Friday, October 10, 2014

Week 19 - Man-o-manicotti

So here we are in week 19 of the CONTEST, and perhaps you are wondering what the wager was? Maybe it was just for bragging rights? Maybe the current projected winner got enough prizes? Maybe it was for cookies? Maybe they have to be hand delivered? Maybe somebody has forgotten what they agreed to? Maybe one of us will run out of letters, does that person lose a point for that week?

Since I am having lunch with my grandmother today (possibly at 10:30 a.m.), I figured it was a good time to post this letter...

Bellissimo Bellisio,

My grandmother was a fine cook back in her day. Now, at almost 92, her stamina for spending much time in the kitchen, as well as her appetite, has decreased significantly. Her desire for great tasting food has not waned at all though. I guess if you aren’t going to eat a lot, what you do have should be tasty. Michelina’s frozen meals are coming to the rescue.

Having Michelina’s in the freezer enables members of our family to share impromptu, yet well-received, lunches at my grandmother’s house with minimal effort. She always appreciates having somebody dine with her, but we do not always come prepared. The cheese manicotti is a favorite, since there are two in each package, and my grandmother likes to share. One is plenty for her and since whoever is dining with her gets the other one, they can feel satisfied and less guilty indulging in whatever cookies inevitably get pulled out.

However, on my most recent turn to get a quick lunch together, I was dismayed to find only one manicotti in the box when I pulled the lid off the heated box. Granted, my grandmother only ate half of the one I put on her plate, but eating just the other half would have been too big of a tease for me. I left her uneaten portion for her dinner.

Missing manicotti,

Mother, granddaughter, blogger

And the response? Two coupons for free entrees! Oops, I passed them on to my mother, before photographing, but this here letter references them!
This looks suspiciously like a form letter, with no recognition of the love I tried to share, but the coupons were greatly appreciated...and FIVE POINTS!


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  1. Free entrees? That's a pretty good score! Form letter or not.

  2. Well, thank goodness they sent you coupons instead of actual entrees. That would have been yucky and most likely lethal.


  3. I love Italian food.
    I think Flat Kari does too.

  4. Hey hey, free food is the pinnacle of humanity. No longer hunter/gatherers, the food is being handed to you. That's progress.
    I thought of you when I wrote a letter to an airline. My response was not worthy of a point of any sort, but dammit, I tried.

  5. Totally hungry now. Well done, my friend. WELL DONE.