing letter, it was just your turn getting your name picked"? It makes me wonder if you just started off with a coherent first sentence and then degraded into nonsensical sentences, "I love your product. Here's an anecdote: My hippo nipple beer farts frothy whirligigs," then end it with another compliment about how it kept your family together, would you still get the letter and coupons?

  7. I love their cinnamon swirl crumb cake! So good. And I am happy they responded!

  8. Hi Andrea, just wanted to thank you for commenting on my blog the other day! I love your blog too and gotta say that this post is making me crave some yummy breakfast even though it is nearly 2pm here right now.

  9. I think we're going to have Froot Loop Waffles for dinner now. Thanks for the idea!