Tuesday, October 7, 2014

Random mailbox goodies!

Oh, hello there! First, let me apologize for the lack of a Superhero Sunday post this past weekend. I cannot remember if I started wearing a cape because I felt super or if I felt super because I wore that cape, but either way, I was not finding out sitting on the couch watching football. I had spent the morning pacing (although not very far as I had less than 1,800 steps that day) around trying to drum up some interest in things like college applications and brochures. If nobody was going to take me seriously with all of the authority I was attempting to muster, I did not think the cape was going to command much more respect. I know this is a shock to all of you, but my research at this point does not show a strong correlation between a cape and respect among the teen demographic.

Backup has arrived though, as some of you may know. Bad-ass Kari from A Graceful Life. Tattoos, muscles AND a belly ring? Oh, they'll be snapping to attention now. Never mind the tiny detail of their mother playing with what may seem like a paper doll.
Kari had other plans on where we should start though, and she made me get this new piece of Halloween flair for the mantle. I think she has a thing about seasonal mantle decor.
She made herself comfy while I tried to holiday up the place.

Next up on the red "carpet" was this month's fabulous snail mail from Lillian at It's a Dome Life. Ooooh, pretty! I am going to make that into a magnet for my fridge so I can see it fifty times a day because it makes me happy!
To see her collection of awesome, check out her etsy shop!

Now brace yourselves for this next mailbox. I mean really brace yourself because I am going to go out on a limb and proclaim this next tidbit to rival the creepiness of creepy monkeys.
The baby in the hand was what threatened to keep me up all night. Why is the flag up? Who is sending her off? I don't know what the "and more" is, nor do I want to.

Time to move along as it is hard to concentrate with a chorus of "going off the rails on a crazy train" looping in my head. Plus, I should go see what Kari is doing, look at my happy place mini print and try to erase the special delivery vision from my head!

(Might need the wine this week.)


  1. I am going by Bad Ass Kari from now on.
    I love this.

  2. That baby in a mailbox is going to give me nightmares. At the same time I sometimes wish they came that way. Much easier than the usual way! Bad Ass Kari is all sorts of awesome.

  3. Bad Ass Kari shall be legendary!

    Not too sure about that baby, though...

  4. Yeah...babies come from the mailbox. Tell that to my kids. Try stuffing a 9lb 9oz or a 10lb 10oz baby in a mailbox. Mmmmhmmm....yeah, right. I still can't figure out how they got stuffed in me. No. Wait. Never mind.


  5. What is with those creepy collectible babies?! Who buys that stuff?

  6. That baby is creepy. But really, if only bringing children into the world were that easy.....

  7. I was planning to comment nice things about Kari but all I can think about is creepy, tiny babies...

  8. I admit that at first, I found the tiny baby cute...and then the hand shot came into view. That's when the heebie jeebies came into full effect.
    Now need to go and call my therapist.

  9. YAY FLAT KARI!!! And that baby is creepier than your monkeys.