Friday, October 17, 2014

Week 20 - Near East

Twenty weeks! I wonder if any of you have tried any new products after seeing our rave reviews? That was not the original point of the CONTEST, I was just curious. Up today is another weekly staple around here...

 Dear Near,

Thank you for helping this, sometimes uninspired, mom find a way to add some pizzazz to Taco Tuesdays with your Rice Pilaf Spanish Rice. It matters to me that my family truly prefers the taste of your products, but also that the ingredient list consists only of recognizable items. I think there may even come a day when certain people stop picking out the red pepper pieces. I’m a dreamer.

I have been able to use your familiar branded box to get my family to try some other side dishes. My teenage daughter is a huge fan of your flavored couscous mixes, and being able to make them herself adds to the appeal. I  tried the recipe for the salad on your regular couscous box and found that delicious as well. Suffice to say, I have not hit on a variety I was unhappy with.

Thank you for making dinner time easier on some nights, knowing the side dish is taken care of!

Working up to Tabouleh and Falafel,

Mother, blogger and more adventurous eater than her family

Did they show up in my kitchen for Taco Tuesday? Well, no, but they did send a letter...

One point.
Current total = 45 POINTS

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  1. A letter is good. At least they noticed you! It would be interesting to see whether these companies' response would be different if they knew you were a blogger.

  2. not a single coupon??? REALLY?

  3. A letter that actually seems to address your own letter by topic? Seems like that should score more points than just a plain ole form letter returned to you.

  4. I am disappointed on your behalf that they didn't send you a coupon or product. Ah well...

  5. I have written to companies a few times just because I was so impressed with their product. And a couple of times to companies to say how dissappointed I was their product hadn't lived up to it's usual level of excellence. Never thought of making it a contest.
    Life & Faith in Caneyhead

  6. Aww, that was quite a sweet reply. But I agree, they could have sent a coupon or two.

  7. That's nice, but you deserved a bigger reward.


  8. I can't help thinking about how many coupons they could have printed on that piece of paper they used for the letter.

  9. PepsiCo simply MUST do a better job than this. They have approximately one zillion dollars.

  10. I KNEW there was a reason I hate Pepsi and love Coke.